Why your RV Water pump may be making a Clicking Sound? Try this

Does your RV’s water pump make that ticking or clicking sound even when the faucets are turned off?

This can happen with a newly installed pump or even when the pump has been in use for some time.

This post lists the common causes of the clicking or ticking sound in the water pump and how you may be able to fix them.

Note: Do not hesitate to contact the RV pump supplier for assistance.

What Causes the Clicking Sound in the Pump?

A clicking or ticking sound in the pump is usually a sign that there is a leak in the pump or beyond that causes the pump to cycle on (when the pressure drops) only to go off (after the pressure has built up again. This process can be repeated over and over hence the click – click – click sound you hear from the pump!

You can find more information here on why the pump keeps clicking.

What Causes the RV Water Pump to Make a Clicking Sound

The clicking or ticking sound is usually caused by the pump cycling on and off repeatedly because of a leak in the plumbing system. Here are some of the places you can check for leaks:

1. Leaking faucet. Inspect the faucets in the RV, checking for a leaking one. A leak or dripping from one or several can lead to the cycling of water pressure which in turn causes the clicking sound!

2. The pressure switch is not set right or is faulty. Consult the water pump manual, make the recommended adjustments, and check if this stops the clicking sound.

Could there be a blockage in the pressure switch that occasionally restricts the flow of water? Perhaps the pressure switch is faulty and needs to be replaced?

3. Check for any leaks along the piping leading to and from the water pump. Stop these leaks, you may have to tighten the pipe connectors to do so. A leak along the piping can cause a clicking sound.

4. Check the valve where you make a connection to the city water supply is not closed firmly or faulty. Shut the check valve firmly and check if this stops the clicking sound. If faulty, you may need to replace it to stop the clicking sound!

Is it Normal?

No, you shouldn’t have a clicking sound – it is not normal even though the pump may be able to work. You can find out more here on the possible causes. Find out here how you may be able to fix it.

Tips to Stop the Clicking Sound in RV Pumps

1. You may be able to fix the clicking sound by fixing water leaks if any. Check the entire plumbing system for water leaks.

Are there any faucets that may be dripping, perhaps an outside shower?

Water is continuously flowing down the toilet bowl?

A leak in the water system can result in a pressure drop that then triggers the repeated cycling on and off of the pump and the clicking sound.

Install a pressure gauge in the water line after the pump if there’s none installed. Use it to check if there is repeated pressure drop and buildup in the water line.

2. Check for loose wire connections at the pressure switch or a malfunctioning pressure switch or loose connections. Open the pump wire terminals to check if the wire connections to the pressure switch are firm and make good clean contact with the switch terminals.

Tighten any loose wire connections and check if this stops the clicking sound.

3. There’s a buildup of dirt or sediment in the pump. A buildup of dirt in the pump can also cause pressure drops that start the cyclic clicking of the pressure switch.

Inspect the pump filters and remove any buildup of dirt. Monitor the pump’s performance to check if this clears the clicking noise.

Check for an airlock in the water line. It can also cause a clicking sound. Your water system may have an airlock if the pump is running continuously and in some cases hot as well even with no water flow.

Consult the pump’s manual on how you can release an airlock. The steps outlined below may be of help too.

How to Release an airlock in an RV pump

1. You can release the air in the line by disconnecting the outlet line for a few seconds to release any water that may be in the line.

2. Wait until the water resumes flowing from the disconnected pump outlet again (after the air has been released).

3. Next, switch off the pump so that you can easily and firmly reconnect the water line to the pump’s outlet without spraying water everywhere.

4. Switch on the pump again. You may have to move to each of the faucets, turning them on for a few seconds to release any air that may be in the line.

5. Turn them off once the water starts flowing steadily.

Closing Thoughts

A leak in the water line can cause a clicking sound in an RV pump. The leak can be before, within the pump, or after the pump.

You’ll usually be able to fix the clicking sound by stopping water leaks if any. Also, check the water filters also as they be clogged with dirt and causing pressure drops as well.

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