American Standard vs. Mansfield Toilets (Which is Better?)

Deciding on the toilet that will suit your home best can be overwhelming, considering the numerous brands available in the market. However, you are likely to do an American Standard vs. Mansfield toilets comparison as they are quite popular.

Both brands are functional and modern, offering luxurious models. American Standard toilets are highly durable and offer superior performance, while Mansfield toilets are not prone to clogs, are easy to install, and have a powerful flush.

You must go through the strengths and weaknesses of toilets when shopping for one. I’ll walk you through a detailed comparison of American Standard and Mansfield toilets to help you decide.

Without further ado, let’s get started.

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American Standard vs. Mansfield Toilets (Explained!)

Before getting into the essence of the topic, here’s a summary of the contrast between American Standard and Mansfield toilets.

 American StandardMansfield
PriceRelatively higherMid-range
InstallationNeeds a plumberEasy
Flushing mechanismLowest GPF with power rims is 1.28Lowest GPF with PureClean is 1.0 
Warranty5-10 years1-5 years. Some come with lifetime warranties.
DurabilityAt least 15 yearsCan serve between 20-30 years.

American Standard Toilets

American Standard company was founded in 1929 and ranks among the leading manufacturers of ventilation, air conditioners, kitchen, bath, and other comparable products. It was divided into three sectors in 2007: kitchen and bathroom, plumbing items, and commercial usage, which included toilets, toilet seats, sinks, bidets, and faucets.

It has remained one of the top toilet brands to this day, and its pricing is also cheaper than the other good brands. Aside from the affordability, there are several other benefits of using American Standard toilets. Even the toilet ratings agree with these assertions.

Reasons American Standard Toilets Are Popular

American Standard toilets come with the following decent features that enhance performance. The following section looks at some of them:

1. Built and Structure

Enamel-coated porcelain and vitreous china make up the body of American Standard toilets. In addition to durability, customers choose these materials for their aesthetic value.

The ultimate result is remarkable since these units are more stylish and modern-looking than their counterparts. The longevity of American Standard toilets will not disappoint you, but you should be aware that it might be weighty.

For instance, the Champion 4 one-piece toilet featuring an enlarged bowl is 118 pounds. The only negative is the difficulty in moving it, but it is worthwhile because it can endure at least 15 years without trouble.

2. Flushing Power and Performance

The strong flushing power, tank filling, and draining speed of the American Standard Champion 4 toilet demonstrate these toilets’ superior performance. If you closely examine what’s within the tank, you’ll notice that tons of effort went into creating its stunning mechanism.

The tank float, fill valve, and refill tubing are linked to guarantee efficient flushes. A single 1.28 liters flush does not warrant a second flush since the full one is strong enough to clear waste.

American Standard toilets promise durability, and the brand offers replacement components. In addition, power wash rims on some of these toilets keep the bowl clean when you flush.

Nevertheless, they all have the EverClean surface, so cleaning them will be a breeze.

Is American Standard a good toilet

3. Warranty

American Standard offers a toilet warranty to show its commitment to quality. You may choose between 5 and 10 years based on your toilet model.

The manufacturer will give you a replacement toilet after establishing the one you bought initially has defects. Furthermore, the glowing reviews illustrate show users are happy.

Mansfield Toilets

Mansfield has been in business since 1929 and has a rich history of making toilets. It has a diverse set to buy from- round, elongated, single flush, dual flush, 1-piece, 2-piece, modern, and classic.

Mansfield has invested in over 100 new items in the past two decades while paying attention to budget and fashionable bathroom alternatives. In 1984, Mansfield unveiled the maiden pressure-assisted toilet, and for reference, have a look at Mansfield Quantum 146.123.

The brand also manufactures urinals, bidets, toilet tank trims, bathtubs, kitchen fittings, and other related goods in addition to luxury and budget toilets.

Reasons Mansfield Toilets Are Popular

Here is why Mansfield toilets have cemented their place among the top brands:

1. Price

The price varies depending on certain specific features. Nonetheless, this brand offers you a decent toilet within your price range.

Mansfield toilets cost around $250 on the low end, with dual flush toilets costing approximately $300, while contemporary 1-piece toilets cost around $500. These rates are comparable to those of other firms in the industry.

2. Inclusion of Water-saving Technology

Mansfield’s water-saving toilets reduce your water consumption and safeguard the environment, and some of its facilities meet the EPA’s 1.6 GPF standard. High-efficiency types are also available, with 1.0 or 1.28 GPF and the toilets are WaterSense certified.

3. Toilet Design

Mansfield manufactures toilets in different colors, including black, gray, off-white, and others. It offers round (e.g., Aegean 705NS) and elongated toilets (e.g., Summit Round SmartHeight).

The toilets embody vitreous china that lends longevity and come in different colors and finishes. Moreover, there’s a wall-mounted and floor-mounted Mansfield toilet.

4. Flushing Mechanism

Mansfield launched a toilet with a dual flush mechanism in 2004, along with normal flush toilets. It’s an Eco quantum toilet with full and partial flush options.

This unit saves water because you won’t have to drain the toilet tank every time you need to dispose of waste.

5. Warranty

Mansfield covered a large percentage of its toilets with a one-to-five-year guarantee, but some versions come with a lifetime warranty. The assurance varies depending on the place where you purchased the toilet, and you should get a plumber to do the installation to get the guarantee.

Furthermore, varieties like the Mansfield Standard Toilet Alto might survive for 20 to 30 years. It’s a great time to get the most bang for your buck with a water-saving toilet.

The Differences Between American Standard and Mansfield Toilets

Both brands are well-known manufacturers of excellent toilets. However, it would be best if you compared them when deciding between Mansfield and American Standard toilets, determining which is superior and the one will suit you best.

Here’s how they differ in essential features you might be looking for in a toilet:

1. Flushing System

Since American Standard toilets feature a forceful flush, you won’t need multiple flushes. Mansfield toilets use less water yet are still effective in disposing of waste.

Both brands employ dual flush technology in some of their toilets, thus eliminating the need to use the entire tank of water. Consequently, they advocate for water conservation.

Compare Mansfield toilets and American Standard toilets

2. Toilet Models

American Standard and Mansfield provide one-piece toilets. Some experts endorse the American Standard’s Champion 4, which may cost a little extra but spare you the need to clean regularly.

The Mansfield Aegean one-piece toilet is another excellent option that looks stunning in modern bathrooms. However, unlike other Mansfield toilets, it does not always come with a seat, meaning you must pay extra for this.

The Champion 4 and Aegean offer a comfortable, tight seat and an efficient flushing system.

Some folks prefer the classic appearance. These companies make fantastic two-piece toilets.

The American Standard Yorkville toilet boasts pressure-assisted flush technology. Nonetheless, an average family will reject it owing to its high price.

Consider Mansfield Summit Dual Flush if you want a two-piece toilet at an affordable price. Complete flushing for solid waste requires just 1.6 gallons, whereas a half flush is only 1.1 gallons.

American Standard designed Colony Right Height for small bathrooms. It features a 10-inch rough-in that can help you save water, but it requires a lot of cleaning.

On the other hand, Mansfield doesn’t concentrate on household toilets alone. It designs anAdriatic elongated toilet, a business floor-mounted toilet that incorporates a flushometer valve that adjusts to the high-water pressure.

Since each flush only requires 1.28 liters, it is ideal for frequent flushing, which is common in public restrooms. American Standard and Mansfield manufacture luxury toilets. You could look at Mansfield Enso Suite and American Standard Advanced Clean100.

Final Thoughts

This American Standard vs. Mansfield toilets post demonstrates the outstanding qualities exhibited by the two toilet giants. They manufacture toilets of different sizes, colors, and designs.

While American Standard is more expensive than Mansfield, Mansfield has a longer lifespan, but installation requires the services of a professional plumber. On the other hand, American Standard toilets are easy to install.

Since the two companies have benefits and drawbacks, you should investigate them and choose the brand that best meets your needs.

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