12 Amazing Things You Can Do With Your Coffee Maker (And Ways To Dispose of)

Coffee is life and coffee makers are lifesavers. There are tons of coffee making machines in the market – single-serve brewers, espresso makers, French presses, automatic drip coffee makers, and more. Just like all electrical appliances, coffee machines aren’t built to last a long time. And, eventually, you’re probably going to need an upgraded machine. 

This article discusses 12 different ways to push the limit of your old coffee maker and how to dispose of or recycle it.

12 Wonderful Things You Can Do With Your Coffee Maker

Old or new – a coffee maker is a lifesaver. Not only because it brews the daily dose of caffeine but the tons of things it can do, from covering desserts to meals. Sounds crazier? Read on and you’ll find surprising foods you can make with your old coffee pot.  

1. Mini pancakes

Yes! Your old coffee maker’s hot plate can double as a pancake pan! You can decide whether to follow your grandma’s recipe or your version. Either way, mix the batter, pour it on the preheated plate, wait until the surface develops tiny bubbles, and flip it to cook the other side. 

A handy tip: Line the plate with a layer of non-stick foil to make cleaning up a breeze. 

2. Scrambled eggs 

Indeed, fluffy, moist scrambled eggs are drool-worthy breakfast. How about making it in the coffee maker? Consider the burner of your coffee maker a tiny frying pan. Now, crack open an egg and wait until done. Enjoy! 

3. Hard-boiled eggs 

If you prefer your eggs hard-boiled rather than scrambled, well, you can do that with the same coffee maker you used every morning to brew up. Add a few eggs to the carafe, fill it with 2-3 cups of water, and set the timer for 8-12 minutes depending on how hard you want the yolk to be. Then, take them out and place them in hot water.  

4. Steamed Vegetables 

Can you call the coffee maker, a steamer? Well, it seems so. That topmost basket where you usually put coffee beans is perfect to steam a batch of asparagus or baby carrots. Chop the veggies of your choice, put them in the basket, fill the reservoir with 2-3 cups of water. Brew. If the vegetables aren’t softened to your liking, just leave them for another brew cycle. 

5. Instant Oatmeal

Instant oatmeal is such a relief, especially if you’re a bit lazy in the morning or need something uber-easy on a busy morning. Just put the oatmeal in the carafe with some raisins and 1/2tsp. Cinnamon powder – or however you like it, add enough water as recommended by your oatmeal brand, and brew away. There you go healthy breakfast in minutes! 

6. Mashed Potatoes

You can use a coffee maker to make some yummy mashed potatoes, too. Cut potatoes into small cubes of the same size or they won’t cook evenly, put them in the carafe, and set a brew cycle. If they are undercooked, repeat another cycle.

Once they are soft enough to get mashed, drain excess water and put them in a bowl. Do not try to mash them in the coffee pot unless you don’t want to add some butter, salt, and pepper – you’ve got yourself tasty mashed potatoes.

7. Melted chocolate 

Whether you want to dress Christmas treats or need to dip crispy churros in chocolate, your coffee maker can help out. Just add a cup of chocolate chips into a metal measuring cup and place it on the heat plate. The best part – not only does the plate melt the chocolate chips but keep the melted product at the right consistency for a longer time. 

8. Hot chocolate

Your melted chocolate came out well? How about making some hot chocolate? To start, fill the coffee pot halfway with heavy cream, and throw in a bag of chocolate chips. Then pour two cups of water and brew. Stir the mix for some time and soon you can enjoy a perfect cup of hot chocolate.  

9. Grilled Cheese Sandwiches 

Remember what we said about the coffee maker plate being a pan. Just like the same way you made pancakes and scrambled eggs you can make grilled cheese sandwiches. Switch on the coffee maker, wait until the plate is hot, spray down some cooking oil, and place the buttered white bread. Throw one or two slices of cheese and place another buttered loaf right on top. Once it’s golden brown, flip it and grill the other side. 

Keeping a foil on the heat plate will save you from cleaning a cheesy mess.

10. Chicken Breast

Here’s where things get mind-blowing. Start by taking 1.5 – 2 cups of water just enough to cover the bottom of the carafe. Make sure not to submerge the chicken. Now, add one or two chicken breasts.

Most carafes are big enough to accommodate two chicken breasts at a time. Next up, add a tablespoon of butter, salt, pepper, and mixed herbs. Brew. Give 15 minutes brewing time for each side. Stir occasionally. Now that’s chicken breast done right!  

11. Hot Dogs

Put a package of thawed hot dogs in your coffee pot, fill it with 6-8 cups of water, and hit brew. Half an hour later, you can enjoy tasty boiled hot dogs.

Make sure to wash the coffee pot thoroughly before you use it to melt chocolate. We haven’t tasted hot-dog chocolate yet!!

12. Poached Salmon

Another proof that you can cook almost anything with a coffee maker and, salmon isn’t an exception. Add salmon filet to the plate, add seasonings of your choice – such as salt, pepper, garlic powder, onion powder, herbs, and lemon. Run the coffee maker as usual. Wait 8-10 minutes until the salmon is opaque and flaky.

6 Amazing Ways to Dispose of the Old Coffee Maker

Unrepairable electrical items are complex and dangerous to break down, and can’t be recycled in the recycling bin at home. The coffee maker is one such example. But how to do it sustainably? Here are some suggestions.

1. Hand it to someone who’s in need

If your espresso machine is all okay and you just need to buy a new machine just arrived in the market, donate it. Some people can’t afford a decent coffee maker and badly in need of it.

Throwing it away means you are contributing to the landfills!

2. Sell it online

You couldn’t find someone who’s in need? Don’t worry sell the coffee maker online so you can buy an updated version. You may choose online sites that let users sell used electronics.

3. Goodwill stores

Got an old coffee maker to get rid of? Give the local Goodwill stores a call and check if they can handle the hassle of recycling. Remember not all stores may be open to recycling non-working appliances. But it doesn’t hurt to ask, right?

4. Take to the store where you bought your coffee maker

If you bought your coffee maker online, this option doesn’t apply to you.

But if you bought it from a local shop in your neighborhood, they might take it back from the state law on recycling. It’s also another long short, but worth a try.

5. Take it back to the manufacturer

Some manufacturers like Hamilton Beach and Nespresso have recycling policy. You can mail the old, broken coffee maker to them for recycling.

Many companies even have an exchange policy in place to take outdated appliances and replace them with new models. Check your instructions manual or call customer support to understand terms and conditions.

6. Approach on-demand junk removal companies

Some companies provide on-demand junk removal services. Give them a call, licensed junk hauling professionals will pick up that unwanted espresso machine. You can also haul away all other appliances that you no longer want around.

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