Best Bathtub For 6 Foot Tall Person (Buyer’s Guide 2022!)

We 6-footers enjoy many advantages but one area where our height fails us is finding a good bathtub for 6 foot tall person as most options are standard size.

Let’s face it; the so-called standard tubs are usually 60 inches long, which is not enough for someone 6-foot tall. You need a bathtub that’s more than 60 inches to feel comfortable.

But still, size is not the only important consideration.   

Bathtubs don’t come cheap, so you have to get an option that promises long-term service and better value for money. In that case, you have to consider the material carefully.

Other important considerations, which I’ll discuss later, include the tub’s shape, special features, weight, and cost.  

More importantly, I’ll discuss the various type of tubs to help you pick the perfect choice.

Let’s start with finding your ideal tub size.

what size tub for a 6 foot person

In a rush? Below is a hotlist of the finest bathtubs for taller guys on amazon:

5 Best Bathtub for 6 Foot Tall Person

  1. Vanity Art 71 Inch Freestanding Bathtub: Best freestanding bathtub for a 6-foot person
  2. Empava 67In Alcove Bathtub: Best alcove bathtub for a 6-foot person
  3. Kohler K-1161-0 Tercet Bath: Best corner bathtub for a 6-foot person
  4. Proflo PFS7242AWH Proflo Tub: Best drop-In bathtub for a 6-foot person
  5. American Standard 7236V002-020: Best undermount bathtub for a 6-foot person

What Size Tub for A 6 Foot Person?

In general, tubs come in different sizes, depending on the type. Expect most of them to come in small, medium (or standard), and large sizes.

At 6 feet, the ideal size is large. Other than a walk-in tub, which is usually shorter, go for a tub that’s at least 72 inches long and 32-inches wide. As for the height, go for at least 20 inches.

Here is a table to refer to when picking a 6 foot long bathtub.

Tub TypeMedium Size (Standard Size)Large Size (Ideal for 6-Foot Person)
Freestanding Bathtub60 by 60 by 30 inches72 by 32 by 30 inches
Corner Bathtub60 by 60 by 20 inches72 by 72 by 20 inches
Alcove60 by 32 by 18 inches72 by 32 by 20 inches
Drop-In60 by 32 by 18 inches72 by 32 by 20 inches
Undermount60 by 32 by 18 inches72 by 32 by 20 inches
Walk-in60 by 30 by 38 inches60 by 36 by 38 inches

Types of Bathtubs 6 Feet Long

Bathtubs are primarily classified according to the installation method as follows:

1. Freestanding Bathtub for 6 Foot Tall Guys

Freestanding bathtubs are just what they sound like. They are standalone.

You don’t need to fix them against the wall, which means you can place them in any space, including your bedroom and garden.

Some have a flat base, while others feature claw feet. Their only downside is that they take up much of your space, making them unideal for smaller areas.

Freestanding tubs are elegant and come longer and deeper, making them best for tall guys.

One fantastic freestanding tub for a 6-foot-tall person is the Vanity Art 71 Inch Freestanding Bathtub.

This 71-inch bathtub comes in a stylish oval design and enjoys a soaking advantage to allow you to immerse your body entirely. It’s aesthetically pleasing and comes in an exceptionally durable build.

More importantly, it enjoys an ergonomic design to offer you a comfortable spa experience.

Freestanding Bathtub for 6 Foot Tall Guys

2. Alcove Tub for 6 Foot Person

Alcove bathtubs are the commonest tubs in homes. They are fitted into a three-wall space, leaving out one open and unfinished side for access.

They are generally easy to install and allow you to fit a shower head and even a faucet easily.

Most people prefer them as replacement tubs for older ones, which is understandable, given their simple design and ease of installation.

One fantastic alcove tub for a 6-foot-person is the Empava 67In Alcove Bathtub.

This 67-inch tub is long enough to allow you to sit and stretch out your legs seamlessly, and It enjoys a hydro-massage jet system that relieves you from joint and muscle tension and pain, making it the perfect therapeutic and relaxation bathtub.

3. Corner Bathtub for 6 Foot Tall Person

Corner tubs are three-sided tubs that are fitted into the corners of your bathroom. Two of their sides are fitted along the wall while the other is open and finished.

These tubs are generally space-saving, thus best for smaller bathrooms. They take different shapes and are budget-friendly.

Though there aren’t many good options for taller guys, you cannot go wrong with the Kohler K-1161 Tercet Bath if you are 6-feet tall.

This tub comes in a perfect shape to fit onto virtually any corner and is generally spacious to allow two-person bathing.

Furthermore, it comes in a robust acrylic construction with a white finish to match any space.

4. Drop-In Bathtub for 6 Foot Tall

Drop-in bathtubs don’t have any finished sides and usually are dropped into an already built frame, just as the name suggests. So, their installation is pretty complicated as you have first to make where you’ll drop them.

They also cost more than most tubs and are mostly seen as a permanent feature.

One great pick for a 6-foot person is the Proflo PFS7242AWH Proflo Tub.

This 72-inch long drop-in tub has a soaking design to allow you to have a full-immersion bath. It offers you lumbar support and has spacious armrests to enable you to sit comfortably while having a bath.

bathtub size for 6 foot tall person

5. Undermount Bathtub for 6 Foot Tall

Undermount tubs resemble drop-in bathtubs but feature a stone or tile deck around their rims, offering them an aesthetic touch. So, if you don’t fancy the simplicity of drop-in tubs and want a more elegant but permanent tub, go for an undermount design.

The tub will cost you more than a drop-in, but it’s worth it, especially for your master bathroom.

One fantastic undermount tub for a 6-foot person is the American Standard 7236V002-020.

This 6 foot bathtub comes in a deep soaking design to allow you to soak your body entirely. Its floor is slip-resistant, thus safer, and its walls are fiberglass-reinforced, therefore more robust.

It’s also deep and wide enough to offer you ample lumbar support and has molded armrests for placing your arms.

Other Bathtub Buying Considerations for Bathtubs for Tall Guys

Here are other essential buying considerations.

a) Your Space

Consider where you’ll place the tub beforehand so that you can buy the right type. For example, you need lots of space to fit a freestanding bathtub, which means it’s not the best for small-size bathrooms.

As for corner, alcove, and drop-in tubs, a corner space will do.

b) Tub Material

Most bathtubs come in acrylic construction, which is known to be strong, lightweight, and durable. It also enjoys a contemporary look.

Other common materials include:

  • Steel: Steel is among the most affordable options. Its only downside is that it chips easily.
  • Fiberglass: Fiberglass is also cheaper but sadly scratches unless it’s acrylic coated.
  • Marble: Marble is luxurious but often expensive.
  • Copper: Copper is as luxurious and expensive as marble.
  • Cast-Iron: It’s known to hold heat pretty well and keep your water warm. It’s, however, slightly expensive.
  • Cast-Polymer: Cast polymer is affordable and has decent heat retention potential.

c)  Shape

Bath size for 6ft person comes in different shapes to match different spaces. You’ll find a majority in oval, rectangular, and circular shapes. Rectangular tubs are best for fitting into the corner, whereas circular and oval choices are best as freestanding tubs.

What Is the Best Height for A Bathtub

d) Tub Weight

A heavy tub requires a much stronger floor to hold it. Furthermore, a heavy tub involves a lot of labor force to carry and install. So, you have to consider that when shopping for a tub.

Overall, plastic options (fiberglass, PVC, and others) are the lightest.

e) Cost

Usually, the cost of bathtubs depends on the type, material, and size. Options like the whirlpool, freestanding, and air tubs cost over $1,000 or even up to $5,000, while most corner, alcove, and drop-in tubs cost under $1,000.

Material-wise, fiberglass, PVC, and acrylic tubs are the cheapest. It’s easy to get them under $500.

Expect copper, marble, and cast iron options, however, to cost much more.

f) Special Features

Some bathtubs offer you more than just a place to hold your bathing water.

Here are some special bathtub features worth considering:

  • Water/air jets – Helps to massage your joints and muscles, thus therapeutic
  • Speaker – This allows you to listen to soothing music as you bathe.
  • Underwater lights – Illuminates under your bathtub to add an element of elegance.

People Also Ask

1. What Is the Best Height for A Bathtub?

The standard bathtub has a height of 18-20 inches. That’s apart from freestanding and walk-in tubs, which measure up to 30 inches and 38 inches, respectively. 

2. How Tall Should My Bathtub Be?

Your tub can be as tall as you want, depending on the type and size. Here’s a table showing the standard height for different bathtub types.

Tub TypeStandard Height
Freestanding Bathtub30 inches
Corner Bathtub20 inches
Alcove18 inches
Drop-In18 inches
Undermount18 inches
Walk-in38 inches

3. Do They Make 6 Foot Bathtubs?

Yes, some manufacturers make 6-foot long bathtubs, and perfect examples on Amazon are:

  1. Proflo PFS7242AWH Proflo Tub: Best drop-In bathtub for a 6-foot person
  2. American Standard 7236V002-020: Best undermount bathtub for a 6-foot person

4. Is A 60-Inch Tub Big Enough?

60-inch usually is the standard length for bathtubs, which is best for medium-height guys and single-bathing. Taller guys and couples need a tub that’s about 72 inches.

5. How Tall Are Freestanding Tubs?

Standard freestanding tubs usually measure 60 inches in length and 30 inches in height. Larger sizes, however, measure at least 72 inches in length and 30 inches in height.

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Closing Thought:

Overall, getting a bathtub for 6 foot tall person makes financial sense when you are taller. More importantly, it allows you to add a statement piece to your bathroom. Simply put, you create a luxurious spot that you can count on for a spa-like experience.