Why your Dishwasher may be Making a Clicking Sound (+ 3 Fixes)

Does your dishwasher click every time it runs? Don’t worry, we can help you figure out what’s wrong.

Thankfully, dishwasher clicking is almost always fixable. Some dishwashers click no matter what. Worst case scenario, you need to get a replacement part. But dishwasher clicking does not mean you will need a new dishwasher.

Read on to learn all about why your dishwasher may be making a clicking sound!

Why your dishwasher may be making a clicking sound

Is it normal for dishwashers to click?

Don’t panic!

Some types of clicking are normal for dishwashers. Some brands and models of dishwashers use specific electronic control systems that make a clicking sound as the dishwasher switches from one program to another.

Likewise, it’s common for the spray arms to be slightly off balance- creating a clicking sound every rotation. This won’t affect the efficiency of your dishwasher and doesn’t require attention.

Now let’s talk about when the clicking may be an issue.

When is dishwasher clicking a problem?

What if your dishwasher clicking doesn’t seem normal?

Your dishwasher clicking may be a problem if the clicking is a new occurrence, hasn’t happened before in the history of the dishwasher, or it just sounds unusual. Clicking out of nowhere, or loud clicking, are usually bad signs.

If your dishwasher has always had a faint clicking noise, it probably isn’t a problem.

But if a new noise pops up or the clicking gets worse, it’s time to dig a little deeper and fix your dishwasher from making clicking noises.

A closed, white dishwasher in a kitchen with white drawers and tile.

Why your dishwasher may be making a clicking sound

Let’s explore some reasons why your dishwasher may be making a clicking sound.

Causes for clicking noises in a dishwasher include: dishes hanging too low, chopper blade needs a replacement, food is bouncing around, and diverter motor needs a replacement.

Each of these reasons has distinguishable characteristics and although it may take some trial and error, ultimately it shouldn’t be too hard to figure out what’s wrong and fix it ASAP!

Dishes hanging too low

Your very first reaction when your dishwasher is making clicking noises while running should be to check if you have any dishes that are hanging too low.

Dishes or silverware that are falling through their racks can get hit by the sprayer arms and create a clicking noise.

This is the easiest problem to fix- and preferably the problem you’re running into!

How to fix it

First, check for any dishes that are obviously hanging too low.

If you can’t spot anything, try rotating the sprayer arms to see if they hit any dishes during the rotation.

Finally, rearrange the dishes so they’re sitting nicely and aren’t disrupting your dishwasher’s functioning!

Chopper blade needs a replacement

The chopper blade does exactly what you’d think it would- chopping!

You know all the bits of food that you (admittedly) don’t always rinse off your dishes before you put them in the dishwasher?

The chopper blade chops the food up into tiny bits so it can be processed by the dishwasher instead of clogging it up and smelling.

How to fix it

Call a professional to replace your chopper blade.

Food is bouncing around

Sometimes extra bits of food will bounce around and make a clicking noise before they reach the chopper blade. In addition, some food is too tough or large for the chopper blade to handle.

How to fix it

Check your dishwasher for any bits of food that the chopper blade missed.

If there’s a lot of food floating around or it seems like food that the chopper blade should have been able to handle, that’s a huge indicator that the chopper blade may be to blame.

Call a professional to replace your chopper blade.

Diverter motor needs a replacement

The diverter motor is responsible for the water flow coming out of the spray arms of your dishwasher.

One hint that your diverter motor needs a replacement is if your dishes aren’t getting sufficiently cleaned. This could mean that the motor isn’t doing its job, hence your dishes not getting sprayed with enough water.

If your dishwasher is clicking and your dishes aren’t getting cleaned, your diverter motor is likely the culprit!

How to fix it

Call a professional to replace your diverter motor.

Why is my dishwasher clicking even though it’s off?

Sometimes dishwashers click even though they’re off, which can be even more confusing!

One reason your dishwasher may be clicking even though it’s off is if the door hasn’t fully locked. Dishwashers will continuously click to try to lock the door if it’s not closed all the way, even if they’re off.

Open and close your dishwasher door to see if that does the trick.

A full dishwasher half open, viewed from above along with a light wooden counter top and silver fridge.

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