Why Does My Washing Machine Keep Turning Itself Off? (5 Causes and Fixes)

Wondering why a washing machine powers down immediately or turns itself off after a few seconds after starting a washing cycle?

Service callouts can be expensive and even then it may take a couple of days before you get a technician over.

Fortunately, in some cases, the solution might be easier than you think!

This post outlines common reasons why your washer may turn itself off and suggests fixes too to hopefully save you some time and money that you’d otherwise spend on a call-out.

Note: Working with electrical appliances can be dangerous. Do not attempt to do so if you do not have the skills to safely do so.

Contact a qualified technician for assistance.

Why a Washing Machine Turns itself Off (+ Suggested Fixes)

If your washer turns itself off after a few seconds or immediately after switching it on, it may be because:

1. There’s a power outage at the utility or a loosely fitted washer plug

before you assume that there’s a fault, check and confirm that the washer plug is firmly plugged into the wall receptacle and that there’s no tripped breaker or power outage affecting your home.

Switch on other household appliances – lights, microwave to check that you’re receiving power from the utility company.

2. The wall receptacle may be faulty

Plug any other appliance such as a portable AC fan or a study lamp to check if the outlet works with the appliance.

3. The washer plug and power cable may be damaged

Does either the washer plug or power cable have any signs of damage, perhaps a cut, or exposed wires that may be affecting the flow of power from the wall outlet to the washer?

Are there any burn marks on the washer plug or power cable?

Replace the cable with another of the recommended gauge (type) and check if the washer works if there damaged.

Plug the washer directly into a wall outlet and avoid using an adapter or an extension cord.

An adapter or extension cord may not hold the plug firmly leading to a loose connection that causes the washer to go off.

4. Breaker connecting to the washer’s electric circuit is tripped

Another possible cause of the washer powering down is if the washer is connected to a shared circuit with another appliance whose combined power draw when running causes the breaker to trip.

Is the washer connected to an electric circuit with the amperage recommended by the manufacturer?

Is it a dedicated circuit?

Either of these can cause the washer to power down.

Do not hesitate to contact the washing machine manufacturer or a qualified technician for support.

5. The washing machine is faulty

Contact a qualified technician or the washing machine manufacturer for support.

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Why a Washing Machine Keeps Turning Off Mid-cycle?

The washing machine stops mid-cycle, there’s usually a condition that requires your intervention.


  • The laundry is unbalanced and needs to be evened out
  • Or the water flowing into the washer is low, because of low water pressure, taking longer than usual
  • The drain pump is taking a long to empty the water
  • Check the washer display for any error messages that’ll give a clue as to what the issue is.

Check if any of the above may be an issue. Contact the manufacturer or a qualified technician for assistance.

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Related Questions

Do Washing machines Turn off Automatically?

Most if not all modern washers turn themselves off at the end of the cycle without the owner having to turn them off.

The display usually goes off followed by a chime or beep alerting you of the end of the cycle.

Final Word

If our washer starts and then switches off after a few seconds or immediately, check if the washer is receiving power.

It is possible that there is an outage, a tripped breaker, a loose plug, or a damaged power cord.

Do not rule out a faulty washing machine.

Do not hesitate to contact the washing machine manufacturer or a qualified technician for support.

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