was a dedicated content site purchased on January 29th, 2023 by Joshua Bartlett and then merged into

The content from was moved to to establish expert content on common HVAC, heating, and cooling questions, repairs, and information.

What did Do? was a resource for readers that wanted to know more about how to tackle common HVAC-related repairs, diagnose heating and cooling issues, and fix appliances such as heaters, coolers, fans, and more. Basically, the goal at was to help readers cope with the heat in the summer and cold in the winter!

What does Do?

I’ll Just Fix it Myself is a blog dedicated to helping homeowners and renters learn to fix things up around the house without having to call a professional. Currently, I’ll Just Fix it Myself specializes in Spray Paint, Water Filtration, HVAC, Kitchen, and General Home Maintenance.

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