RV Fridge Fan making Noise | Is this Normal?

A number of absorption-type fridges found in RVs have cooling fans to improve their cooling.

You may have one (with cooling fans installed) that runs silently that later starts making a humming or whining sound.

Is this normal for the fridge fan to run noisily?

In this post, we look at whether it is normal for the fridge fan to make noise, possible causes, and how you may be able to reduce the noise from the fan.

Do RV Fridge Fans Make Noise?

There are several variables involved. Depending on the fan model used, installation of the fridge, or the condition of the fan, it may run silently or noisily.

Unfortunately, the answer is it depends. Some RV owners have absorption-type fans that run silently only to start whining much later.

While for others, the fans run silently.

What to Check Should you hear the Noise?

First, confirm that the fan is the source of the noise. Follow the source of the noise.

Depending on the fridge model, you may have to remove the vents or remove the fridge to access the fan(s) – check your RV manual or consult a certified RV technician for assistance if the RV is out of warranty.

Is the fan running? Is this the source of the hum or whine? Hopefully, this helps you confirm if the fan is the source of the noise.

Does the Fridge make noise all the time or On and OFF? If on and off then there is a good chance that it is from the fan and coincides with the fridge fan being switched ON and OFF by the thermostat.

What Causes the Fridge Fan to make Noise?

There are several possible reasons why your RV fridge fan may make noise.

#1. The fan type used may have higher noise levels. Some fans run quieter than others.

They may not necessarily move less air but their design is such that they run quieter than other models. You can consider replacing the fans with a more silent model.

#2. The fan bearings may be worn. Fans can also run noisily if the fan bearings are worn. This may be a result of the age of use or just the low quality of the fan used.

If the fridge fan is running noisily then replace it with a new quieter one. If the RV has several fans installed, consider replacing all of them as they may be about to fail too. Hopefully, this reduces the noise levels.

#3. Fan mounting may be broken. In some cases, a cracked fan mounting can increase the vibration and noise level of the fan. This is why it helps to follow the source of the noise

Replace the fan with a broke mounting. As a precaution, you should consider replacing all of them as there is a good chance that they are on their way out.

#4. If the fridge is pushed too far into the body of the RV? If the fridge is pushed too close to the RV body then this can amplify the noise from the RV fridge fan.

Check whether this is the case or not and make necessary adjustments. Is there an improvement?

Final Word

An RV fridge fan may run quietly or noisily depending on its design, age, or condition.

If the fridge fan is running noisily, it is possible that it has a worn bearing, broken mounting or it is just the fan type used that runs noisily.

Hope this helps!

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