Does Running The Fan On My Air Conditioner Use A Lot Of Electricity?

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Your main reason for buying an AC is to have favorable temperatures indoors regardless of the outdoor temperature. You can have your AC run continuously or have it on when you are home, then switch it off while out. However, the AC consumes a lot of power when left to run the whole day, making you pay high electricity bills.

But does running the fan on my air conditioner use a lot of electricity? Most people opt to use the fan mode to help get the preferred temperature and reduce the electricity bills. Remember, when you put your air conditioner in fan mode, the compressor will go off. This means your fan will be working, but the AC’s compressor will be off.

Read on to learn more about this.

Does Running The Fan On My Air Conditioner Use a Lot of Electricity?

No. If you use the fan on your air conditioner, it will not use a lot of electricity. Instead, it will help you conserve the amount of energy your unit could be using. When you put the AC on fan mode, the compressor goes off.

For example, when you put your AC on fan mode, it will consume about 150W. But when using the AC, it will use up to 1000w when you put it on cool or default mode. This means the fan mode will save you a lot of money.

If your AC isn’t running, ensure adequate ventilation to help reduce the indoor temperature. However, the amount of electricity consumption will also depend on the settings. If you set the air conditioner to work at high speed, the energy consumption will be up slightly. But when on fan mode, they will still be lower.

What If I Use Ordinary Fan Instead of Fan Mode?

Another hack to reduce your electricity bills is using a regular fan instead of fan mode on your air conditioner. The fan will help you get the desired temperature quickly, making it energy efficient. So, it’s advisable to use an ordinary fan when it’s not very hot to make the house comfortable to stay in.

How Does Fan on AC Reduce Your Electricity Consumption?

The unit’s compressor will be off if you’re using your air conditioner on fan mode. When the compressor isn’t on, the fan will work continuously to cover up the gap. The fan will take up the compressor’s main duty of cooling the air, which it does well.

However, it will not use as much energy as when running your AC’s compressor. This will help you save some cash as your electricity bills will be much lower. The fan mode will use around 150W instead of 1000W when using the air conditioner on default mode.

Why Use Your Air Conditioner on Fan Mode?

There are several benefits of using your AC on fan mode instead of other modes like default mode.

They include:

  • It Improves the Efficiency of Your Air Conditioner

Using the AC on fan mode will reduce the workload for your unit. Remember, an overworked unit is prone to get spoilt faster and requires regular maintenance. But when on fan mode, the compressor will be off. This stops it from straining.

  • It Helps Chill the Temperatures

Another benefit of using the AC on fan mode is that it’s capable of providing chill power or cool air in the morning. The fan does this without struggle because, in the morning, the outdoor temperatures are chilly, so it will require less effort to get the desired temperature.

  • It Doesn’t Use Electricity to Facilitate Refrigerant Circulation

Usually, the AC uses electricity to run. During this process, electrical energy help in the circulation of the refrigerant. However, this will not be the case when you turn on fan mode. Instead, the inbuilt fan will help circulate air to every room in the house and ensure all hot parts cool down. This means it doesn’t consume much power to run, making you spend less on your utility bills.

  •  Help You Reduce Your Utility Bills

Of course, you won’t spend much money when using the fan on your air conditioner as it consumes less energy. However, it will help you cool the air and ventilate the room just as the AC would. Spending less money on utility bills is a joy everyone would wish to experience.

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Disadvantages Of Using Fan on Your Air Conditioner

  • You might not get desired results when using your AC on fan mode. This is because after the thermostat reaches the set limit, the fan will stop the even distribution of air within the room. So, some parts will be hot while others will be cold.
  • The fan can get spoilt faster because of more often putting it on and off.

When Should You Use the Fan on Your Air Conditioner?

This majorly depends on the effect you want to achieve and the type of AC you’ve got. If you’ve got an AC with a 3-speed permanent spit capacitator motor, your electricity bills will be higher. However, if your AC has newer motors, your electricity bills won’t be much higher.

Additionally, if you live in a humid area, your preference might be different. Remember here you need to cool the air and dehumidify the rooms that the AC can do at ago. However, for the fan to work, the AC compressor is off. When the compressor is off, you’ll not be able to dehumidify your house, making it uncomfortable to stay in.

The moisture build-up will make the house warmer, and the fan will not cool the rooms as it should. So, it won’t be effective, and it might struggle to keep running to achieve the desired temperature. While this happens, the moisture will collect on the AC’s pan, and it will start overflowing on the floor with time. Eventually, the unit cycle will go off and make the AC stop running.

This means you shouldn’t use your AC on fan mode when it’s too hot or humid. The fan will only help distribute the air indoors when on fan mode. So, use it when the temperature and humidity are manageable, and you only want to have an even circulation of air in the house. But it’s advisable to put the fan on ‘auto’ settings so that you don’t have to keep changing it whenever there’s a change in temperature or humidity. This setting will save you time and not inconvenience you when you’re busy with other chores.

Can You Run the Fan on Your AC at Night?

If your AC’s fan is on ‘auto’ mode, then it means it will be running all through the day and night. This indicates that it will be operational during the night, trying to keep you comfortable as you sleep. Furthermore, allowing the fan on your AC to run 24/7 without stops and starts helps prolong its lifespan. You will also get adequate fresh air supply which improves your health and those around you. The rooms will also be dehumidified when you let your AC fan run throughout.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Will my electricity bills be lower when using the fan on my AC?

Yes. You’ll pay less money when using fan mode on your AC since the compressor will be off.

How much will I spend when I use the fan on my AC?

The amount you’ll spend will be around $50 per month. But this can increase when you turn on the AC’s compressor to fill the gap the fan may not achieve.

If I run the fan on my AC, will it help reduce humidity?

No. the fan will not help you reduce the humidity in the room. Instead, it will help circulate the air within the house, making it have even distribution.

Bottom Line

So, does running the fan on my air conditioner use a lot of electricity? No. If you use the fan on your AC, it will help you lower your electricity bills. The AC compressor, which consumes a lot of energy, goes off as the fan runs. This will help you save a lot of money which you can spend on other important things. But put the fan on ‘auto’ mode to get the best results.

As an Amazon Associate, We may receive commissions for purchases made through links in this post at no additional cost to you.

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