What Is The Toilet Roll Circumference? (Explained!)

Toilet paper comes in different brands, textures, and colors but ultimately serves the same purpose- cleaning yourself after using the toilet. Most people do not typically consider the size when shopping for toilet paper, but have you ever wondered about the toilet paper roll circumference?

A toilet paper roll typically has a circumference of about 6 inches. This product has a very tiny girth (surface) and is very slim. Knowing the circumference of toilet paper may seem unimportant to many, but this information helps in determining the kind of toilet paper holder you will need.

With that in mind, continue reading the sections below to find out how to determine the circumference of a toilet paper roll. Also, find more information on the size of toilet paper rolls.

Toilet paper roll dimensions

What Is The Standard Toilet Roll Size? (Toilet Paper Roll Circumference)

Various factors contribute to the size of a toilet paper roll- the number of sheets, the length, and the diameter. The factors may vary from one manufacturer to another hence the variation in toilet paper roll sizes.

The sizes of toilet paper rolls also vary based on the type, with extra-large toilet paper having bigger dimensions than standard toilet paper. The standard toilet paper roll is approximately 4.5 inches long and 4.5 inches wide.

The Average Length of Toilet Paper Roll

As mentioned, the length of an average toilet paper roll is about 4.5 inches, but this varies based on the brand, with some types longer or shorter. The surface area of the toilet paper roll is similar to the internal cardboard tube.

The Average Width of Toilet Paper Roll

A standard toilet paper roll width is 3.9 inches to 4.7 inches (9.9 cm to 12 cm). the sizes of toilet paper rolls have been modified over the years, with 4.5 wide sheets reduced to 4 inches. The 3.7-inch toilet paper rolls used to be popular but have since been increased to 4.1 inches.

The Average Diameter of Toilet Paper Roll

The tube of toilet paper is approximately 4 cm (1.6 inches) in diameter. You can determine this by putting a ruler through the internal tube from one end to another. When it comes to the toilet paper rolls themselves, the diameter is bigger before you start using the toilet paper and decreases as you continue using it.

The diameter of toilet paper rolls differs based on the toilet paper’s quality and thickness.


The length and width of toilet paper rolls are affected by the following factors:

  • The tissue paper length
  • The number of rolls found in a boxed set
  • The core diameter
  • The number of sheets a roll has
  • The sheet size

Brands use these parameters to measure the size of their toilet paper during production and establish the standard size.

Diameter of toilet paper roll

The Measurements For The United States’ Common Toilet Paper Brands

Toilet paper rolls do not have a universal size, so below is a summary of the sizes of different toilet paper brands. The list indicates the number of sheets in every roll, length, and width.

BrandLength Per Sheet (Inches)Width Per Sheet (Inches)Number of Sheets Per Roll
Angel Soft44260
Quilted Northern Ultra Plush43.8284
Charmin Ultra Strong43.92286
Kirkland Signature Bath Tissue44.5425
Seventh Generation Recycled44500
Scott 100044.1550
Scott Essential4.14550

How To Calculate Toilet Paper Roll Circumference

Toilet paper roll circumference refers to the distance around the roll’s exterior. This measurement helps determine the number of sheets available in a roll and designing toilet paper dispensers and holders.

You can calculate a toilet paper roll circumference using different methods. These are:

1. Using The Toilet Paper Roll Diameter

The formula C= πd is used here, where C refers to circumference, π is pi (3.14), and d is the toilet paper roll diameter. For instance, if the toilet paper roll has a diameter of 4 inches, then the circumference will be 3.14 x 4 giving you 12.56 inches.

2. Using The Toilet Paper Roll Radius

The radius refers to the distance from the toilet paper roll center to its edge or half the roll’s diameter. The formula to use to calculate a toilet paper roll diameter using the radius is C= 2πr. C is the circumference, π is pi (3.14), and r is the radius.

Therefore, for instance, if the radius of the toilet paper roll is 3 inches, then the circumference is 2 x 3.14 x 3, which is equal to 12.56 inches.

3. Using the Number of Sheets in The Roll

Use a tape measure or ruler to measure the length of one toilet paper sheet the determine the number of sheets in the roll. Once you get these numbers, multiply the single toilet paper sheet length by the number of sheets in the toilet paper roll to get the circumference.

For instance, if the toilet paper sheet is 3 inches and the roll has 150 sheets, then the circumference is 3 x 150, which is 450 inches.

Charmin toilet paper roll circumference


1. How Wide Is A Toilet Paper Cardboard Roll?

The toilet paper cardboard roll is approximately 6 inches wide.

2. Are All Toilet Paper Rolls The Same Size?

Toilet paper rolls are not the same size. They vary based on the type and brand. However, standard toilet paper rolls are 4.5 inches by 4.5 inches.

3. What Is The Largest Roll Of Toilet Paper?

The largest toilet paper roll is the Charmin toilet paper roll. It is 9.73 feet in diameter, a million square feet, and 10 feet tall. To recreate this humongous toilet paper roll, you will have to stack 95,000 toilet paper rolls.

Final Remarks On Toilet Roll Circumference

The circumference is typically not a priority for most people when buying toilet paper. Most of us tend to consider the brand, texture, and price before the circumference comes into mind. However, this measurement helps you determine the number of rolls at your disposal and figure out where to store your rolls.

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