Why is My Mini Fridge So Loud and Buzzing? (And Ways to Fix)

Keeping drinks like soda, beer, and water cool year-round is possible with the help of a good mini fridge.

Since mini fridges are smaller and more compact than regular kitchen appliances, they’re supposed to be quieter, but unfortunately, that’s not always the case.

Whether the mini fridge is located at the office or at home, if it starts to make loud buzzing noises, it can quickly become a nuisance for everyone around.

So why does the mini fridge make loud noises, and what can be done to fix this problem? Is it a sign of a faulty appliance or not?

In this article, we explain the potential causes of a loud mini fridge and share tips to ensure it doesn’t make the buzzing sound anymore.

Why is My Mini-Fridge So Loud?

The buzzing noise created by a mini fridge can be so aggravating at times, especially if it’s happening all day.

Mini fridges can make a variety of strange noises, and it’s important to identify them and know the reason behind each kind of noise. The buzzing sound is the most common.

There are two common causes of this problem:

  • First, the evaporator fan or a dirty compressor could be making a buzzing noise. The buzzing noise is caused by the compressor picking up dirt and dust. This dust gets deposited on the fridge’s components, making the whole appliance noisy.
  • In addition, a buzzing noise can be caused by an imbalanced mini fridge on the floor. If the fridge’s feet are not stable on the floor, they can shake and vibrate, which can create that dreaded buzzing sound.

However, there are some other noises that make the appliance so loud, and they come from the fridge’s different parts and components.

The condenser or compressor may make a lot of noise from time to time as well. A noisy refrigerator can also be caused by the evaporator fan, the defrost timer, an unbalanced drain pan, an incorrect placement, or even dirt and dust build-up.

Observe where the noise is coming from if you want to find out what’s wrong with your mini fridge.

Compressors in refrigerators are constantly running, and this causes them to always make a humming noise – it’s usually just a faint hum. This sound is actually normal.

However, there are times when the noise is simply too loud, and that signals some type of problem with the appliance. Dirt and dust in the compressor are the most likely culprits.

In addition, the evaporator fan may become clogged and make a high-pitched noise. This problem is fixed by cleaning the fan.

However, if the fridge’s electronic components are in working order, the problem may be with the fridge’s placement or lack of balance on a non-smooth floor. In this case, vibrations and tiny movements make the appliance very noisy.

Why is My New Mini Fridge Makes a Buzzing Noise?

A new mini fridge often makes a buzzing noise, even if it’s fresh out of the box. That’s because the new mini fridge must adjust to the home environment, temperature, and humidity, and this process makes it noisier than usual.

This buzzing noise is quite common in new mini refrigerators as they adjust to their new home’s humidity and temperature levels during defrosting. All refrigerators make this sound, and it usually goes away with time, although that doesn’t make the sounds less annoying.

The compressor is the biggest source of mini-fridge noise. For one thing, it can make a loud noise if dirt and dust get into electronic parts such as the evaporator fan and the defrost timer and condenser.

Sometimes, the cause isn’t even related to the refrigerator’s malfunction. The refrigerator may make noise if it is not properly installed on the floor. When first installing your new mini fridge, be sure it’s placed on a smooth, flat surface.

Are All Mini Fridges Loud and Noisy?

Not all mini fridges are the same, and some are louder than others. It largely depends on price, quality, and brand.

There are some mini fridges that aren’t as loud and obnoxious as others. The running compressor or evaporator fan makes a small amount of noise in every mini fridge.

A variety of factors could be responsible for the ear-splitting noise. Cheap mini fridges are made with low-quality electronic components that can make a raucous noise.

The compressor of your mini fridge may become clogged with dirt and dust, resulting in a high-pitched noise.

There is, however, a small chance that your mini fridge will be loud or noisy if you clean it regularly and your fridge is of good quality. Overall, as you can see, not all mini fridges are noisy.

Is a Buzzing Fridge Dangerous?

Most fridges do produce a faint buzzing noise, so generally, this is not dangerous.

However, if the refrigerator is constantly humming or is making a loud humming noise, further investigation is necessary to determine the severity. Luckily, in most cases, the humming of a refrigerator is not harmful.

There are some instances when the buzzing can indicate a serious issue with the capacitor. A faulty capacitor can cause a fire or explosion in your refrigerator.

One of the most common causes of fridge fires is the failure of a capacitor, but gas leaks and a malfunctioning power supply are a recipe for disaster.

How Loud is a Mini Fridge?

A typical fridge typically makes between 30 and 47 decibels of noise. The sound may go unnoticed because it is in the ultra-low frequency range.

Depending on the quality and condition of the fridge, the noise level of a mini fridge can vary greatly. A quiet mini fridge is one that is of high quality and free of defects.

Nevertheless, if the noise level exceeds 50 decibels, you may hear it. The compressor or condenser of a mini fridge can make a lot of noise if it is malfunctioning. The volume of this sound may exceed 50 decibels and it’s hard not to hear, especially if you are nearby.

If it reaches 60 decibels, the noise can be quite obnoxious. You may not be able to get a good night’s sleep because of the constant buzzing noise.

How To Fix a Loud Mini Fridge?

In order to fix the mini fridge, the user must know where the noise is coming from and what type of noise it is. Once there’s a cause, there are several ways to fix the issue.

Problem: humming noise

Usually, the humming noise of the mini fridge comes from the condenser fan as it tries to cool down. If the sound is loud, the condenser fan is probably clogged up with dust and dirt.

Solution: The motor of the compressor and the condenser fan need regular cleaning. Alternatively, you can add acoustic foam on the back of the appliance.

Problem: buzzing noise

It can come from a dirty evaporator fan or compressor and if the mini fridge is not balanced on a smooth floor.

Solution: You can check the floor to see if your mini fridge is on a smooth surface or not. In addition, you can clean the evaporator fan and compressor of your mini fridge.

Additionally, by stocking the fridge with food and drinks, you can prevent it from making a racket when it’s empty. Refrigerator acoustic foam and soundproofing materials can also be applied to the appliance.

Problem: gurgling or bubbling noises

If there is a problem with the water supply, the mini fridge may make bubbling or gurgling noises.

When the compressor is running, the mini fridge makes this bubbling or gurgling sound as the water flows through it and is usually not a problem to be concerned about.

When the noise is too loud, there may be a compressor issue.

Solution: If the water supply line is leaking, you must fix the line. Aside from that, you could try prying open the mini fridge without a door.

When you open the door frequently, the compressor has to work harder and produces more noise.

Problem: popping noise

When the compressor in your mini fridge is overworked, you may hear a popping sound. If the mini fridge is experiencing thermal expansion, then it makes the popping noise.

Otherwise, a popping sound may be caused by the evaporator coil, compressor vibration, or the water valve.

Solution: Replace the water valve or replace the compressor.

Problem: Sounds of running water

The reason for this noise is that water flows through drain tube or from defrosting.

Solution: If your mini fridge makes a noise like it’s full of water, there’s a simple fix for that. Defrosting water or drain tube water can cause water to flow. All of this is perfectly normal.


There are many reasons why the mini fridge is noisy, and the most common sound is that of a low buzzing or hum.

Most of these noises are normal and should not be of concern. The average mini fridge makes between 30-47 decibels of noise. If it exceeds that reading, it can become quite annoying to hear all the time.

In that case, it might need a deep clean or additional repair of the faulty components.

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