RV Fridge Fan Keeps Running – What to Do?

The fan, optional in some absorption-type fridges, improves how well the fridge is able to keep the fridge contents cool when it is hot. By circulating and increasing the flow of air over the backside of the fridge, the fan improves the fridge’s ability to cool.

That said, when should it run? Should they run all the time? This post discusses when a fridge fan should run, whether it is normal for it to run all the time and what to do if it runs nonstop.

Is it Normal for the Fridge Fan to Run all the Time?

No, the fridge fan should not run nonstop. Controlled by a thermostat, it is wired to start running when a certain temperature threshold is attained by the condenser coils until the temperature drops again.

This is necessary to continue cooling the fridge efficiently when it is hot.

Why a Fridge Fan may Keep Running

If the fridge fan keeps running all the time, this may be because:

#1. Fridge exposed to a direct heat source

Is the fridge constantly exposed to a heat source such as direct sunlight? Check the fridge location and make sure it is not exposed to direct heat as this can cause the fan to run continuously.

The fan runs more when it is hotter. Note, it can take the fridge a while before the temperatures drop to the set point when the fan stops running. Be ready to allow for several hours before the fan stops running.

#2. Faulty thermostat

The fridge thermostat may be malfunctioning causing the fridge fan to run nonstop.

#3. There could be an obstruction restricting the airflow necessary for the efficient cooling of the fridge. Check the back side of the fridge for obstructions that may be restricting the flow of air leading to high temperature buildup

Closing Thoughts

The RV fridge fan should not run nonstop. Should it run continuously, make sure the fridge is not exposed to any direct heat source. It is also possible that the thermostat may be malfunctioning.

Do not hesitate to contact a qualified RV fridge technician.

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