The Best 8 Space Heater Hacks to Keep Your House Warmer

Space heaters are one of the best equipment to heat the house on colder days without spending much. The cost-effective machines are also easy to use and work in both small and larger spaces. 

To get satisfying results, though, you’ve got to choose the right one that meets your demands without making you pay high utility bills. This article has the right space heater hacks that will ensure you stay warm all through. So read on and learn more.

1. Go For the Right Size Space HeaterGo For the Right Size Space Heater

If you want to buy a space heater, it’s wise to consider its size versus that of the room where it will be working. The right size will take less time to heat the space and not consume too much power. For example, if you use a bigger space heater in a smaller room, it will consume more energy, making you pay more electricity bills. On the other hand, buying a smaller space heater in a bigger room will not deliver the desired results making it ineffective. 

To know the right size of space heater for your house, look at the heater’s wattage output. To understand this easily, you need 10 watts to heat one square foot floor in the room. So, if your room is 150 square feet, you’ll require a 1500-watt space heater to work effectively.

2. Run The Ceiling Fan in ReverseRun The Ceiling Fan in Reverse

You will also have a warmer room if you use both the space heater and fan at ago. When you run the ceiling fan on cold days, it won’t make the house cooler. But instead, it will help bring warm air around your ceiling downwards. Set the fan on low settings, then run it clockwise to achieve this effect. 

If the warm air from the ceiling covers the room, your space heater will not struggle or take long to create favorable temperatures indoors. This will reduce its power consumption, making you pay fewer electricity bills. 

3. Put The Space Heater in The Right Place

Whenever you’re using the space heater, especially the portable ones, ensure you place it in the right place. This will be for your safety’s sake and also get the best results. Remember, you can knock on the equipment when walking without noticing it. It’s best to place it on a level, flat surface and not on the carpet or table where it can start a fire when it overheats. 

Also, put the space heater away from furniture or curtains, making it ineffective. These objects will prevent heat from reaching you, which is a waste.

4. Settle For a Space Heater with Energy Efficient FeaturesSettle For a Space Heater with Energy Efficient Features

An energy-efficient space heater will not make you pay more even if you run the machine for longer. Using a space heater with energy-efficient features will also prevent you from buying additional equipment like a thermostat which can be costly. 

A programmable thermostat will switch off your space heater when the space overheats or when the set temperature limit is met. However, a unit with energy-efficient features and multiple heat settings will adjust according to the achieved temperatures indoors. 

5. Buy The Right Type of Space Heater

You would enjoy having a space heater in your home if you did settle for the right type. Choose either a convection or radiant space heater to give you the desired results. A convection heater will warm the air in the room, while a radiant space heater will warm the object or your body. 

Buy a convection space heater if you spend a lot of time indoors. The convection space heater will pull cold air from your floors, heat it then releases it into the room. After the warm air reaches the room, it will force out the cold air making it comfortable to stay in. The best thing about this heater is that it evenly heats the room and works silently. 

But if you spend less time in the house, go for the radiant space heater. It takes less time to warm the room, and the heat directly riches your body and not the surrounding air around you. However, it emits high amounts of energy which can be too much for you if you’re next to it. 

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6. Introduce Carpets in The House

By this, you’ll be reducing the amount of cold air coming from the floor, especially on hardwood floors. The carpet will also help prevent heat loss on the wooden floor that is not insulated. Choose your favorite rug and place it in areas where you spend most of your time. Your convection space heater will have little work to do like the cold air coming from the floors is reduced. 

7. Place Coil Behind Space Heaters

Using foil behind your space heater and on the heating, vents will help reflect the heat into the house. You can buy a specialized thermal foil from nearby hardware and do this with ease. When the foil reflects the heat, your home will stay warmer for longer, making the space heater use less energy. You will, in turn, pay less and have your unit serve you for longer.

8. Reduce Heat Loss Through Windows and Doors

Your main aim of using a space heater is to keep the rooms warm all the time. This will be possible if there are no gaps or openings through which heat leaves the room. However, if there are gaps in the doors or windows, the heat will find an escape route. Opening the doors will also provide heat and space to get out. 

So, seal the space and consider weatherstripping the doors if possible. Additionally, shut the windows and doors to retain the heat from the space heater. Doing this will also reduce the workload for your unit as there will be little or no cold air passing through these spaces as well. 

FAQ About Space Heater Hacks to Keep Your House Warmer

How can I make my space heater work better?

The space heater can be improved by increasing the airflow in the room. This can be done by opening a window or door, or by using a fan to move the air around. The space heater should also be placed in a spot where it will get the most airflow, such as near a door or window.

What is the difference between a space heater and a furnace?

Space heaters are small, electric heaters that people can use to heat one room or a small space. Furnaces are large, gas-powered machines that heat an entire house.

What is the best way to clean a space heater?

The best way to clean a space heater is to vacuum it with a brush attachment. If the heater has dust or dirt build-up, use a damp cloth to wipe it off. Do not use water or any other liquid to clean the heater.

What is the difference between a space heater and a heater?

Space heaters are portable devices that generate heat and use it to warm up a designated space. Heaters, on the other hand, are permanently installed in a structure and use either gas or electricity to create warmth. Space heaters can be more efficient than traditional heating systems because they only heat the space that is actually occupied, whereas a heater will warm up the entire house, whether or not people are using the rooms.

How do I turn off my space heater?

One can turn off a space heater by flipping the switch on the wall to the ‘off’ position. This will cut power to the heater, and it will stop working.

How do I get more heat from my space heater?

A space heater is a device that uses electricity to produce heat. The amount of heat that a space heater produces depends on the wattage of the heater. A higher wattage heater will produce more heat than a lower wattage heater. To get more heat from your space heater, you can use a higher wattage heater.

Is it OK to have a space heater on all night?

It is generally recommended that space heaters not be left on all night, as they can overheat and potentially cause a fire. Space heaters should only be used when someone is in the room, and should always be turned off when leaving the room or going to bed.

Bottom Line 

Using a space heater in your house is one of the easiest ways to keep warm during winter. The units are power efficient and offer the best results within no time. However, if you want to get many of these units, go for the right size space heater. Also, pick on the right type which will meet your expectations. 

Don’t forget to place the unit away from barriers which can also be hazardous. Seal the gaps and openings that will allow heat to escape and allow cold air to enter. Most importantly, use the space heater when the doors are closed. Finally, have carpets on the floor to manage cold air entering your space, just as this space heater hacks guide has elaborated. 

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