Why is my Fingertip Numb After Spray Painting? (With a Quick Fix)

If you spray paint for a long time using spray cans then you might have noticed some numbness in your fingers, especially the tips of your fingers. So, why does your fingertip feel numb after spray painting?

The numbness to your fingertip occurs because you keep pressing the nozzle too hard while spray painting which causes temporary damage to the nerves of your fingers. Once you stop spray painting, the feeling should return quickly. Comfort-grip spray paint can attachments can eliminate numb fingertips while spray painting.

Read on to for recommendations for avoiding number fingertips!

Why does the fingertip feel numb after spray painting?

Spray paint can nozzles are notorious for being tiny, easy to break, and irritating to your fingers.

When you press the nozzle too hard and too long, the blood fails to reach the nerves, and the blood flow gets blocked for a while. Eventually, this pressure builds up and blocks the receptors in your fingertip responsible for feeling pain and touch.

According to Dr. Raymond Raven at healthtap.com, prolonged pressure on the nerves of your fingertip can cause numbness or paralysis. Symptoms usually resolve within a few minutes to a few days, depending on the amount of pressure applied. If symptoms don’t improve after a few days, you should see your doctor for a checkup.

According to Dr. Jose J Monsivais, severe cases of this numbness are called Digital Neuropraxia, which is caused by the reduced blood flow to the nerves. It should resolve in two to three weeks.

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How do you spray paint without hurting your fingers?

Using a spray can ‘comfort grip’ attachment is the best way to spray paint without hurting your fingers.

This spray can attachment is available in both online and offline stores, and they are super cheap. Pick up a couple of these once, and you’ll never have to worry about dealing with spray paint can numbness again!

These things are super simple and work great. Basically, you just pop the handle onto any spray paint can, and then you’ll get a long, comfortable trigger to press on that helps spread out the pressure over a wider surface area on your fingers. Once the spray paint is empty, just pop the attachment off and use it on the next one.

These attachments are totally reusable and will attach to any standard spray paint can top!

How to heal spray paint fingertip numbness?

If you have already done a lot of spray painting without one of these attachments and your fingertips are struggling, no worries!

Here are a couple of things that you can do!

1) Take a break and relax:

If you are facing fingertip numbness, then immediately stop working and take some rest. Do not try to work while you are feeling pain. You should avoid spray painting until the numbness goes away.

2) Use cold compress:

After taking a break, apply an ice pack over the affected areas. Ice packs help reduce swelling and relieve pain. This can help to reduce fingertip numbness and speed up recovery.

3) Dip your fingers into warm water:

Once you’ve iced your fingertips, you can add in heat to bring back circulation and blood flow to the area.

Warm water helps to ease the pain and reduces inflammation. So dip your fingers into warm water for about 5 minutes. Warm water may help regain blood flow into the affected nerve and reduce fingertip numbness. 

4) Get medical attention:

As Dr. Raymond and Monsivais said, this temporary fingertip numbness due to spray painting is very common and usually resolves within two to three weeks. If, however, the numbness persists for more than 3 weeks then you need to visit a doctor.

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What does numb finger tips indicate?

A numb finger tips indicate that there is lack of blood supply to the fingertip nerves and you should immediately stop spray painting and take some rest.

How do I know if my finger tip numbness is permanent?

Usually fingertip numbness are temporary and resolve within a few weeks. If your fingertip numbness still persists even after three weeks then you should visit a doctor and check whether your finger tip numbness is temporary or permanent.

Why does my finger tip numb after spray painting?

Fingertip numbness is caused due to the lack of circulation of blood to the nerves of the finger which results in the loss of sensation and fingertip numbness.

How to treat fingertip numbness?

Usually fingertip numbness resolves itself within a few weeks. However you can also use some steps to resolve the fingertip numbness faster like applying an icepack on the affected area or dipping the fingers into warm water.

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