Are Water Filter Pitchers Effective? (+the 3 Best Water Filter Pitchers On the Market)

You have probably seen a lot of marketing campaigns about the benefits of water filter pitchers. You may even own one yourself! However, you may still be wondering, “Are water filter pitchers effective?”

Water filter pitchers can be an inexpensive and effective method of removing contaminants from drinking water; however, the answer really depends on your needs. If you’re just looking for a way to remove chlorine and sediment from your water, then a water filter pitcher is right up your alley. However, if you want to remove more contaminants like lead and mercury, then a whole-house system may be a better solution.

For additional information on the effectiveness of water filter pitchers, read below.

are water filter pitchers effective

Are Water Pitchers Effective? Explaining the Process

Different water filter pitchers use different filter media. Most pitchers employ an activated carbon filter to eliminate contaminants from water. Activated carbon removes contaminants and impurities by adsorption. As water passes through the activated carbon cartridge, contaminants adhere to the carbon.

The activated carbon is typically burnt coconut shells that provide many adsorption sites. Activated carbon filter pitchers can eliminate the following contaminants.

  • MetalsLead, Mercury, Copper, Zinc, Cadmium.
  • Chemicals – Chlorine and pesticides.
  • Other organic compounds affecting the taste and smell of water

So are water filter pitchers effective at removing all contaminants? The short answer is, no. These water filter pitchers do not remove dissolved minerals and viruses. Dissolved minerals do not pose any health risks.

You can also find pitchers employing ion-exchange resin capable of softening water. The downside of such pitchers is they will remove any dissolved minerals in your water, some of which are beneficial to our bodies.

For excellent results, ensure your water filter pitcher is NST-certified and meets all the standards for efficacy.

Pros of Water Filter Pitchers

Some benefits you are likely to get from using water filter pitchers include;

Compact and Portable

Instead of buying bottled water, you can carry a water filter pitcher with you for outdoor activities. You will do the environment a favor by reducing pollution.

Water filter pitches also eliminate the fear of plastic bottles leaching harmful substances into your drinking water.

Easy to Use

Unlike whole-house filtration systems, water filter pitchers do not require installation. Most, if not all, water filter pitchers have a similar outlook, with the water reservoir on top, a pitcher, and a charcoal filter.

It is advisable to pre-soak and flush new water filter pitchers to remove loose carbon particles found in the cartridge. After that, you can fill the reservoir with water and wait a few minutes to finish filtering.

Activated carbon

Most pitchers have a cartridge made of activated carbon granules which are excellent for removing chlorine and lead.

Change pH Level

A study by The National Institute of Health showed that alkaline water with a pH of 8.8 was good for people with acid reflux. The market has brands that can alter the pH of your water if needed.

Cons of Water Filter Pitchers

While there are many benefits to using water filter pitchers, there are also some cons you should be aware of:

Limited Filtering

Water filter pitchers are limited to the use of GAC which only removes chlorine and sediments.

Cannot Remove Some contaminants

Water filter pitchers cannot remove other contaminants such as lead and mercury.

Needs time to filter

Unlike tankless under-the-sink filtration systems, water filter pitchers take time when filtering water.

Are water filter pitchers effective at removing Bacteria?

No, water filter pitchers cannot remove bacteria. If you are looking for a solution to reduce the presence of harmful bacteria in your drinking water, then we recommend that you invest in a whole-house filtration system which will also provide other benefits such as better-tasting water and reduced scale build-up on appliances due to hard water issues.

Are water filter pitchers effective at removing Heavy Metals?

Water filter pitchers are not designed to remove contaminants such as heavy metals. However, some pitcher filters have been observed to reduce the amount of lead that is present in tap water.

Are water filter pitchers effective at removing Fluoride?

You may be wondering, “Are water filter pitchers effective at removing fluoride?” No, water filter pitchers do not remove fluoride from your drinking water. This is because fluoride is a natural chemical compound that cannot be removed by carbon filtration, such as the filters used in these pitcher systems. When choosing a system to reduce or eliminate fluoride, you will need a reverse osmosis system or distiller. 

Are Water Filter Pitchers BPA Free?

Almost all water filter pitchers on the market do not contain BPA – but it can never hurt to confirm before buying. BPA is a compound that has been used to make certain plastics and resins, but it can leach into the water from containers that use this chemical. 

The risks associated with BPA exposure have been linked to several health issues, such as impaired brain and neurological function, breast cancer, and heart disease. This is why it is important to only go for BPA-free water filter pitcher brands.

Are Water Filter Pitchers Dishwasher Safe?

No, water filter pitchers cannot be placed in the dishwasher. This is because they are made up of different parts such as a lid and a pitcher so it would not fit properly inside. You should only wash each part by hand using warm soapy water and a soft brush.

How do I Clean a Water Filter Pitcher?

You should regularly clean your water filter pitcher and replace the filter cartridge. How often you change your cartridge depends on the quality of the water and how often you use the pitcher. Aim at changing your cartridge every month.

Regularly clean your pitcher to avoid microbial growth. Disassemble your water filter pitcher and clean the components with water and soap. You can use a spare toothbrush to clean the grooves and crevices of your pitcher. Leave the parts in a ventilated place until they are dry, and reassemble the pitcher.

Are Water Filter Pitchers Reusable?

No, water filter pitchers are not reusable. However, they come with a long warranty and can be replaced if something is wrong with it or if it stops working properly. You should check your pitcher regularly to ensure that the filter has not expired.

Do Water Filter Pitchers Remove Chlorine?

Another thing you may be wondering is, “Are water filter pitchers effective at removing chlorine?” Yes, water filter pitchers can remove chlorine from your drinking water. However, they cannot remove other contaminants, such as lead and mercury, which is why reverse osmosis systems are highly recommended for this purpose.

What are the Benefits of Owning a Water Filter Pitcher?

Water filter pitchers have a number of benefits that include reducing the risk of urinary tract infections, saving energy by reducing how much power your household uses to get clean water from the tap, and helping to reduce plastic bottle waste.

Additionally, these types of filters are designed without any batteries or electricity, which makes them more environmentally friendly. 

Which Water Filter Pitchers Remove the Most Contaminants?

Several water filter pitchers on the market claim to remove various contaminants from your drinking water, but not all models are created equal. Some of the more effective pitchers include the ZeroWater pitcher and the Brita Grand Pitcher. These units are able to reduce chlorine levels, sediment, and bacteria in your water while also removing lead. However, they are not able to remove fluoride or heavy metals.

Another popular choice is the Soma Cup Water Filter Pitcher. This Product can filter up to 10 cups of drinking water at one time.

Summary of Are water filter pitchers effective?

There are a number of benefits associated with owning a water filter pitcher including reducing bacteria levels in your water, saving energy by reducing how much power you use to get clean drinking water from the tap, and helping to reduce plastic bottle waste.

In addition, these types of filters are designed without needing any batteries or electricity which makes them more environmentally friendly. Water filter pitchers are easy to use and perfect for drinking water at home.  

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