What Electrical Connection to Use for your Mini fridge?

If you have a mini fridge in your cabin, RV, or elsewhere and need to keep it running reliably and safely, then you need to ensure that you meet the recommended requirements for its electrical connection – what amp circuit to use, whether to use a shared or dedicated circuit and others.

The purpose of this post is to provide you with the key electrical connection information that can get you started using your mini fridge reliably and safely.

Note: Always consult your mini fridge manual

Shared or Dedicated Circuit for your Mini fridge?

The amp draw by a mini fridge is low, sometimes under 1 amp AC unlike that of the larger domestic fridges. Therefore it does not require a dedicated electrical circuit to operate reliably.

Power Consumption (watts) of a Mini Fridge

The power consumption of the mini fridge can vary from model to model therefore it is best to always consult the mini fridge’s owner manual for accurate power consumption data.

As an example, the power consumption of a selected model of a 7.5 cu.ft mini fridge is about 100 watts at 115V.

15-amp or 20-amp Electrical circuit for a Mini fridge?

At this rated power consumption, its amp draw is about 1 amp AC or about 8 amps DC. It can be connected to a 15-amp or 20-amp circuit.

Does a Mini fridge Require a GFCI Outlet?

A GFCI outlet will likely not be required for a mini fridge unless it is connected to a countertop acceptable in the kitchen.

Check the local codes for your area or consult a qualified electrician to confirm this.

Can it Be Plugged into a Regular Outlet?

Yes, it can be plugged into a standard, 3-prong, grounded wall outlet. It does not need to be a dedicated electrical circuit.

Closing Thoughts

Mini fridges need not be plugged into a dedicated circuit. Their amp draw is low, sometimes as low as 1 amp, and can therefore be connected to a shared circuit with a regular outlet.

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