Swamp Cooler Pump Not Working? Here’s What to Do

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Swamp coolers, also called evaporator coolers, are one of the most energy-efficient appliances. However, that doesn’t exempt them from the occasional problem that might be an issue for most people.

What are you to do then when your swamp cooler pump not working? Sit tight as we explain the steps you can take to troubleshoot swamp cooler problems.

Why IS Your Swamp Cooler Pump Not to Working?

Several things will make your swamp cooler pump stop working. However prominent among them is if the pump is defective. The pump is a critical part of the swamp cooler.

Therefore, any issue with the pump will likely cause everything to grind to a halt. However, not all the cooler’s problems are because the pump is broken.

Here are other reasons your cooler pump isn’t working.

  • The Pump Isn’t Getting the Power It Needs

Several things will ensure power doesn’t get to the pump. As long as the power doesn’t get to the pump, the swamp cooler won’t work. This could be as simple as not connecting the swamp cooler to the power outlet or a tripped breaker.

It could also be an issue with the ground circuit interrupter.

  • A Dirty Intake Screen

A dirty pump intake screen will cause the pump not to work that well. That’s because the evaporative cooler relies on the ability of water to flood the base. That means there shouldn’t be any hindrance to the water’s movement.

If the pump has a clogged or dirty intake screen, thus the water won’t get to where it’s supposed to be, and hence the pump won’t work.

  • Lack of Water

It could be as simple as there is no water within the cooler. Water is essential to the proper functioning of the swamp cooler. Therefore, no water at the base of the cooler, means the pump won’t work.

What to Do when your Swamp Cooler Isn’t Working

Your first impulse might be to change the cooler pump as soon as possible. However, if it’s any other issue, then you might not need to change the pump at all. Before deciding to change the pump, check and solve the below problems.

  • The Power Outlet

Is the power getting to the swamp cooler? Is there a tripped circuit breaker or faulty ground fault circuit interrupter? All these will prevent power from getting to the cooler and thus stop the pump from working as expected.

 To solve this, check if the swamp cooler is connected to the power outlet. It might be connected, but the power outlet isn’t on. If it isn’t on, turn it on, then try rerunning the cooler.

If that doesn’t work, check the circuit breaker. A tripped circuit breaker can be the culprit in some situations especially if there are wiring issues. Restore the circuit breaker it to its usual position and check if the cooler operates.

If your cooler has a ground fault circuit interrupter, check it as well to rule out any power issues. If the pump consistently breaks down, faulty wires could also be the issue.

If you suspect faulty wires, call an electrician to help you fix them.

  • A Dirty Pump Screen

Over time as water passes through the pump screen, it’s normal for debris to clog it. That will then prevent adequate water from getting to the pump. Such dirt can be from sediments in the water or sometimes scale from hard water.

That means the pump won’t work, and you will experience issues with your evaporative cooler.

You need to either wash the debris in the pump screen or replace it to solve this. While neglecting the other parts, washing only the screen won’t help the cooler that much.

It is, therefore, best to clean the whole cooler before you can resume using it.

  • Lack of Water

Often when the pump stops working, it’s not that it’s broken. It just might be that there isn’t any water in the cooler’s base. Water needs to get to and cover the bottom of the cooler.

If water doesn’t get to the base, you won’t see the pump work. Therefore, checking for the presence of water will help fix the problem. That might be because of issues with the water flow to the base or debris in the pump screen.

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What Else Will Cause your Evaporator to Break Down?

Pump issues aren’t the only thing that will make you have a problem with your swamp cooler. Like any other machine, Swamp coolers are also prone to the occasional issue.

Here are other reasons your swamp cooler isn’t working efficiently.

  • High Humidity
  • High Thermostat Setting
  • Poor Maintenance

You might be wondering how high humidity can cause an evaporator not to work.

Here’s how.

  • High Humidity

Constant humidity will often lead to the saturation of the evaporative pads. That means the evaporation rate from the pads is slower and thus affecting the whole cooling process.

 There is just too much water for the evaporator to work with in such conditions. That might lead to the internal belt breaking off. When that happens, you need to replace that belt for the evaporator to resume normal functioning.

  • High Thermostat Setting

If you set your thermostat too high, the evaporator cooler might fail to work since it does not need to blow out cold air to achieve the high setting. For this, lowering the thermostat setting will help solve the problem.

  • Poor Maintenance

Evaporators need proper maintenance if they are to keep working efficiently. That means you need to periodically check the systems in the swam cooler for any issues. Clean the evaporator pads and pump screen regularly as well.

That will help prolong the lifespan of the swam cooler and reduce issues.

Why Swamp Coolers?

An increasing number of users prefer swamp coolers to air conditioners. Why is that?

There can only be one answer: swamp coolers are more energy-efficient than traditional air conditioners. Swamp coolers are the best option if you live in a hot, dry region.

The cool breeze you will always feel in your home is way better than that from an air conditioner.

Using swamp coolers will thus translate to lesser energy costs and a safer option for the environment. Talk of shooting down two birds with a single stone!

What If All Troubleshooting Fixes Don’t Work?

If all troubleshooting tactics don’t work for your swamp cooler pump, then you’ll have no choice but to replace the pump. Fortunately, swamp cooler pumps are usually relatively cheap.

Get a professional to help you replace the pump in the swamp cooler and get it working again. Alternatively, you can call the customer support number form where you bought the swamp cooler for help.

They always know what to do.

Final Thoughts

Swamp coolers are an incredible option, especially when you live in a hot and dry area. We hope you know what to do when your swamp cooler is not working. However, if you maintain your swamp cooler well and regularly clean its parts, you won’t have to deal with too many issues.

As an Amazon Associate, We may receive a commission for purchases made through links in the post at no additional cost to you.

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