Why your Microwave Keeps Running after Timer Stops? What to Do

Though not common, a malfunctioning microwave may continue running even when the timer stops (and you hear the beep) with the available option of switching it off to switch off its power supply or opening the door.

What causes this and what can you do to stop it?

Read on to find out about the likely reasons and what you can do to fix it.

What Causes the Microwave to Continue Running?

In some cases, the microwave fan may continue running for a few seconds at the end of the timer run to cool down the microwave.

If however, the microwave continues running with the light on, the fan running too and the plate spinning yet the timer has stopped then this points to a fault and is not normal.

It may be that the control board is faulty and needs to be replaced. Is the microwave still under warranty?

If so, contact the manufacturer. Otherwise, get in touch with a qualified technician to support you.

Always compare the costs of the replacement board and labor against buying a new microwave before making a decision on repairing it.

Is it Worth Saving?

In my opinion, if the microwave is no longer under warranty, it’s better you buy a new one.

The costs of fixing it may be comparable to the cost of a new one and even then there is no guarantee as to how long the repaired microwave will last.

What Happens

When the microwave continues running, the timer will usually stop (beeping is heard) but the light stays on, and the fan continues running too with the glass plate spinning.

To stop the microwave, you’ll need to switch off the wall outlet or breaker or open the door as pressing the stop/cancel button does not stop the microwave.

Closing Thoughts

If the microwave fan continues running for a few minutes before stopping, this is normal and is designed to cool down the microwave components.

If however cooking continues then it is a fault. This is probably an issue with the control board that requires replacement.

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