Samsung Dishwasher Touchpad Not Working (This is FIX)

Is your Samsung dishwasher touchpad not working? Do you feel the appliance’s end has come? Well, you could be wrong. Samsung dishwashers are among the top machines in the market, but that doesn’t mean they are immune to faults.

So, the Samsung dishwasher can develop a fault, and one common problem is its touchpad not working. However, several factors can make it impossible for the Samsung touchpad not to function properly.

We’ll discuss the different factors here, including how you can fix them. Read on!  

Reasons and Fixes For Samsung Dishwasher Touchpad Not Working

If your Samsung touchpad is not working, several factors could be responsible. The problem could be as follows; you forgot to turn on the dishwasher, defective or damaged touchpad control panel, faulty main control board, wet hands, control lock, or delay option activated. 

Here is a breakdown of things that could be responsible for the dishwasher touchpad not functioning, as it should. 

  • The dishwasher is not plugged in/turned on
  • Faulty touchpad control panel
  • A faulty main control board
  • Your hands are wet/the dishwasher is dirty
  • The control lock feature activated
  • Delay option activated

Let’s go into more detail to explain how you can identify and fix each of these problems

1: Dishwasher not connected to power supply:

If your Samsung dishwasher touchpad doesn’t respond, don’t panic. You may have disconnected the machine and failed to connect it to the power supply

So, check the appliance to ensure it is connected to the power supply and turn it on. You can determine if the machine is turned on from the display screen.  

How To Fix This Issue:

If the dishwasher’s display screen isn’t lit, check that electricity isn’t getting to the appliance. 

In this case, anything could be wrong. For example, you may have forgotten to turn on the appliance, or the wall socket isn’t working.

Another thing you should check is the dishwasher’s power plug. Ensure it is plugged into the wall socket correctly. Furthermore, check to ensure there’s nothing wrong with the appliance’s plug head and wire.

2: Faulty touchpad control panel:

Some buttons might respond if your Samsung dishwasher’s touchpad panel is defective. But when it’s dead, you won’t get any response no matter how hard you press the buttons. 

How To Fix This Issue:

The first step is to test the touchpad to know whether it’s in good shape. So how do you go about this?

Press the buttons one after the other. If some respond and others don’t, your dishwasher’s touchpad has a problem. 

In this case, you have to replace the touchpad and control panel. However, if your dishwasher allows you to replace the touchpad and panel separately, replace only the touchpad first and see if that solves the problem. 

If the issue persists after replacing the touchpad, you can also replace the touchpad control panel. 

3: Faulty main control board: 

The main control board of the dishwasher or any appliance is the soul of that appliance. In the case of the dishwasher, a defective main control board can make it impossible for the touchpad to respond when pressed. 

The main control board is responsible for almost all the functions dishwashers perform. It also sends signals to the touchpad. So when defective, your touchpad would also take a hit. 

How To Fix This Issue:

Refrain from trying to fix a damaged touchpad control board. Why? It is irreparable. Instead, have it replaced. 

The main control board can be expensive. So please don’t get a new one until you’re 100% sure that it is the reason your dishwasher’s touchpad isn’t responding anymore.

4: Your hands are wet/the dishwasher is dirty:

If your hands are wet, desist from operating your Samsung dishwasher. Why? Two things might happen if you do. First, you could get electrocuted, or the touchpad won’t respond. 

The touchpad on the Samsung dishwasher is similar to the one on mobile devices. If you touch a mobile device’s screen with a wet hand, it won’t respond. It’s the same thing with the dishwasher. 

Another thing that can prevent your dishwasher’s touchpad from responding to touch is dirt. 

How To Fix This Issue:

This isn’t such a complex problem to fix. Just wipe your hands before touching the appliance. 

Another thing you shouldn’t forget to do is clean the appliance. Note that the touchpad won’t respond to your touch if it is dirty. 

5: Control lock has been activated:

Child lock is another name for control lock, and it’s a vital feature in the dishwasher. Control lock prevents your kids from changing the dishwasher’s wash cycle when it’s in use. 

This lock feature will also make it impossible for your children to start a wash cycle whenever you’re not present, misusing or damaging the machine.   

So, it is okay to set the control lock. But remember that you have to deactivate it before using the appliance. If the control lock is active, the touchpad on your Samsung dishwasher won’t work.

How To Fix This Issue:

You don’t have much to do here. Just hit the child lock button to deactivate it, and your touchpad will start responding again. 

6: Delay option has been activated:

The delay option keeps the appliance on, but it won’t wash, and the touchpad won’t respond.

So, if your touchpad refuses to respond even though your dishwasher is on, check if the delay option is active. If it is, you have found the culprit. 

How To Fix This Issue:

You can fix this issue by pressing and holding the button Cancel/drain then press the start button for a new wash cycle to start. 

Another thing you can do to cancel the delay option and get the touchpad to start responding when touched is to restart the appliance. When it comes on, hit the start button to kick-start a fresh wash cycle. 


Why My Samsung Dishwasher Door Does Not Latch?

Several factors can cause the Samsung dishwasher door not to latch. How your dishes are positioned in the rack can be a problem. Others include auto-release setting, door alignment issue, rack positioning and door latch problem.

Let’s go deeper a bit.

1: Dishes not loaded properly:

Position your plates in the dishwasher rack appropriately. And ensure none of the dishes is sticking out. Otherwise, the door won’t latch properly. 

2: AutoRelease function:

Is your Samsung dishwasher’s door not latching? If yes, the rod released when AutoRelease is activated could be the culprit. 

The AutoRelease feature helps crack the dishwasher’s door open when it has finished washing. It is activated by default.

And don’t forget that a rod is released when AutoRelease is activated, and this rod pushes the door open. 

A Handy Tip: AutoRelease activates on its own, helping to ensure the drying of the plates.  

Please, don’t try to force the door close when the rod is still protruded. You could damage the dishwasher in the process. 

Instead, turn off AutoRelease so the rod can return to its original position, and your door will latch when closed. 

3: Door’s alignment issue:

It is advisable to place dishwashers on leveled surfaces. This way, you can close the door with ease. 

If the appliance is not aligned correctly, there is a chance that it could get stuck on the cabinet while you’re trying to close it. 

So, ensure your appliance aligns appropriately. This way, you won’t struggle to get the door to latch properly. 

4: Door rack positioning issue:

If your door refuses to latch, check the position of the rack. There’s a chance that the rack is not in the proper position, and it’s preventing the door from closing. 

When you finish loading plates on the rack, ensure you push them into the appliance. This way, nothing will prevent your dishwasher door latch from closing except there’s another issue.  

5: Damaged door latch mechanism:

A defective or completely damaged door latch mechanism will prevent your Samsung dishwasher’s door from latching. 

When this happens, please take the appliance to the manufacturer to fix it. You can also contact any technician that knows how to fix such a problem. 

How Do I Reset Samsung Dishwasher?

You can easily reset the Samsung dishwasher, even though it doesn’t have a reset button like other dishwasher brands. Below are the simple steps. 

  • Turn your Samsung dishwasher off. 
  • Unplug the dishwasher
  • Let the appliance stay idle (unplugged) for approximately 5 minutes. 
  • Now you can connect your dishwasher to the power supply and start washing your dishes. 

Resetting a dishwasher can help fix some of its problems. However, note the word “some,” as you can’t remedy most issues with a simple reset. 

Warranty & Support

If you are still not satisfied with the above answers, feel free to contact to Samsung customer care.

Speak directly with a Samsung Care Pro 8 AM – 12 AM EST, 7 days a week.

Dial 1-800-SAMSUNG (726-7864)

Text “SUPPORT” to 1-800-726-7864

If you need to register your product, follow this link.


Is your Samsung dishwasher touchpad not responding? You can figure out the possible reason from this post.

Several factors can make this brand of dishwasher’s touchpad stop working. Here are some of them below. 

  • The dishwasher is not plugged in/turned on
  • Faulty touchpad control panel
  • A faulty main control board
  • Your hands are wet/the machine is dirty
  • The control lock feature activated
  • Delay option activated

So, here are the problems that can prevent your dishwasher’s touchpad from responding. You can look into them one after the other to have a clear idea of what to do. 

However, if you identify and try fixing your dishwasher’s problem but it still doesn’t work, consider splashing the cash on a brand new Samsung dishwasher.