Water pump Sputtering? Try this

Is your RV water pump sputtering? Is the water flowing inconsistently?

If so, then this may be a source of frustration as the water does not flow as and when you need it.

There are several potential causes.

Perhaps a faulty pump or a damaged water line?

This post lists other possible causes of the pump sputter and what you may be able to do to fix it.

Why your Water Pump may be Sputtering (+ Possible Fixes)?

Your pump is likely sputtering because of an airlock in the system. Check for leaks in the water system. These are some of the areas you can check:

#1. Confirm that there is enough water in the tank. As simple as it may seem, confirm that there is enough water in the water tank.

Air may enter the water system if there isn’t enough water in the system.

Has the water tank been run low? Air may have seeped into the water system.

#2. Are the water line connections firmly closed? Loose fittings can let air into the water system.

Additionally, a crack in the piping or pump housing can let the air into the water system.

If your pump has a strainer on the pump head, inspect it and confirm that it is firmly fitted and has no cracks. Tighten or replace if cracked.

Other areas that may let air into the water system are:

  • Might the city water connection point where you connect the hose be letting in the air? Some RV owners suggest that the cone-shaped screen used to keep out debris should be pointing outwards.

If inwards, it might be letting in air. Consider connecting a plug to the city water connection point to keep out air. Run the pump and check if the sputtering clears.

  • Check for open valves that may be allowing air to enter the water system such as the valve that controls the flow of antifreeze during winterization of the water system.

#3. The pump may be faulty. The pump itself might have a fault. You can perform a quick test on the pump.

Connect it to a hose in a bucket of water. Does it prime properly and fill the water system?

If so then your pump works fine otherwise you may need to swap out the pump with another

How to Remove an Airlock in the Water system?

To remove any air that may be trapped in the water system, open the faucets, and the shower or flush the toilet to bleed any air that may be trapped in the water system.

Check if the sputtering clears. If this does not work, you can try the following steps.

1. You can release the air in the line by disconnecting the outlet line for a few seconds to release any water that may be in the line.

2. Wait until the water resumes flowing from the disconnected pump outlet again (after the air has been released).

3. Next, switch off the pump so that you can easily and firmly reconnect the water line to the pump’s outlet without spraying water everywhere.

4. Switch on the pump again. You may have to move to each of the faucets, turning them on for a few seconds to release any air that may be in the line.

5. Turn them off once the water starts flowing steadily.

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Why your Water Pump Sputtering on Turning Off the Faucet Before Turning Off?

This can also be caused by the presence of an airlock in the system which makes the pump run for a while longer until the airlocks are filled out.

This airlock may be caused by any of the above reasons.

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Final Thoughts

If your RV’s water pump is sputtering it may be because of an airlock. The airlock may be because there is not enough water in the tank.

Other possible causes of airlocks are loose plumbing fittings, open faucets in the water system, or even a faulty pump.

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