Are Moen Shower Valves Interchangeable? 2 Reasons Why!

Moen is known for original and reliable shower valves. So, it’s tempting to consider the shower valves whenever you want to upgrade or replace your shower valve. But are Moen shower valves interchangeable?

Unfortunately, No! Moen shower valves are not interchangeable, neither within the brand nor with other brands. Essentially, that’s because their trim plates and designs are different.

So, before you can upgrade your shower valve with a Moen fixture, you should ensure the replacement matches the older version in trim plate and design.    

The shortcut is to look for the model number on your existing shower valve. If it’s a Moen and then look for its replacement online.       

To help you with that, I’ll provide you with a few tips for identifying a Moen shower valve so that you can get the ideal replacement. But before I do, let me explain more why Moen shower valves are not interchangeable.

are Moen shower valves interchangeable

2 Reasons Why Moen Shower Valves Aren’t Interchangeable

Here are two reasons Moen showers are non-interchangeable:

1. Trim Plates Are Different

For shower valves to be interchangeable, their trim plates have to match. Sadly, that’s not the case with Moen valves. Moen shower valve trim plates are different from other brands, making them non-interchangeable.

In that case, you’ve to take note of the model number of your Moen valve and look for a matching replacement. If you don’t, you’ll likely buy a replacement that may never fit.

2. Overall Designs Are Different

For a long time now, Moen has been making shower valves that assume three different types of designs;

  • Standard Moen shower valves – Though Moen doesn’t make these valves anymore, they remain among the most popular choices on the market. Standard Moen shower valves are distinguished by the corrosion-free body featuring a sleeve, O-ring, and stem.
  • Moentrol Moen shower valves – These Moen shower valves work by pulling out the control knob to allow the shower water to flow out. On average, Moentrol valves enjoy a flow rate of about 7.5gpm.
  • Posi-Tempo Moen shower valves – These shower valves by Moen enjoy a slightly lower flow rate than Moentrol, about 6.3gpm. The difference is that they have a unique temperature control knob to allow you to switch hot water on by a quarter turn.

So, generally, since these valve designs are different, you cannot swap one for another and expect it to fit perfectly. Yes, it may work sometimes, but it’s never a given.

Thus, unless you know your way around shower valves and can manipulate them expertly, you should get a perfect replacement.

are all moen shower valves the same

Are Moen Shower Valves Universal?

Moen shower valves look alike, especially those of the same design. Their trims, however, are very different, which means you cannot interchange them. So, no, Moen shower valves are not universal.

In that case, you cannot change Moen shower valves with other brands, for their designs are different. Additionally, you cannot interchange them within the same brand unless they accept the same trim kits.

Overall, shower fixtures like shower valves are rarely interchangeable. You have to find a matching replacement within the same brand. So, in the case of Moen, the replacement should also be Moen.   

How to Identify Moen Shower Valves

Remember, it’s critical to fit the correct Moen shower valve, and it starts with identifying it. Here are the steps to follow:

  • First, ensure the old shower valve is a Moen type. In that case, look for the letter M on the escutcheon plate. If it is, then proceed to the next step.
  • Note down the year of introduction. It should be around 19 something. That’ll help you find a matching replacement.
  • Note down the handle operation and then the location of the escutcheon screw.
  • Now use the Moen valve chart below to determine what Moen shower valve you have.
Valve TypeEscutcheon Screw LocationHandle OperationSpecial FeaturesCompatibility
1960 Moen Standard Valve5 o’clock & 7 o’clockPull out the handle to turn shower water onPush the handle in to turn shower water offRotate the handle to switch hot/water onVolume controlWater temperature memory Non-pressure balanceAccept most Moentrol trim kits with a 7-inch round escutcheon
1966 Moentrol Valve5 o’clock & 7 o’clockPull out the handle to turn shower water onPush the handle in to turn shower water offRotate the handle to switch hot/water onVolume controlWater temperature memory Pressure balanceAccept most Moentrol trim kits with a 7-inch round escutcheon
1976 Moentrol Valve2 o’clock & 7 o’clockPull out the handle to turn shower water onPush the handle in to turn shower water offRotate the handle to switch hot/water onWater temperature memory Pressure balanceCompatible with all Moentrol trim kits
1985 Posi-Temp Shower Valve2 o’clock & 7 o’clockTurn the handle anticlockwise to turn the shower water onTurn the handle clockwise to turn the shower water offWater temperature controlPressure balanceAccept all Posi-Temp trim kits

Key Takeaway on Moen Shower Valve Compatibility

Here are the key takeaways when it comes to the above Moen shower valve designs and their compatibility:

  • Standard Moen Valves – Accepts all Moentrol trim kits with a 7-inch round escutcheon apart from Doux, Voss, Arris, and Weymouth. 
  • Moentrol Moen Valves – The 1966 version has the same compatibility as standard Moen valves. The 1976 version, however, is compatible with all Moentrol trim kits.
  • Posi-Temp shower valves – They accept all Posi-Temp trim kits.

Other Moen Shower Fixtures

Let’s look at other Moen shower fixtures other than the shower valve.

Are Moen Shower Handles Interchangeable?

Essentially, you shouldn’t swap shower handles, including Moen. So, no, Moen shower handles are not interchangeable with other brands, and that’s because their trim kits are not swappable, and their designs are different.

And when it comes to interchanging shower handles within the brand, you can only interchange shower handles of the same design.

are all moen shower valves the same

Are Moen Shower Heads Interchangeable?

Moen shower heads are only interchangeable with their kind. Simply put, you can only replace an old Moen showerhead with another and not a different brand.

Overall, that’s because different manufacturers make their unique showerheads. So, interchanging them will only mess things up as they are more likely to be incompatible.

Are Moen Shower Cartridges Interchangeable?

Shower cartridges are generally non-interchangeable between brands, just like most shower fixtures. That is the case with Moen. So, Moen shower cartridges are not interchangeable, chiefly because they come in different designs.   

And when it comes to replacing Moen shower cartridges with their kind, you’ve to check the model number of the old shower cartridge and then look for a perfect replacement.

People Also Ask

1. Are Moen and Delta Shower Valves Interchangeable?

Unlike Moen shower valves, Delta shower valves are universal. That means you can interchange Delta valves as long as you stay within the brand.

As a result, you cannot change Delta shower valves with other brands, including Moen shower valves. And given Moen shower valves are not universal, interchanging the two brands is not advisable as they’re likely not to match.

2. Are All Moen Shower Valves the Same?

All Moen shower valves come with a unique model number and accept different trim kits. So, no, Moen shower valves are not the same.

Generally, Moen shower valves are only the same if they share the same model number and designs. Such options are the only interchangeable ones.

3. Are Moen Shower Valves Good?

Moen shower valves are good because they come in original certified designs that are pretty durable and highly reliable. You can count on these shower valves for upgrading your shower. They are generally easy to install, making them a perfect DIY choice.

4. How Long Is the Moen Shower Controller Cable?

On average, the Moen shower control cable is about 30-foot long to effectively connect the controller and the valve. Such a length lets you customize and easily control your shower digitally using a smartphone.

5. Does Moen Make Trim Kits for Standard Valve?

Moen no longer makes trim kits with a standard valve design. But still, there are enough Moen standard valve trim kits on the market for your consideration. However, these valves, which date back to1960s, lack the balancing pool you find on Moentrol valves.

6. How Much Does a Moen Shower Valve Weigh?

On average, Moen shower valves weigh 5 pounds or slightly more, making them slightly heavier than most shower valves. Their advantage, however, is that they are durable. So, you may not even realize the additional weight.

In Conclusion, Are Moen Shower Valves Interchangeable?

Generally, because Moen shower valve trim kits are non-interchangeable and the valves come in different designs, Moen shower valves are not interchangeable.

You cannot swap them with other brands, and when interchanging them with their kind, you’ve to get the model number and design right. You can use the guide shared above to determine that!

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