Pros & Cons of Walk-in Shower With Curtain Instead of Door.

Incorporating a curtain in a walk-in shower may be a great functional compromise, as it eliminates the necessity for a door while still allowing you to bathe in private. However, the notion of kids or someone else barging in can make you prefer a shower door to a curtain.

Whether a walk-in shower with a curtain is better than that with a door rests on personal preferences. Having established that, shower curtains are an ideal choice if you are on a limited income and want something easy to clean.

Also, consider this option if you are working with a small bathroom and looking to spare space. This post details why some individuals go for walk-in showers with curtains instead of doors and reasons some homeowners shy away from them.

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Can you use a shower curtain for a walk in shower?

8 Benefits of a Walk-in Shower with Curtain Instead of Door

In addition to offering privacy, shower curtains restrict water from pouring out of your shower, keeping your restroom flooring clean and dry. A shower curtain is a cost-effective, private, and easy-to-install option than a shower door.

Furthermore, considering shower curtains come in a wide range of colors, materials, and designs, it gives you more options in terms of aesthetics. For instance, AmazerBath Shower Liner (View Price on Amazon) comes in clear, beige, frosted, grey, khaki, and white

Walk-in showers take different designs, such as a shower with a curtain and showers with doors. You can also find and install a shower without a door and a shower with no walls.

You might argue for either concept, but let’s see why some home experts advise you to pick a shower with a curtain instead of a door.

1. It’s More Economical

The lower cost of shower curtains is the primary factor driving most homeowners to pick them instead of installing shower doors. You can expect to pay between $15 and $60 for a shower curtain, which could be less than a tenth of what you could pay for a shower door.

A glass shower door with a regular frame will cost between $250 to $550, while a shower door with frameless glass ranges from $900 to $1400. Considering the costs alone, a shower curtain is a good option if you don’t want to rip your wallet.

2. It Offers More Privacy

A shower with a curtain accords you more sense of privacy than one with a door (more so if it’s a glass door), especially if you share the bathroom. Imagine how weird it would be if your kids or anyone else in your household walked into the bathroom and saw you showering through the glass door; I bet you don’t want that.

However, a shower curtain allows you to enjoy considerable privacy when showering. It makes you feel comfortable, safe and protected.

3. Easy to Install and Disassemble

Shower curtain installation is an easy task that can be completed in a matter of minutes. All you have to do is hang the curtain on a shower rod or a rope.

This characteristic also makes them perfect when relocating or remodeling your bathroom. It eliminates the worry of getting a professional to take the door off the hinges and fit it properly.

In addition, you can set up your curtain or take it off as you see fit. Contrastingly, you will need more time and expertise when installing a shower door.

4. Design Flexibility

Placing a curtain in your shower instead of installing shower doors can change the vibe of the bathroom. Many homeowners go for curtains because they come in diverse colors, patterns, and designs- things you hardly get with shower doors.

Shower curtains (View on Amazon) fit multiple bathroom styles, including country, Rustic, Victorian, and Arts and Crafts styles. However, make sure the curtain you buy doesn’t mismatch your bathroom decor.

It should complement your restroom colors and integrate excellently with the accessories, including the light fittings and the mirror.

5. You Can Tuck It into the Side

Besides affordability, privacy, ease of installation, and design flexibility, shower curtains can give the impression of more space. Therefore, they come in handy for small bathrooms since all you have to do is drape them.

Tucking the curtain into the sides of the bathtub saves visual space, making your small bathroom appear spacious. A shower rod could increase the space of your showering area by a whopping 33%.

6. Easy to Clean

You will have an easy time cleaning shower curtains as opposed to shower doors. You can drop it in a washing machine and let the device do the magic.

7. More Accessible

Someone in your household with mobility challenges that need the aid of a walker or wheelchair will find it better to use a walk-in shower with a curtain rather than a door.

8. Easily Available

You can find shower curtains in several home improvement stores. Alternatively, you can find and order them online.

Walk-in shower curtain vs door

Disadvantages Of Shower Curtains

Despite the numerous benefits that come with shower curtains, they come with a set of drawbacks. They include:

1. May Tear and Rip

Delicate textiles, such as lace or linen, are prone to damage, so use caution while handling them. For this reason, avoid cleaning the fabric too vigorously, and don’t tug too firmly on it while opening or shutting the curtain.

Therefore, select a sturdy material for a shower curtain if you can’t be gentle on them.

2. Release Toxins

According to research done by the Virginia-based Center for Health, Environment, and Justice, countless PVC shower curtains purchased in major US stores emit organotins. These are hazardous elements that can impair one’s health.

Consequently, health experts recommend shower curtains made from bamboo, organic cotton, or hemp to curb exposure to toxins.

3. They Lower Your Home Value

Many homebuyers would choose a property with a master suite with a shower door instead of one with a curtain. With that in mind, ensure you fit a shower door before listing your house for sale.

4. Clings to the Skin

A shower curtain can stick to your skin after showering, which can be quite irritating, especially in a small bathroom. To avoid this, consider shower curtains with different fabrics, such as vinyl, which are less prone to stick to damp skin.

5. Prone to Mold and Mildew

Mold and mildew can thrive on curtains because of their constant exposure to water and heat. It is more pronounced near the bottom edge of the shower curtain.

Washing and drying the curtain frequently can keep mold and mildew at bay. Alternatively, you can employ a mold-resistant liner behind the shower curtain.

Weighted Shower Curtain for Walk-in Shower

Weighted shower curtains (View on Amazon) are a go-for option for homeowners who seek to prevent water from splashing from their walk-in showers. The curtains feature weights sewn at the bottom to keep them in place, protecting your restroom from shower spray, yet enabling your household to access the shower readily.

If you plan to buy a weighted shower curtain for your walk-in shower, get one made of bacteria-resistant fabric and one that is easy to clean.

Does A Walk-in Shower Need a Door?

A conventional walk-in shower is often built without a door. However, no stringent laws pertain to your restroom, meaning you can customize a walk-in shower to fit your preferences.

Luckily, this style offers a wide range of design options, but experts advise you to explore all your design options before constructing a walk-in shower.

Can you have a walk in shower without a door?

Can You Replace Shower Doors with a Curtain?

You can replace a shower door with a curtain, and the procedure is way easier than many homeowners think. Reasons like leakage and providing a conducive environment for mold could inform your decision to swap a shower door for a curtain.

Furthermore, a shower door could be a barrier when bathing your children. Fortunately, a shower curtain addresses these problems, and you can wash it easily and regularly, and as stated earlier, it also makes your bathroom look more spacious.

Therefore, don’t worry about leaving a few holes in the hole; it is worth the cost.

Is A Shower Door or Curtain Better?

The choice between a shower door and a shower curtain rests on personal preferences. However, making an informed judgement requires knowing the merits and demerits.

As discussed earlier, shower curtains are affordable, easy to install, and offer more privacy and accessibility, and many more. They, however, have a set of shortcomings like releasing toxins, clinging to your skin, tearing, and being prone to mold and mildew.

A shower door, on the other hand, is durable, easy to clean, and prevents water from splashing onto your bathroom floor. Sadly, it is expensive, takes up more space when opening and closing, and offers less privacy than a curtain.

Final Remarks on Walk-in Shower with Curtain Instead of Door

Having a curtain in a walk-in shower instead of a door has advantages and disadvantages, and this post has highlighted both scenarios. When determining which alternative is ideal for you, take into account your preferences in terms of budget, users, shower layout, and bathroom decor.

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