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Press Release: Merges with as of November 10, 2022 was a dedicated content site owned by Ronnie Amaya. On November 10th, 2022, WaterFiltrationTips was purchased by Joshua Bartlett and then merged into

The content from was moved to to establish expert content on water filtration and water quality.

What did WaterFiltrationTips Do? was a resource for readers that wanted to know more about how to filter their home drinking water to remove contaminants and stay healthy.


“At Water Filtration Tips, we are committed to helping you enjoy good health and wellbeing by avoiding contaminated water. We believe that water filtration is the most inexpensive and yet effective way of removing contaminants from our water. Some homeowners assume that they only need to worry about the drinking water but it is important to ensure even the water used for food preparation is clean enough. And that is what Water Filtration Tips is all about.”

What does Do?

I’ll Just Fix it Myself is a blog dedicated to helping homeowners and renters learn to fix things up around the house without having to call a professional. Currently, I’ll Just Fix it Myself specializes in Spray Paint and General Home Maintenance.

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