RV GFCI Keeps Tripping with nothing plugged in

Frustrated and stuck wondering why your RV’s GFCI outlet keeps tripping with nothing plugged in? While GFCI protection keeps you safe in case of a ground fault, troubleshooting frequent tripping with no appliance plugged in can be a challenge

This post aims to help you identify likely reasons why your GFCI outlet keeps tripping even with nothing plugged in and what you can do to fix the underlying fault.

Why the RV GFCI Trips on its Own

If the GFCi breaker appears to be tripping on its own, it may be because:

#1. There is still a faulty appliance that is tripping the GFCI. It is possible that there are several circuits connected to the load terminals of a GFCI outlet you may not be aware of. Check if this is not the case. Unplug all the appliances that are protected by the GFCI outlet and plug in one at a time noting when the GFCI breaker trips.

2. One or more outlets are exposed to moisture. One of the outlets connected to the GFCI breaker may be exposed to moisture. An outlet fed by the GFCI may have moisture or water inside which then causes the GFCI breaker to keep tripping.

3. The wiring is faulty and can also lead to the GFCI breaker tripping even when no appliance is connected. Disconnect the wiring between the GFCI outlet and the protected outlet and check if the breaker still trips. If it doesn’t trip then that confirms that there is a fault in the wiring connected to the load terminals of the GFCI breaker to the protected outlet. Replace the damaged wiring.

4. The GFCI is faulty. You could also have a case of a faulty GFCI breaker, that trips regardless of whether an appliance is plugged in or not and the wiring is intact.

Such a GFCI outlet may trip even when the circuits connected to the load terminals are disconnected.

Why a GFCI-protected outlet or GFCI outlet Trips?

A ground fault circuit interrupter (GFCI ) monitors the current flowing out of the hot leg and returning via the neutral line. If there’s no leakage to the ground, the current on both legs is the same.

Should there be a difference of about 6 mA, the will breaker trip disconnecting the supply of power to the appliance so that body of the appliance does not shock you.

Closing Thoughts

If your RV’s GFCI breaker keeps tripping with nothing connected, it could be that indeed there is a ground fault that requires immediate attention, a fault in the wiring, water in the breaker, or a faulty breaker itself.

Check each of these to identify the likely reason why the GFCI breaker may be tripping.

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