Moen Shower Faucet Won’t Turn Off? (6 Causes Explained!)

The quality of Moen shower systems is irrefutable, and the overall experience of showering under a Moen shower system is unmatched. At some point, however, the Moen shower faucet won’t turn off, and you may wonder why.

Well, the reason why your Moen shower won’t turn off is that something is faulty. It could be a loose, stripped, or obstructed faucet handle or just a defective shower cartridge or valve. And in some cases, it could be because of a worn-out stem washer.  

So, you generally have to look at all these possibilities to fix them.

How about I walk you through them and discuss their fixes? That should make it easy for you to stop your Moen shower faucet from continually running and wasting water.

Let’s get into it!

Moen shower faucet won't turn off

Why Your Moen Shower Faucet Won’t Turn Off (The Causes)

Here are six possible reasons for a Moen shower faucet that continually runs:

1. Loose Faucet Handle

If the Moen faucet handle is loose, it’s probable for the shower water to run continuously. So before anything, you should check the condition of the faucet handle to ensure it is not loose. If it is, then you have to tighten it.


Here’s how to tighten a loose faucet shower handle:

  • Start by shutting off the shower water supply from the main to stop water wastage
  • Use a flat-head screwdriver to uncover the screw beneath the cover plate on the shower handle
  • Use a Philip screwdriver to tighten the loose screw clockwise
  • Turn the water on and try turning the shower faucet off to see if it works

If the above fix doesn’t work, you should consider the possibilities discussed below.

2. Stripped Faucet Handle

The faucet features an inside stem that regulates water flow in and out of the bathtub. If the handle is damaged in any way, it won’t hold the stem properly, affecting water flow.

In such a case, water will continually run as the faucet won’t turn off.


If the Moen faucet handle is stripped, the most practical fix is getting a replacement. Here’s how to replace a Moen shower valve:

  • Turn off the water supply
  • Take pictures of your stripped shower handle, preferably using your phone, to help you find a matching Moen shower faucet handle
  • Use a flat-head screwdriver to uncover the screw beneath the cover plate
  • Use a Philips screwdriver to loosen the screw
  • Twist the handle slightly and pull it out
  • Reinstall the new Moen shower faucet handle and tighten it in place
  • Return the cover plate and switch on the shower and try turning the faucet off
new moen shower faucet won't turn off

3. Obstructed Faucet Handle

Sometimes, the faucet handle may become obstructed by debris or even rust, causing it to remain open. If that happens, water will continually run even when you shut the faucet off.

You should also check for broken pieces as they could also be the source of the obstruction.


It’s essential to get rid of whatever that is obstructing the faucet handle by following these steps:

  • Turn off the water supply
  • Unscrew the Moen faucet handle and remove it
  • Observe the faucet handle for any visible obstruction and remove it
  • Brush the debris and dirt off with an old toothbrush
  • Return the faucet handle as it was and screw it in position

4. Faulty Shower Cartridge

This is the commonest cause of a leaky Moen faucet. If the faucet cartridge is either worn out or defective, water will continue running even after turning off the faucet.

Remember, a faucet cartridge’s job is to regulate water flow and water temperature whenever you turn the faucet handle.

So, if it’s faulty, it won’t regulate either the shower water or its temperature, and the chances are that water will continue running even when you shut off the faucet.


If the cartridge is faulty, the solution is to replace it. Once you have a suitable Moen shower cartridge replacement, you can go ahead and replace it by following these steps:

  • Turn off the shower water
  • Use a piece of old cloth to cover the drain to prevent the screws from escaping through it
  • Use a flat-head screwdriver to lift the cover plate and uncover the screw beneath it
  • Use a Philip screwdriver to loosen the screw and remove the faucet handle
  • Since this screw also holds the valve cartridge, slowly slide off the cartridge and remove it
  • Apply a thin layer of lubricant onto the new cartridge and gently slide it into place
  • Also, reinsert the handle and screw it in place
  • Return the cover plate and turn on the shower water
can't turn off moen shower

5. Faulty Moen Shower Valve

Like the Moen cartridge, the Moen shower valve also regulates water flow and temperature. So, if it’s faulty, then water is likely to run even after shutting off the faucet continually.

Remember, you need the Moen valve to create a tight seal when turning on the faucet. But since it’s faulty, water will rundown the showerhead.


The solution for this, just like the first one, is to replace the valve. Find a Moen shower valve replacement and follow the same process as replacing the cartridge to replace the vale.

Remember, however, to check the condition of the faucet handle when replacing the shower valve. If the handle is broken, you’ll need to replace it too.

6. Worn-Out Stem Washer

The last thing to check is the stem washer. Generally, the washer creates a seal when you turn on your shower water.

So, if it’s old, the shower valve will remain open as water runs down the showerhead. And since the washer is rubber, it’s likely to wear down over time.


If the stem washer is old, its fix is to replace it. Here are the steps to follow:

  • Turn off the shower water supply
  • Loosen the faucet handle, preferably with an Allen wrench, and take it out
  • Remove the faucet stem and take out the washer
  • Closely observe the washer to see if it’s old
  • If it is, then replace it
  • Reassemble your Moen faucet and turn on your water supply

Moen Tub and Shower Faucet Won’t Turn Off

If both the tub and shower faucet run simultaneously, even after turning them off, the problem could be a defective diverter valve. Usually, the diverter valve regulates water flow between the tub’s spout and shower, ensuring that only one works at a time.   

If it’s worn out, clogged, or just defective, water may flow out of both the shower and tub faucet or fail to come out of either.


Since this problem is due to a defective diverter valve, you should replace it. Here are the steps to follow:

  • Shut off your shower water from the main
  • Unscrew and unbolt the Moen diverter valve
  • Observe it for clogging and then brush off the debris
  • If it’s not damaged, reinsert and screw it back but if the diverter valve is damaged, replace it
  • Ensure you get a Moen diverter valve that matches the defective one in specs
can't get moen shower cartridge out

New Moen Shower Faucet Won’t Turn Off

Ordinarily, a new Moen shower faucet should turn on and off almost seamlessly, but if it fails to turn off, the chances are that the faucet handle, cartridge, or valve is faulty.

Don’t forget to check the stem washer, too, as it could equally be defective.

But sometimes, the shower faucet may fail to turn off because of a loose connection, especially on the faucet handle. So, check for loose faucet handle connection too.

What to Do if You Cannot Fix a Moen Shower Faucet that Won’t Turn Off

Sometimes, the problem with your Moen shower faucet could be more serious than the six reasons shared. If so, you may not fix the faucet using the above fixes.

In such a case, it’s a good idea to talk to a plumber. An expert plumber can diagnose a serious underlying issue, which you probably don’t know about.

Furthermore, an expert plumber can help you avoid the problem in the future.

People Also Ask

1. How Do You Fix a Moen Shower That Won’t Turn Off?

If your Moen shower doesn’t turn off, you should carefully look at the handle, cartridge, and valve. One of them could be faulty or broken, and so you should replace them before trying again to turn off the shower.

Also, watch out for obstruction either on the faucet handle or stem or a faulty washer, as any of these issues could prevent the shower faucet from turning off.

2. Why Won’t My Moen Faucet Shut Off?

Your Moen faucet cannot shut off because the handle is stripped, obstructed, or loose. But often, the reason for that is a faulty cartridge or shower valve. So, you have to check all these components. The stem washer is another thing to check out as it could be old, resulting in leakage.

3. How Do You Reset a Moen Faucet?

You can reset a Moen faucet by disconnecting the power and data cable from the main control box. Wait for about 60 seconds before reconnecting everything.

4. Why Does My Moen Faucet Keep Turning On by Itself?

Your Moen faucet keeps turning on by itself because of an erratic signal triggered by a loose or misadjusted power cord. In that case, ensure the power cable is not out of place or loose. If it is, then adjust it accordingly.

5. Why Does My Faucet Continue to Run After I Turn It Off?

If your faucet continues to run after turning it off, the chances are that you are using the wrong size washer. If so, you should look for a good size and use it.

Moen Shower Faucet Won’t Turn Off: Closing Remarks!

Generally, knowing why your Moen shower valve won’t turn off is the key to fixing the problem. As seen, you’ve to watch out for a faulty shower handle, valve or valve stem, a worn-out washer, or a case of an obstructed or striped faucet handle.

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