Why Your Dishwasher won’t Stop Running and Tips to Fix It

While for the most part a dishwasher may work flawlessly, there might be a time when the dishwasher gets stuck in a cycle and continues running unable t respond to either the STOP or CANCEL buttons which ideally should be able to stop its operation.

What do you do in this case besides pulling the plug or keeping the door open?

This post explains why your dishwasher may be running nonstop and what you may be able to do to fix it.

Note: The reasons and suggested fixes can vary from one dishwasher make and model to another.

While the suggestions below may apply to your particular model of dishwasher, always consult your dishwasher’s manual.

Why Causes the Dishwasher not to Stop

Here are some of the more common reasons why a dishwasher may run nonstop that may apply to your dishwasher model.

It is best to work through them in the order listed as the investment cost required increases as you move down the list.

#1. The dishwasher may not be able to heat the water to the set temperature and therefore continues running as it waits for the temperature buildup.

This may be because the heating element, control board, or temperature sensor is faulty.

A faulty heating element will usually display an open circuit measurement when measured with a multimeter set to measure continuity.

Inspect the control board for any loose or dry joints where the heating element terminals connect.

There are cases, where loose dry joints affect the heating element’s ability to heat water to the desired temperature which then leads to the dishwasher running nonstop.

#2. The freshwater inlet valve is faulty and does not let sufficient water into the dishwasher. The dishwasher cycle is then extended as it waits for the water level to fill to the desired level.

Replace the faulty inlet valve with a recommended part.

#3. The control board may be faulty and unresponsive affecting the dishwasher’s ability to continue or end the cycle as expected.

If the dishwasher control board is confirmed faulty, replace the control board with another for your dishwasher.

Always compare the costs of a new board plus labor against purchasing a new dishwasher that comes with a warranty.

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Why Dishwasher Runs for So Long?

If your dishwasher cycle is longer than usual, it may be because the heating element is faulty- the dishwasher, therefore, waits indefinitely for it to heat water to the desired temperature which never happens.

Or, the inlet valve is faulty and the dishwasher waits for the water to fill to the required level which takes a long time since the water is only trickling in or the control board is faulty.

Closing Thoughts

If the dishwasher runs nonstop, it may be because there is a fault with the dishwasher heating element, a fault with the inlet valve, or with the control board that’s responsible for controlling the function of the dishwasher.

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