American Standard Toilet Troubleshooting Guide (8 Issues Fixed!)

American Standard toilets are popular because of their comfortability, impeccable flushing power, and excellent water conservation; that’s why many homeowners trust them. However, you may encounter problems, so here is a guide to American Standard toilet troubleshooting.

The issues you will need to troubleshoot on an American Standard toilet include the toilet not filling correctly, flushing problems, a broken tube or hose, clogging, and a toilet running continuously.

Even a minor issue can escalate into significant damage, so you need to get ahead of it. Don’t panic when you find problems with your American Standard toilet because you can solve them with easy, handy ideas.

American Standard toilet running problem

American Standard Toilet Troubleshooting (Quick Fix!)

 ProblemRecommended Solutions
1. The water running continuouslyLower the water level by adjusting the float. Replace the shutoff valve or flapper.
 2. Poor flushingShorten the toilet chain to ensure the flapper rises appropriately.
 3. The toilet doesn’t flushClean the flush valve to remove debris or replace it if it’s damaged.
 4. Broken tube or hoseReplace the broken tube or hose.
 5. CloggingUnclog your toilet.
 6. Slow Close Toilet Seat Not WorkingTighten the screws
 7. Ghost FlushingInstall the fill tube well or replace the flapper
 8.American Standard Toilet Not FillingReplace or adjust the float

American Standard Toilets Problems And Troubleshooting

You will likely experience some problems with your American Standard toilet and need to troubleshoot your unit to diagnose and solve the issue. Below are the common ones:

1. The Water Running Continuously

When you flush your toilet, the waste should be drained, the toilet cleaned, and the water stop running immediately after filling the tank. When you notice your American Standard toilet won’t stop running even after the tank is filled should tell you you have an issue with your unit.

A damaged flapper or flush valve often causes this problem.


Here’s how to troubleshoot and fix an American Standard toilet that runs continuously.

a) Examine The Fill Tube

Remove the toilet lid to find the fill valve. When you flush, the fill valve channels the water via the overflow tube to the toilet bowl.

Push it firmly to reconnect it to the fill valve if it falls off.

Ensure it is about 1-inch in the overflow tube rim to make it secure, then flush your toilet to ensure you reattached the fill tube correctly.

b) Check The Adjustable Float

The float controls the level of water in your toilet tank. The water will run non-stop if set too high as the water will go into the overflow tube, thus making the fill valve hard to shut off.

Adjust the toilet float by turning the screw at the rod up and down until you achieve the right height. Continue flushing the toilet while adjusting the float until the water shuts off at the correct level.

c) Adjust The Flush Handle

The flapper will not shut entirely if your American Standard toilet flapper chain is extremely short, causing the water to keep flowing into the toilet bowl. You can correct this problem by adjusting the linkage chain, leaving enough room for the flapper to close.

Also, bend and readjust the toilet chain if the flush rod strikes the lid.

d) Replace The Flapper

If the steps above do not fix the problem, you will need to replace the flapper. Take the old flapper when buying its replacement to ensure you pick the same model.

Alternatively, get a universal flapper.

2. American Standard Toilet Ghost Flushing

Ghost flushing happens when a toilet flushes without pressing the handle. It also occurs when water drains audibly from the tank without a flush.

A leaky flapper or an improperly installed fill tube cause this issue.


Examine the fill tube and fix it if not installed properly. However, if doing so does not solve the issue, replace the flapper.

3. American Standard Toilet Doesn’t Flush Well

The tank needs to fill appropriately for the toilet to flush effectively. If you experience this issue with your American Standard toilet, you need to examine the chain’s slackness.


Reattach the toilet chain to achieve the right slackness and allow the flapper to rise totally.

American Standard flapper problems

4. American Standard Toilet Not Flushing

Damaged toilet drains or pipes might cause flushing problems. Things may get a lot messier if the toilet flapper is damaged or if the level of water is too low and clogged.


  • If there is any filth remaining in your toilet bowl, you must clean it. If the toilet flush is not working, use any plunge.
  • Close your toilet valve completely.
  • Remove the cover from your toilet tank.
  • Attach your refill tubing to the water control now. This step requires additional caution since you can fracture the tube easily.
  • Adjust the water level after connecting the tube. Check that your water level does not fall one inch below the water level.
  • Take three long arms of tissue paper and drape them over the toilet bowl.
  • Use the flush to see if it works or not.

5. American Standard Toilet Not Filling

Your American Standard toilet has a float that signals when you need to fill the bowl and when to stop. Therefore, if your unit is not filling perfectly, there might be an issue with the float in your toilet tank.


If the float stops working, you may need to adjust or replace it.

6. American Standard Slow Close Toilet Seat Not Working

Particles accumulated over time can become trapped in and around the hinge working components, compromising the slow close seat. You must fix a malfunctioning slow-close seat to restore it and avoid the noise of a closing toilet seat.


  • Lift the seat, then press the buttons. Pull it up to remove it.
  • Take off the hinge covers.
  • Tighten the screws using a screwdriver, being mindful not to over-tighten.
  • Reinstall the hinge covers and replace the toilet seat.

7. American Standard Toilet Not Enough Water In Bowl

The bowl of an American Standard toilet should contain enough water. If this is not the case, the toilet tank fill tubing may be broken or wrongly set, restricting the water level from rising to the required level.


Turn the adjustment screw on top of the valve clockwise to raise the water level and counterclockwise to drop the water level.

American Standard Titan Toilet Problems

Below are the issues you will likely face if you have an American Standard Titan toilet.

a) Damaged Hose or Tube

You may experience leaking or overflowing concerns in the water tank because of the broken hose or tube.


Ensure the toilet hose or tube is in excellent condition and replace it if broken. Furthermore, check the O-Ring to see if it’s in good condition.

Typically, the American Standard provides a repair kit that includes a rubber seal and the O-ring seal, among a few other spare components. When changing the O-ring, follow the directions on the package.

b) Non-stop Water Flow

If your toilet is constantly running, it may have flaws that require inspection and repair. On the most fundamental level, the water tank or toilet valve/ flapper may have failed.


Adjust the float or replace the shutoff valve or flapper. If you have a broken tank, it’s time to get a new quality toilet like American Standard 2887218.020 2887.218.020 Toilet, available in round and elongated styles and 12-inch rough-in.

How to fix American Standard toilet

c) Flushing Problems

You may have flushing problems if your toilet drain or pipe is in poor condition. Furthermore, flushing disruption may stem from the toilet flapper.


Check the condition of the toilet flapper and replace it if it’s faulty. Also, ensure the toilet drain or pipe is working properly.

American Standard Champion 4 Toilet Problems

The American Standard Champion 4 exhibits two major flaws.

The first is phantom flushing, which occurs when water seeps around the flush seal. It occurs after the seal has absorbed water for several years.

The other issue is ineffective flushing using only 1.6 gallons, which needs two flushes.


NuFlush switch takes care of these two issues. It employs a proven flap flush valve that functions perfectly and adds more water.


1. Why Is My American Standard Toilet Not Flushing Properly?

Your American Standard toilet isn’t flushing correctly because of the following issues: flapper issues, blockages in the inlet holes, the low water level in the toilet tank, poorly designed toilet drainpipe, and the drain, toilet, or flange blockage.

2. Why Does My New American Standard Toilet Keep Running?

Your American Standard toilet keeps running mainly because a float is out of place, the flapper is dirty and broken, or a chain between the flapper and the flush lever is too short or too long.

To fix this issue, start by turning off the water supply to the toilet. Next, remove the tank cover and identify all the features and how they function.

Final Thoughts On American Standard Toilet Troubleshooting

American standard toilets are renowned for being more comfortable and producing fewer problems. Nonetheless, there are several challenges that people frequently face.

This piece has discussed typical American standard toilet problems and some basic troubleshooting methods. If you are experiencing problems, use the troubleshooting suggestions to find quick solutions.

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