RV Fridge Fan Keeps going OFF (What to Check)

if your RV fridge fan cycles on and off you may be concerned if this is a sign that there is a fault or just want some reassurance that indeed it is working as it was designed to.

So, read on to learn if it is normal for the fan to go on and off, what temperatures your fridge is usually set to switch on and off, and what to check should the fridge fan be permanently off.

Is it Normal?

Yes, it is normal for the RV fridge fan to go off – it cycles on and off depending on the condenser temperature.

It is controlled by a thermostat connected to one of the condenser fins that switches on the fan at a certain temperature and off when it drops below a certain threshold.

Whenever there is a temperature buildup behind the fridge, the fans are switched on to improve airflow behind the fridge that would otherwise cause the fridge not to cool properly.

In some fridges, the fan is activated at 130 °F and off at 115 °F. Note, the On and OFF behavior depends on the temperature of the condenser fins and not the ambient air temperature.

Why the Fan may Keep going OFF

The fan in your RV fridge may not run because of the following reasons:

#1. The fan is switched off when the condenser temperature falls to a specified threshold of ~ 115 °F when the temperatures are low enough for the fridge to cool efficiently without the need for forced ventilation.

#2. Broken wire connection. If one of the wire connections to the fan, thermostat, or 12V supply is damaged then the fan will not run. You’ll need to repair or replace the damaged wires for the fan to start working again.

#3. Faulty fan. If the fan is broken then it’ll not run even when the condenser temperature rises or falls below the specified level.

Will an RV Fridge Still work without a Fan?

If your RV fridge fan is not running then your fridge may not cool as well potentially resulting in the spoilage of food.

Final Word

It is normal for an RV fridge fan to cycle on when the condenser coils attain a set temperature and off when a preset low temperature is attained. This is necessary for the fridge to cool as efficiently as possible.

If the fridge fan does not run at all, then it may be because the fan is broken, the 12V supply wire is damaged or the fan is faulty and needs to be replaced.

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