Why a Microwave may Heat up when not in Use

Picture this, you wake up one morning to warm up some food in the microwave only to find the microwave interior walls and glass plate warm to the touch.

It’s like it was being used to cook a meal only that you have not used it.

Is it even possible? And if so what’s going on?

This post lists the possible causes and checks you can do should you find the microwave interior warm even when you’ve not been using it.

Is this Normal?

This is not at all for a microwave to warm up on its own. The microwave should only heat when a cooking program has been selected and the start button pressed.

3 Reasons and Checks you can Do

#1. Perhaps someone has just used the microwave

Confirm that no one has been using the microwave. It is possible that it is hot because someone has been using it and still has some residual heat in the interior.

#2. There is a nearby heat source that is heating up the microwave walls. Perhaps there is another appliance in close proximity to the microwave.

Inspect the microwave surrounding while looking out for any potential heat sources.

#3. Microwave is faulty

The microwave might be faulty. Switch it off at the outlet or breaker. Contact a qualified electrician to check it out.

Closing Thoughts

It is not normal for a microwave to become hot when not in use. Should you find the microwave hot, confirm that it’s not been in use recently.

If not used recently, it may be faulty, and therefore get a qualified technician to inspect and advise on whether to fix or replace it.

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