Microwave Leaking Fluid? What to Do?

Finding a pool of water on the microwave inside as you clean can leave you scratching your head! Leaving you puzzled especially if you’ve not prepared any fatty or steamy foods using the microwave recently.

So, it is a normal occurrence, one to be concerned about and seek fixes for?

This post aims to provide helpful answers and solutions should you may find water inside the microwave, or a yellowish or brownish fluid that may leak into and from a microwave.

Yellow or Brown Liquid from a Microwave – What is it and What Causes it?

The yellowish or brownish liquid on the countertop below the microwave is likely oil. Check that there’s no bottle of cooking oil that’s spilled onto the microwave and is now dripped onto the countertop.

If the microwave has a hood, over time, oil and grease can build up in the vent which channels the smoke and fumes from the microwave interior to the outside of the house.

These then melt when it’s warm and then drip down onto the microwave forming the yellow or brown fluid in the microwave.

To clean the vent, unscrew its mount carefully- refer to the vent installation instructions or contact a qualified technician. Then:

  • Mix dishwasher soap in a container with hot water, and
  • Soak the vent in the solution to loosen the fatty oils that have clogged the vents.
  • Use a soft sponge with gentle scrubbing actions to further loosen and remove any residues that may be stuck on the vents.
  • Leave the vents to dry and then mount them again following the installation instructions in the manual.

Why there’s Water Leaking from your Microwave?

It’s possible that the water is from the food that’s been cooked using the microwave. Steam given off during cooking usually condenses on the microwave’s inner walls and through the vents too and then finds its way under the microwave or its inner floor.

Leave the microwave door open the next time you finish cooking so that the vapor in the microwave can escape. This minimizes the build-up of water in the microwave.

Is it Normal?

It is normal to find water inside the microwave after cooking a meal. This is condensate from the steam that’s given off when cooking.

To minimize this:

  • Leave the microwave door open as soon as you finish cooking. The increased flow of air dries out the inside of the microwave faster.
  • You can also use a dry piece of cloth or paper towel to dry out the interior.
  • Covering the food with cling film also minimizes the buildup of water inside the microwave.

Is it Dangerous?

The buildup of water in the microwave can lead to rusting. This explains the brown patches you find in some microwaves after they’ve been used for some time.

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Should you Continue using the Microwave?

If the pool of water is from the cooked food – confirm that indeed it is the cause. You should be able to continue using the microwave without any problem.

Make sure to follow the tips suggested to minimize the buildup of water!

In the case of a yellowish or brownish fluid, confirm that it’s the oil and other fats from the vents that are dripping. Follow these steps to clean them.

You should be able to continue using the microwave without any problem.

Microwave vent Leaking Water? Likely Cause

If the vent connected to the microwave is not properly sealed, you can have rainwater leaking back into the microwave. Contact a qualified technician for assistance.

Closing Thoughts

Steam from the cooked food can condense onto the microwave interior walls and then collect to form a pool of water inside the microwave.

Leave the microwave door open after cooking and periodically wipe the inside with paper towels or a dry cloth.

To prevent the yellowish and brown liquid from dripping into the microwave, clean the over-the-range vents from time to time to stop the build-up of oils and fats!

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