Mini-Fridge Leaking Water (5 Quick & Easy Fixes)

Is your mini-fridge leaking water? If so, we’ve got 5 quick fixes that will have your floors dry and your mini-fridge operational in no time!

If you notice your mini-fridge leaking water, try the following five solutions:

  1. Reconnect the power source
  2. Ensure the door is properly sealed and shut
  3. Make sure no fluids are leaking from inside the mini-fridge
  4. Unclog the drain pipe
  5. Check the ice maker’s water supply line or any other water connection

Always confirm if the water on the floor is from the fridge! There are instances, especially in an RV, where the leak might be from a loosely fitted supply or drain pipe.

Check if there are other water supply sources near the fridge that may be responsible for the leak.

Read on below to learn everything you need to know about your leaky mini-fridge and how to fix it!

mini-fridge leaking water

Is your mini-fridge leaking water? (5 Quick & Easy Fixes)

There are several reasons why your mini-fridge might be leaking water. Check out the list below to read about 5 potential causes and their fixes. Then compare your own situation with the scenarios below to determine which course of action might best fit your leak!

Power Supply Disconnected

Has the fridge power supply been switched off, is it disconnected, or has there been a power outage?

If so, then the ice in the freezer will melt over time, and the water may drip to form a puddle on the fridge floor.

What you can do: Restore the power supply to the fridge, and once the fridge has run continuously for several hours, the water leaks should stop. You may have to monitor it over several days.

Door improperly sealed or shut

If you notice your mini-fridge leaking water, it could have to do with an improperly sealed or shut door. If the door to the mini-fridge isn’t fully shut, or if the rubber seal has deteriorated, the frozen contents of your mini-fridge may thaw. This can also create a leak, as the ice melt forms a puddle on the floor.

What you can do: Close that fridge door firmly and check if the fridge still leaks over several days.

Also, check the door seal to ensure that it firmly closes and that there are no gaps.

If you notice the rubber sealing has deteriorated, you may need to purchase and install a new seal for your fridge. Watch the video below to learn how to install a new rubber seal.

fluids leaking from inside the mini-fridge

Though it may seem simple, it’s always important to check the contents of the fridge before getting too far in this process. It’s possible there are liquids leaking from their bottles or packaging inside the fridge. This may give the impression that there is a fault with the fridge when in reality, you just put a leaky water bottle inside!

What you can do: Locate the leaky object(s) within the fridge and remove them. Then wipe up the puddles that have been created on the floor.

Clogged drain pipe

If the drain pipe is clogged, then water from the defrost will overflow and pool at the bottom of the fridge and possibly onto the floor. This is a common cause of leaks in all types of refrigerators. The drain pipe carries the water from the inside of the fridge to the back, where it is heated and turned into water vapor.

If you own a fridge or mini-fridge, it would be prudent to clean out the drain pipe every 6 months to ensure this doesn’t create leaks in the future.

What you can do: You can use a straw or a drain snake to poke around the hole to loosen any dirt that may have built up and blocked the tube. Take care not to damage the fridge surfaces.

Leaky ice maker or water supply line

Does your mini-fridge have an ice maker or some sort of water supply line? If so, Inspect the line and make sure that there is no damage or loose fitting. This is perhaps the most common cause of leaky refrigerators.

When a water supply line leaks, the leak could go undetected for days or even weeks. Be sure to check this line from time to time to avoid this situation.

What you can do: You should always turn off the water supply before attempting to do any repairs. Once the water is off, check the hose to see if there are any punctures or holes. If you find some, you’ll need to purchase and install a new water supply hose. These can typically be found online or at your local convenience store.

If you don’t notice any holes, then you should check the point at which the hose connects to the mini-fridge. Make sure the connection is tight.

What are the consequences of a leaky mini-fridge?

Leaking water in the fridge is both an inconvenience and can lead to some serious water rot and mold problems in your home. If the leak goes undiscovered for some time, it can cause the floor to rot beneath the fridge.

The damp environment can also lead to an infestation of black mold.

Sometimes, a mini-fridge leaking water can also be a sign that the mini-fridge is on its last leg. For example, if the door seals are damaged or the lining has deteriorated, it may be time for a new appliance.

Closing Thoughts

If you notice your mini-fridge leaking water, don’t panic. The fix might be easier than you think. In fact, it is better if you start by checking and eliminating the common causes of water leaking.

This can be as straightforward as a power outage affecting the power supply to the fridge to a blocked drain pipe or a misaligned/damaged door seal.

What to do when mini fridge leaking water?

Check these five areas if your mini-fridge is leaking water:
1. Reconnect the power source
2. Ensure the door is properly sealed and shut
3. Make sure no fluids are leaking from inside the mini-fridge
4. Unclog the drain pipe
5. Check the ice maker’s water supply line or any other water connection

why is my fridge leaking water inside

It could be due to a liquid that you’re storing inside the fridge itself. Check all bottles and receptacles to make sure they aren’t the source of the leak.

how to fix leaking mini fridge

It depends on the cause of the leak. Check the power source, the door seal, the drain pipe, and the water supply line to identify the source.

fridge leaking water from bottom

This could be due to a clogged drain pipe. The drain pipe carries defrost water out of the fridge. Use a drain snake to unclog the drain then see if you still observe leaking.

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