Is Your Microwave Display Blank? (6 Easy Fixes)

Is your microwave display blank? Perhaps you notice the microwave itself is running, but the actual display is not showing anything. If you’re facing this problem, you’ll want to read the rest of this article, where we detail 6 easy fixes for a blank microwave display.

If your microwave display is blank, the following fixes may provide a solution to your problem:

  1. Check to make sure your microwave is receiving full power at the outlet
  2. Make sure the display isn’t turned off by some kind of inbuilt setting
  3. Ensure the microwave hasn’t engaged a power save feature
  4. Inspect the main power cable for damage
  5. Check to see if the internal fuse is blown
  6. Determine whether the main display board has been damaged

Keep reading below to learn more about your malfunctioning microwave display. If you find your microwave display blank, the following steps can be extremely helpful.

is your microwave display blank

Is your microwave display blank? (6 Reasons Why that may be the case)

There are several reasons why your microwave screen may be blank. Let’s take a look at these reasons starting with the simplest fix.

Some of these may appear obvious, but working through them can save you a lot of time!

Your microwave may not be receiving power at the outlet

Confirm that the microwave outlet has full power. Is the circuit breaker on, or has it tripped? It’s possible that there could be an issue with your electricity provider if the microwave and other appliances are operational but aren’t able to utilize their full wattage or don’t offer other electrical features that they normally offer.

If the breaker is off, the microwave will not receive power, and the display will be off. Check whether other outlets on the circuit work.

You can confirm this by plugging another appliance into the outlet, such as an electric kettle, and checking if it works. If not, you likely have an issue with the circuit. Check your breaker box to see if the circuit has tripped. Some microwaves may require a GFCI outlet.

microwave display blank

The display may be turned off by an inbuilt setting

Check the microwave’s owner manual if the display is turned off. On most microwaves, you can turn On or Off the display by toggling the display On/OFF button.

When the display is turned off, the microwave will usually continue to work as normal, except the screen is blank.

The display will usually come on when the microwave door is opened, one of the control buttons is pressed, or it is turned on again. If this is the case, it could be a simple fix to your microwave display problems!

The microwave might have the power save feature activated

Some microwave ovens come with a built-in power save feature. When engaged, the microwave display goes off to minimize power drawn by the microwave when in standby mode.

Check the owner manual if this is the reason to see if you particular make and model offers this power save feature. If so, this could be the reason your microwave display is blank.

Inspect the microwave power cable for damage

If there is a cut or a break in the cable coating or burn marks along the cable length, you can infer damage to the power cable, which may interrupt power flow to the microwave and stop the microwave from working.

It’s possible that this could even interrupt power, but not completely shut off the device, which would be the case if the appliance is still working even with the microwave display blank.

You’ll need to replace the power cable with another of the same type. If the cable is inbuilt and difficult to replace, you may simply need to purchase another microwave. Due to the inexpensive nature of this appliance, in many cases in may be more cost-effective to purchase a new one entirely.

The internal fuse may have blown

If there is power at the wall outlet but the microwave display remains off (and the microwave does not work), then the internal microwave fuse may have blown.

You can purchase microwave fuses at most home improvement/appliance stores or online from retailers like Just make sure you purchase the proper fuse. Once you receive the new fuse, simply locate the malfunctioning one in your microwave oven. Remove it, and install the new one.

Buying a new microwave oven with a warranty may be a better option for you in some cases.

The microwave display board or main board may be damaged

It could be that an accidental short or circuit board component failure that is affecting the display. If this is the case, the fix could be quite complicated. Because of the centrality of these devices, removing the faulty board and connecting a new one is quite a technical job. It can also get quite expensive.

In most cases, if you’ve eliminated all other options and determine this is the issue, it will be more cost-effective to simply purchase a new microwave oven.

Final Word

So is your microwave display blank? If so, it may be because of a setting that needs to be engaged or a fault with the display board or main board.

Check that its display has not been turned off or the power save function engaged.

If it is not either of these, then it might be a fault with the display or main board.

Purchasing a new microwave oven may be your best move in some cases.

whirlpool microwave display missing segments

If your whirlpool microwave display is missing letters and digits, it could be an issue with your display board. This is a complicated fix and in some cases it may be better to simply purchase a new microwave.

how to fix digital display on microwave

This depends on what’s causing the problem. It could be something as simple as changing a setting, or it could require replacing the display board.

microwave display is on but not working

If you microwave display is on but the microwave oven isn’t working, you may have a blown fuse in your microwave. Purchase a replacement fuse and install it. Then test the microwave to see if it works.

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