What Causes the Clicking Sound in Washing Machines? (+2 Easy Tips to Fix it)

Hearing the clicking or tapping sound as your washer does the laundry can get annoying. If you’re experiencing this maddening quirk, you may be wondering, Is the clicking sound in a washing machine normal? And if so, what causes the clicking sound in washing machines?

If you hear a clicking sound in your laundry machine, you should try to find the cause of it. Clicking sounds in your washer is not normal and may be caused by objects that have been left in pant pockets, bra wire rubbing against the side of the drum, or it could be a loose wire harness or chassis.

The good news is the clicking sound, in some cases, can be an easy fix even if you are not a technical person. Read on to find out what may cause clicking in the washing machine and what you can do to fix it.

Quick answer. Metallic objects such as coins, keys, and metal buckles grating along the metallic drum during the wash or spin cycle are probably one of the more likely causes of the clicking sound in your washing machine. Read on to find out what else can cause the clicking or tapping sound and what you should do to stop it.

What causes the clicking sound in washing machines?

What causes the clicking sound in washing machines?

There are a number of possible causes of the clicking sound in your washing machine. If you hear the washing machine making clicking noise during wash cycles, you may be worried about the cost of the possible solution.

Some may be more labor-intensive than others, with a few of them being completely benign. Read through this list to see if any of them apply to your situation.

Coins or clothes with metallic buckles rubbing against the drum

Some articles of clothing are made with metallic or plastic accessories and features, such as buttons, zippers, and buckles. These items can be the genesis of the clicking sound you’re hearing.

Another common cause of metallic clicking sounds in the laundry is items left in pant pockets. If you leave coins or other hard objects in the pockets of different articles of clothing, there is a strong chance they will wash out of the pockets and be tossed around the inside of the drum. Always remove any metallic objects from the laundry to avoid the “nuisance” clicking and possible wear to the washer drum.

what causes the clicking sound in washing machines

Bra wires rubbing against the drum as it rotates

Avoid washing bras with wires in the washer. The fabric on these bras can be punctured by the wire, which may then rub against the inside of your washer drum, causing damage and making a distinct clicking sound.

Should you find a wire missing as you remove the laundry, inspect the machine drum to remove it to prevent the noise and damage to subsequent loads of laundry

A loose wire harness or chassis

A loose wire harness or chassis from cracked or broken supports, as a result of wear and tear of the washer, can also cause the clicking sound. During the spinning cycle, the loose wire harness may make periodic connections with the broken support making a clicking or tapping sound.

There could also be a piece of plastic or metal that has broken off of the main system and could be vibrating or tapping the drum as it spins. A loose wire harness or chassis can cause your washer drum to become unbalanced, and it may lead to more severe damage to the appliance.

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Whichever of these three causes is taking place, it’s important to attempt to find the solution quickly. If the clicking noise is being caused by a loose wire harness or chassis, you’ll need to repair the issue immediately if you want to maintain the integrity of your machine.

what causes the clicking sound in washing machines

Tips for fixing a washing machine making a clicking sound

So you’ve discovered that the source of the clicking noise in your washer is more than just a loose button. If this is the case, you’ll want to take steps to repair the issue, or else you may need to replace the machine altogether.

First, you should check to see if it is still under warranty. If so, contact the supplier immediately. You could be entitled to a brand new washer if the damage was incurred during the warranty period.

Next, you’ll want to listen intently for clues to the likely source of the sound. You may have to move around the machine to locate where the sound is loudest.

Take note of when the clicking happens. Is it during the spin or drain cycles? This can provide clues to what’s causing the sound so that you fix it faster.

If you still can’t determine the source, disconnect the washer from the wall outlet and remove the top plug. Open the washer cover and spin the gently while listening for the clicking sound.

Use this time again to look out for any foreign objects in the drum. Use a flashlight to shine additional light if the inside of the drum is dark. This makes it easier to identify metallic objects that may be making the tapping noise. Remove any you find and test the washer again by rotating the drum while checking if the clicking or tapping has stopped.

If the sound persists and you have the skills to conduct repairs safely, you can remove the cover (make sure to follow the guidelines from the service manual). Looking inside the washer, you’ll want to check the wire harness to make sure everything is still secured and in position. Look for broken pieces or loose wiring that could be causing your issue.

Inspect the top, sides, and back of the drum for any signs of objects out of position, such as the wire harness or broken supports, that may be causing the clicking or tapping sound. Replacing a loose wire harness or chassis is a very complicated job, but for the purposes of getting rid of the tapping sound, it may be as simple as removing a loose piece. If you find the need to replace the entire harness, refer to the video below!

Essentially, there are two possible solutions to this problem: 1) You’re able to find a piece of metal or plastic that’s fallen inside the drum of the machine and remove it 2) You remove the exterior cover of the machine and either locate a loose piece of plastic or metal from this part of the washer or replace the wire harness entirely.

If you fail to identify the cause or are not comfortable troubleshooting this issue yourself, do not hesitate to contact a qualified washing machine technician for support.

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Final Thoughts

If the washing making is making a clicking sound during the spin or washing cycle, check for coins, keys, and metal buckles that may be knocking against the metallic drum during the spin cycle as a first step.

Other possible causes are stuck bra wires, corroded and displaced wire harnesses, or even a loose chassis!

If this is the case, do not hesitate to contact a qualified washing machine technician.

What Causes the washing machine clicking sounds?

If the washer makes a clicking sound when agitating, it could be that there are loose foreign objects in the laundry, such as coins, clips, or buckles that knock against the drum.

Why the washing machine may be making a tapping noise when spinning

The tapping sound could be caused by a loose wire harness or chassis. Sometimes, with frequent use, the various parts and pieces that make up the electronic system in a washer can become displaced, broken, or corroded. This may lead to the tapping sound you hear.

Why a Washing machine may not be Draining, and what’s with the washing machine noises?

Follow the washer manual for instructions on how to access the drain pump or its filter for foreign objects that may be jamming it and stopping it from draining completely. A failing pump may also be the reason the washer is not draining properly.

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