Toto Toilets vs American Standard: Comparing Quality and Performance

Choosing between Toto and American Standard toilets is more than just a decision about a bathroom fixture—it’s about selecting quality and technology that suits your home and lifestyle. Having professionally reviewed various toilet brands and their numerous models, I understand that performance, design, and efficiency are critical factors for homeowners.

Toto, known for its innovative features and modern designs, offers toilets that are efficient in waste clearance—a testament to Japanese engineering. In contrast, American Standard, an established American brand, provides reliable performance with a focus on a powerful flush system.

Comparing these two prominent brands reveals distinct differences in their approach to toilet design. Toto often includes the SanaGloss feature, which facilitates easier maintenance by effectively resisting bacterial growth and requiring less frequent cleaning.

On the other hand, American Standard toilets are recognized for their quality build and extensive range that fits various bathroom styles. Both brands boast advanced flushing technologies that not only meet but exceed user expectations in terms of cleanliness and water conservation.

It’s clear that my experience in the field has shown that both brands bring their unique strengths to the table, encapsulating what modern homeowners seek in their bathroom experience.

Design and Features

In my extensive experience with bathroom fixtures, the design and features of a toilet can greatly impact both aesthetics and functionality. Toto and American Standard represent two top contenders known for their distinctive features and innovative technologies in toilet design.

Variety in Bowl Shapes and Sizes


  • Elongated Bowl: Provides additional comfort, a sleek look, and is often chosen for its modern appearance.
  • Round Bowl: Ideal for smaller spaces without sacrificing functionality.

American Standard:

  • Elongated Bowl: Combines comfort with EverClean surfaces to inhibit the growth of stain and odor-causing bacteria.
  • Compact Elongated: Saves space while offering the comfort of an elongated bowl.

Both brands offer one-piece and two-piece toilet options. One-piece units are appreciated for their sleek design and ease of cleaning, whereas two-piece toilets are often praised for their traditional aesthetics and potential ease of repair.

Innovative Flushing Technologies


  • Tornado Flush: A rimless design that utilizes centrifugal force for a powerful, efficient clean with less water consumption.
  • Double Cyclone and G-Max: Advanced flushing systems focused on maximum cleaning power with minimal noise and water usage.

American Standard:

  • Siphon Action: A siphon-based technology that balances water-saving with performance.
  • Dual Flush Option: Allows for a choice between a partial or full flush, promoting water conservation.

These flushing technologies play a crucial role in water efficiency, with Toto and American Standard toilets often surpassing the standard water consumption rates for toilet fixtures.

Material and Construction


  • Vitreous China and CEFIONTECT: A ceramic glaze that minimizes debris, mold, and bacteria, making cleaning easier and more infrequent.

American Standard:

  • Porcelain and EverClean Surface: Durable and long-lasting material with a proprietary surface coating that reduces the need for cleaning and maintains the toilet’s shine.

Both Toto and American Standard use high-quality materials to ensure durability and longevity. The choice often comes down to individual maintenance preferences and aesthetic value.

Installation and Maintenance

When it comes to installing and maintaining a toilet, the details matter to ensure longevity and ease of use. Both Toto and American Standard toilets offer solutions, but they have some differences that could sway your decision. I’ve installed and cared for numerous toilets in my professional life, and here’s what I’ve learned specifically about these brands.

Ease of Installation

Toto toilets are generally known for their universal height and 12-inch rough-in, which make installation a smoother process for both DIYers and professional plumbers. Though it’s usually manageable to install these toilets, sometimes a professional plumber might be the best choice to ensure everything is set up perfectly, as complexities can arise depending on the bathroom’s plumbing.

American Standard toilets are also designed for straightforward installation, and their models often adhere to standard installation procedures. However, the specifics can vary by model, with some featuring a different rough-in size that could require additional adjustments.

Cleaning and Care

I take the cleanliness of a toilet seriously, as it affects both hygiene and the bathroom’s overall appearance. Both Toto and American Standard offer models with easy-to-clean surfaces that resist mildew and mold, which makes a significant difference in maintenance.

  • Toto: Their toilets often feature a self-cleaning glaze, which reduces the need for harsh chemicals and rigorous scrubbing. The Toto cleaning process is usually simple and efficient.
  • American Standard: These toilets, some equipped with surfaces that inhibit the growth of bacteria, also promote easier cleaning. They are durable and designed to withstand regular cleaning without losing their finish.

Both brands aim for durability in their products, which minimizes frequent maintenance and contributes to a better bathroom experience. Regular, gentle care is sufficient to keep these toilets in good condition over time.

Performance and Efficiency

When comparing the performance and efficiency of Toto and American Standard toilets, I focus on their water-saving capabilities and powerful flush mechanisms. Both brands have models that are highly efficient, contributing to cost savings and environmental conservation.

Water-Saving Capabilities

Toto toilets often feature the Tornado flush system, while many American Standard toilets use the Vormax flushing system. These technologies are designed to conserve water. For instance, models with WaterSense certification meet strict EPA criteria for efficiency, using 1.28 gallons per flush (gpf) or less, which can significantly reduce annual water consumption.

  • Toto: Typically includes models with WaterSense labels, indicating that these toilets meet or exceed EPA guidelines for water efficiency.
  • American Standard: Offers WaterSense-certified models, such as the Champion 4, aimed at reducing water use.

Powerful and Efficient Flush

A powerful flush is essential for the efficient performance of a toilet, and both Toto and American Standard have unique flushing technologies.

Toto’s dual cyclone flushing system is a gravity-based technology that uses two powerful nozzles instead of rim holes, creating a centrifugal, cyclone flushing action that clears waste efficiently.

Contrastingly, American Standard’s Champion 4 is known for its powerful flushing capacity, capable of moving a mass 70% larger than the industry standard.

  • Toto: Employs a dual cyclone system, offering a powerful and efficient flush with minimal water usage.
  • American Standard: Uses the Champion 4 flushing system, known for its powerful flush and larger-than-average waste clearance capability.

In my experience, both brands manufacture toilets that effectively balance performance with water conservation, though the specifics of their technologies differ.

Whether a consumer prefers the swift, water-saving efficiency of Toto’s Tornado system or the robust flushing power of American Standard’s Champion 4, both options deliver noteworthy efficiency improvements and operating cost reductions.

Brand and Warranty

In my experience, the brand reputation and warranty terms are pivotal factors for homeowners choosing between Toto and American Standard toilets.

Brand Reputation and Market Presence

Toto: Founded in Kitakyushu, Japan, Toto is a well-established brand known for its high-quality toilets. I’ve observed their dedication to innovation and efficiency in their products, which resonates with their widespread market presence.

American Standard: As an American brand based in New Jersey, American Standard also brings durable and efficient toilets to the table. Their designs, often recognized for their enamel-coated porcelain and vitreous china, exude a modern appeal.

Warranty and Customer Support

Toto: From my direct dealings with Toto, their toilets typically come with a 1-year limited warranty. I find their customer support to be fairly responsive, although warranty period is relatively brief compared to some rivals.

Toto Toilets
1-year limited warranty
Customer support with good responsiveness

American Standard: The warranties provided by American Standard are more variable, ranging from 5 to 10 years, according to my experience with their products. This longer warranty period signals a robust confidence in their toilet’s quality and durability.

American Standard Toilets
5 to 10 years warranty
Reliable customer support network

My professional expertise underlines the importance of considering both brand reputation and the specifics of warranties when investing in quality fixtures for your house.

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