Why is My Mini Fridge Freezing Everything?

If you’re reading this, you may be asking yourself, “Why is my mini-fridge freezing everything?” You might be experiencing this issue for the first time, and it’s probably a big deal to you. 

Students use mini-fridges the most, though most people prefer to have one in their room, given their portability. But the issue of waking up to ice buildup or seeing everything in your mini-fridge frozen can be frustrating

Well, the truth is something isn’t right with your mini-fridge, which this article will address. Read to know your fridge keeps freezing everything, including what you can do to stop it. 

Why is My Mini Fridge Freezing Over?

Let’s assume your mini-fridge has been working fine all along. Then suddenly, it starts freezing over. Everything in the fridge freezes, and this annoys you. 

Well, the truth is something isn’t right with your mini-fridge. Several factors are responsible for your mini-fridge behavior, which includes the following:

  • Damaged door gasket
  • Dirty cooling coil
  • Faulty temperature control
  • Airflow duct not positioned appropriately

So, all of these could be why your fridge is freezing over. But the good news is that these issues are not so difficult to troubleshoot. 

Does The Mini Fridge Freezes Everything On The Lowest Setting?

It is vital to understand how a mini-fridge works. Don’t forget that mini-fridges work the same way as other fridge sizes. 

Understanding the temperature setting can also save your fridge from freezing over. The mini-fridge boasts several settings, such as 1 (the lowest) and 7 (the highest setting).

The setting “1” is close to freezing as possible. Thus, when you set your mini-fridge 1, expect everything in the fridge to remain cold. 

On the other hand, 7 is the highest setting. But take note that when you set your mini-fridge to 7, everything would be warmer than normal. Why? Setting 7 is close to room temperature. 

Now, here’s the thing. If you leave your mini-fridge on the lowest settings (dial 1) for a long time, everything in the fridge will become super cold and frozen over time. 

Reasons Why My Fridge Keeps Freezing Everything

Most people prefer to find items stored in their fridges cold, not frozen. When water, drinks, or foods become frozen, you must defrost them before eating or drinking. 

Defrosting foods, drinks or water can take time, and students don’t have the luxury of time. If you’re super tasty, you can’t drink frozen water. You may have to wait for the item to defrost.

We have suggested reasons your mini-fridge might be freezing everything. Now, let’s provide a detailed explanation to help you understand what’s happening. 

So, here are the possible reasons your mini-fridge keeps freezing everything you stored inside of it. 

1. Temperature setting

All fridges boast temperature settings. The reason is to help you decide how you want the appliance to work. 

If you want your items to remain cool, you have to choose the lowest setting, which is 1.

We explained earlier that 1 is closer to freezing temperature. Thus, allowing your fridge to remain on this setting for a long period can lead to the freezing of items. 

In other words, the items stored in the fridge will become super cold, and over time, they’ll become frozen. 

So the reason your mini-fridge might be freezing everything stored in it is because you have kept the temperature settings on 1 (lowest) for too long. 

2. Dirty cooling coil

Can a mini-fridge cooling coil get dirty? Yes, it can. And when it does happen, your fridge’s compressor won’t function as expected. 

A dirty coil will cause the compressor to work longer than expected, freezing everything in the fridge. 

3. Airflow duct positioning

How your fridge’s airflow duct is positioned matters a great deal. If the airflow duct weren’t positioned properly, more pressure would be on the compressor. And this would lead to everything in the freezer getting frozen. 

4. Damaged door gasket

Take a close look at your mini-fridge door. You’ll discover how it shuts and prevents cold temperature within the fridge from coming out. 

You’ll only feel the coldness of the fridge when you open its door. So, ensuring that your door gasket is intact is crucial. 

If the gasket is damaged, the compressor may have to work harder and longer to control the temperature in the fridge. 

When this happens, everything in the fridge will be frozen. Your compressor may also develop a fault when left to overwork. 

How Do I Stop My Mini Fridge From Freezing Everything?

Preventing your fridge from freezing things isn’t such a difficult thing to do. You can even troubleshoot and address the problem without the help of a professional. 

So, if you are seeking ways to stop your mini-fridge from freezing everything, then follow the tips below. 

1. Invest in a fridge thermometer

Most people do not fancy this tip because they may feel buying a thermometer is another expenditure they’re unwilling to make. 

But the truth is thermometers are budget-friendly. Using a thermometer would help you keep tabs on the fridge to ensure it doesn’t freeze. 

2. Fix damaged door gasket

Is your fridge’s door gasket damaged? Please don’t turn a blind eye to it. It’s the reason your fridge is freezing everything stored in it. 

So, change the existing door gasket. You can get a professional to help you or search for tips on fixing door gaskets online. 

3. Keep cooling coil clean

There’s the possibility of dust buildup on your fridge’s cooling coil. It happens whether you constantly use the fridge or not. 

So, clean the fridge’s cooling constantly for optimum performance. The coil is situated at the back of the fridge. You can clean it once or twice a month, as you wish. 

A Handy Tip: Ensure the fridge isn’t working when cleaning the cooling coil. Please turn it off when cleaning the cooling coil or door gasket. 

4. Fix airflow duct positioning issue

Check the airflow duct and position it properly if it’s not well-positioned. With this, your mini-fridge will stop the habit of freezing everything you store inside of it. 

Why Does My Mini Fridge Build Up Ice?

Whether new or old, ice buildup is a common problem with fridges. But that shouldn’t be the case if your fridge is working properly. 

So, if you keep experiencing ice buildup in your fridge, below are factors that could be responsible. 

1. Damaged compressor

Your fridge’s compressor could be the culprit. Inconsistent compressor cooling can produce water droplets in the fridge, leading to ice buildup.

2. Fridge door gasket

The door gasket is another component that can cause ice buildup in your fridge. A faulty gasket means your fridge’s door won’t shut properly.

Cold air would easily move out when this happens, while air can get into the fridge, leading to ice buildup. 

The leaky door gasket would cause the refrigerator’s humidity to rise, where the issue begins.

3. Storing wet foods in the fridge

When you put wet foods in the fridge, here’s what happens. Humidity within the fridge rises, and when it cools, the water formed turns into ice buildup. 

4. Storing hot foods in the fridge

Putting anything like hot foods in the fridge would raise the humidity in the fridge, causing water droplets to form on the wall of the fridge. 

As the fridge cools down, those water droplets would become ice buildups. 

How do you address this problem? It is simple. Always allow your foods to cool down before transferring them to the fridge. 

What Temperature Setting is Ideal For a Mini Fridge?

Firstly, don’t let the size of mini-fridges deceive you. Mini-fridge might be compact, but they pack great power. 

A mini-fridge can freeze your foods and keep them fresh for days or months. But that would depend entirely on how you set the fridge’s temperature. 

We explained before that fridge’s temperature control dial ranges from 1 to 7. The number “1” represents the lowest temperature, next to freezing. 

The number “7” represents warm temperature and closer to room temperature. 

Now, here comes the question. Which temperature setting is ideal for your mini-fridge?

If you choose the lowest setting, “1,” your mini-fridge would freeze everything inside. If you choose setting “7,” items stored in the fridge might not last much longer.

So, the ideal temperature setting would be 3 or 4. With this setting, items stored in the fridge won’t freeze but remain cool. Your fridge won’t be too warm or extremely cold. But the things stored in it would remain fresh. 

Conclusion: Why is my mini-fridge freezing everything?

One amongst several factors could be responsible for your fridge’s action. 

It might be that the airflow duct isn’t in its ideal position or there is a damaged door gasket, faulty temperature control, or a dirty cooling coil.

Any of these factors could be responsible. So, if your fridge is freezing everything, try to identify the problem and fix it. 

If the cooling coil is the problem, clean it. If the door gasket is the issue, change it. Just fix the problem, and change the setting of your fridge.