Can You Put a Glass Bowl in an Air Fryer? (6 Alternatives)

Air fryer-safe cookware is essential these days, considering how popular air fryers have become. Glass bowls and other alternatives get the green light for air fryer cooking. Can you put a glass bowl in an air fryer, and how can you check if it’s safe?

You can put a glass bowl in an air fryer if the bowl is labeled oven-safe. Check the bowl for the oven-safe symbol: an oven with three wavy vertical lines. Don’t put cold or frozen glass bowls in the air fryer. Glass bowl alternatives include steel or ceramic bowls, silicone molds, metal wire racks, parchment paper, or no bowl.

We’ll discuss glass bowl alternatives and how to properly and safely use a glass bowl in an air fryer.

Is it safe to use a glass bowl in an air fryer?

One of the golden rules for using a glass bowl in an air fryer is that it must be oven-safe. What containers can you use in an air fryer?

As a general rule, using a glass bowl in an air fryer is safe if it is labeled air fryer-safe. Tempered glass bowls can withstand high temperatures and be used in an air fryer. These bowls are labeled as oven and air fryer-safe.

If the glass bowl is not oven-safe, it is not air fryer-safe.

Do not put a cold or frozen glass bowl into an air fryer. The sudden temperature change can cause the glass to crack or shatter. Allow frozen cookware enough time to thaw before you use them in the air fryer.

You can put frozen food in the air fryer, but make sure the bowl is around room temperature.

It’s essential to pre-heat your glass bowl before putting it in the air fryer, and the best way to do this is by putting it in mildly hot water. This helps enhance the safety of the bowl.

It’s important to note that the temperature in the air fryer rises quickly. Non-tempered glass bowls cannot withstand rapid temperature changes. As a result, the bowl will either crack or explode.

Always confirm whether the glass bowl is oven-safe before putting it into the air fryer.

How to check if your glass cookware is air fryer safe

Manufacturers make it easy on us to check if our glassware is air fryer safe. You can take a quick peek at the bottom of your glass bowl or dish to see if you can use it in the air fryer.

In general, you can check if your glass cookware is air fryer safe by locating the oven-safe symbol, usually on the bottom of your bowl, plate, or dish. The symbol includes an oven, usually with three vertical wavy lines. If your cookware has this symbol on it, then it’s air fryer safe.

Oven-safe cookware is safe for the air fryer.

Not all glass is safe for air fryer use. Only tempered glass should be used in the air fryer. Anneal glass, or soda-lime glass, is not air fryer safe.

Can you put a glass bowl in an air fryer?

What is my glass bowl made of?

Glass bowls and cookware are generally made of two primary types of glass; borosilicate (tempered) and annealed. What is your glass bowl made of, and which one works in an air fryer?

There are different types of glass bowls. Oven and air fryer-safe glass bowls are made from borosilicate, or tempered, glass designed to resist thermal shock. Pyrex bowls are made of tempered glass and are the most popular option for air fryer cooking. Soda-lime glass is not heat-resistant.

Soda-lime is a bit inexpensive. Though not all, many of the Pyrex bowl models in the market are freezer and oven safe and are labeled as such. However, this does not make them completely thermal shock-proof.

When using these bowls, it’s important not to heat or cool them rapidly as this causes the different parts of the glass bowl to contract or expand to some extent resulting in stress. Extreme stress can cause the bowl to shatter.   

To avoid this kind of scenario, always watch out and prevent a rapid change in temperature on Pyrex

How do you keep the glass from breaking in the air fryer?

Even oven-safe glass can become hazardous in the air fryer if you’re not careful. A few things should be considered and adhered to use your glass bowls safely.

Here are some of the precautions you should consider:

Only use oven-safe or tempered glass

Your regular serving glass bowls or drinking glasses are not designed for use in the oven. Slight exposure to heat and hot items will lead to their shattering. As such, only use oven-safe and tempered glass items in your air fryer.

Avoid sudden temperature adjustments

Even the strongest glasses will break in the face of sudden temperature changes. If you remove your glass bowl from the freezer and directly into an air fryer, the results will be breakage.

Once you remove your leftovers from the freezer, give your bowl some time to adjust to the outside temperatures. Only put the glass bowl into the air fryer at the lowest possible temperature once it’s reached room temperature. 

Check your glass bowl for cracks or damage

A glass with some damage will still shatter when put in the air fryer, even if it’s oven safe. Always confirm that your glass does not have some small cracks, color changes, or unevenness on the surface.

If you see any of these, avoid putting the drinking glass or glass bowl in the air fryer, as these indicate weakness.

You can always invest in an oven-safe glass bowl to heat your food in an air fryer without stress.

Avoid too high of temperatures

Temperatures above 450°F can harm your glass bowls, resulting in breakage. Oven-safe glass is designed to work within a range of 350-450°F. Read the labels keenly to know the limits.

If a glass bowl is designed to handle 350°F, never increase the temperatures beyond this. When exposed to high temperatures, the glass starts cracking and losing shape, possibly leading to a glass explosion.

A thermometer with dry land in the background depicts extremely high temperatures.

What can you not put in an air fryer?

There are several things you shouldn’t put or even cook in an air fryer. For example, anything susceptible to melting should not be placed in an air fryer.

Avoid putting plastic utensils or bowls in an air fryer, as these are not designed to withstand high temperatures. The plastic will melt or catch fire. Only cook foods such as cheese, broccoli, and leafy greens at low temperatures inside the air fryer.

Because air fryers work like an oven, you can put most things that you would put in an oven in the air fryer. This generally goes for food and cookware.

An assortment of plastic bowls with a red X overtop of them.

6 alternatives to a glass bowl in the air fryer

There are other options if you don’t have an air fryer-safe glass bowl. Just make sure your alternative is labeled oven and air-fryer safe. Here are five glass bowl alternatives that you can use in your air fryer.

  • Steel bowl or pan
  • Ceramic bowl
  • Silicone molds
  • Metal wire rack
  • Perforated parchment paper
  • No bowl at all

Steel bowl or pan

A steel bowl will work perfectly in an air fryer. Metal can withstand temperatures up to around 500°F – much higher than what your air fryer will get to. They’re also easy to fit into the tray, and you probably already have some in the kitchen anyway.

Ceramic bowl

Can you put a ceramic bowl in an air fryer? Yes! Ceramic bowls are another great alternative to glass bowls for the air fryer. Ensure the ceramic bowl is oven and air fryer-safe before you use it. Don’t use chipped or damaged ceramic bowls in the air fryer, as these can crack more or shatter under intense heat.

Silicone molds

Silicone molds are a tried and true kitchen cookware favorite. They make baking easy and are air fryer friendly. Find one that fits into your air fryer and make yourself a batch of homemade treats. Silicone molds can only withstand up to 425°F.

Metal wire rack

Metal wire racks are the perfect glass bowl alternative for the air fryer. They add significant air circulation for even cooking and can replace the bottom air fryer tray if you need more room. Use it without the fryer tray or with it for increased airflow.

Four bagels on a metal wire rack.

Perforated parchment paper

Perforated parchment paper works in the air fryer. It makes cleanup a breeze, too. The holes in the parchment paper add airflow and promote thorough cooking. Avoid using regular parchment paper if possible to ensure there’s enough airflow.

No bowl at all

If you’re cooking something like chicken tenders or reheating a slice of pizza, you don’t need a bowl in the first place. Ensure the tray is placed inside the air fryer for it to work properly, and put your food directly inside. Use a bowl or plate if you’re cooking with sauce, excess cheese, or anything liable to get messy.

Summary of Can you put a glass bowl in the air fryer

Understanding how air fryers work is critical to the correct usage and maximization of their benefits. An air fryer is a convection oven and is very strong. It works by circulating hot air within the basket, heating or cooking food within minutes.

Only put oven and air fryer-safe glass bowls in your air fryer. Check for the oven-safe symbol on your cookware before using it. If you don’t have a glass bowl, use steel or ceramic—silicone molds, wire racks, parchment paper, and no bowl work too.

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