Blendjet Flashing Red And Blue (Easy FIX)

Seeing the Blendjet flashing red and blue lights can create panic in most people’s minds. Different thoughts would be running through some people’s heads.

The Blendjet is a must-have personal and battery-powered blender. You can make single-serve drinks such as smoothies, shakes, and others with this blender. Another thing that makes this rechargeable blender unique is that it packs so much blend power. 

However, if your Blendjet flashes the red and blue light, it simply means something isn’t right with the blender. Here, we’ll discuss why both lights are flashing and how you can fix the problem. Continue reading to learn more!

Reasons For Blendjet Flashing Red and Blue

Blendjet flashing red and blue lights mean the jar (detachable part) hasn’t aligned with the base. Of course, the blades will not spin if the jar and bottom portion of the Blendjet doesn’t align. That’s how the machine is designed to function. 

On the other hand, when you find your Blendjet’s red light flashing, it means the battery is low and needs charging. Another thing that can cause the red right to flash is the blockage of the blades. Therefore, the blades can’t rotate and crush your fruits, as they should.

How to Fix Blendjet Red and Blue Lights flashing?

If you discover that your personal blender’s red and blue lights are flashing when turned on, the jar hasn’t been screwed into the base properly. 

You can fix this issue by simply screwing the jar into the base in a clockwise direction. Note that the light on the base and an arrow on the jar must align. Otherwise, the blender won’t work. 

There’s a small magnet at the blender’s base and jar, which has to align. The light on the base and arrow on the jar’s alignment means the magnet on both parts of the blender would align. If this alignment doesn’t happen, your blender will not work even if fully charged. 

How to fix Blendjet red light flashing?

If you discover your Blendjet’s red light flashing, know that the battery is down or the blade is stuck. Usually, when you charge Blendjet for 1 to 2 hours, you should be able to do 15 blends before the battery runs down. 

So, if the red light flashes, charge the blender before you continue blending. If the battery is full, but the red light is still flashing, the blade could be the culprit. 

The item you’re blending could be blocking the blade. If that’s the case, turn the blender upside down, shake and blend for a few seconds, then return it to its original position. Shaking the blender could help dislodge the fruit preventing it blocking the blades. 

A Handy Tip: Avoid overfilling your blender with solids (fruits and ice cubes). Blend in batches if you have plenty of items to blend. Additionally, allow your Blendjet to rest during and in between blends. Blend for the 120-second cycle, and repeat as needed for thicker blends.  

Finally, add enough liquid (6 to 8 ounces) to your Blendjet jar to make the process quick and easy. Cutting the fruits into smaller pieces before sending them to the blender would also make sense. 

You should also maintain your blender properly, so that it can have longer life-span.

What Does The Blue Light On Blendjet Mean?

The blue light on Blendjet means that the blender is fully charged. It takes approximately 1 to 2 hours to charge a Blendjet fully. Additionally, when fully charged, Blendjet can offer you 15 to 20 blends per day.

So, if the blender’s light changes from red to blue, know that it is fully charged. The red light often signifies that the battery is low and needs charging.

However, something else is wrong when the red and blue lights start flashing together. As explained earlier, these notification lights mean the jar wasn’t screwed into the base properly. So, take note of the differences. 

Blendjet Blue Light On But Not Working 

Blendjet blue light on but not working is not a common problem with the blender. But if your blender is experiencing such, chances are it is malfunctioning. 

Blendjet offers a 30-day warranty, which you can exploit to get a new blender. So, if your blender is new and it just started malfunctioning out of the blue, contact Blendjet immediately. 

Again, avoid overfilling your Blendjet. Always leave room at the top of the jar. Otherwise, the blender won’t work. You can fill the blender with water up to 6 or 8 ounces before adding your ice and then fruits or whatever solid you wish to blend. 

Don’t add the fruits or solids first before adding water. It should be the other way round. Furthermore, the amount of water you add to the blender is a matter of choice. Some people don’t even fancy adding water to the blender. 

However, if you want the blender to work smoothly and avoid situations where you have to remove pieces of fruits or solids stuck on the blade, add a few ounces of water to your Blendjet. 

The reason for adding water is to make the fruits blend with ease and make the process a breeze for you.

Why Does The Red and Purple Light On Blendjet Mean?

The red and purple light on Blendjet means your battery is running low and needs recharging. So, don’t panic when you see these lights flashing. Your blender is still very much intact. 

Just get the charger and plug the blender into the power supply to charge. Once fully charged, you’ll find a blue light around the power button. In other words, the red and purple lights will disappear.    

When the battery runs low, expect the red and purple lights to start flashing again. 

Why is My Blendjet Not Working? 

Blendjet not working is a problem that several factors can cause. Let’s discuss each of them. 

1: Low battery:

Blendjet cannot work when the battery is low. This blender uses a powerful blend force needed to crush fruits, ice, and other solids. 

It takes approximately 1 to 2 hours for this blender to charge fully. A fully charged Blendjet can run 15 to 20 blends daily. So, charge your blender and ensure the battery is full before use.

When Blendjet is fully charged, you’ll see the flashing blue light around the power button. Red and purple light flashing indicate that the battery is low and needs charging. 

A Handy Tip: When charging Blendjet, ensure you position the charger correctly so the blender can charge appropriately. And remember, you can change this awesome blender from the USB port on your computer or car using the USB-C cable. 

2: Damaged fuse:

Damage to any component inside the Blendjet will make it or any brand of blender not work. That is a fact. A component as small as the fuse, could prevent your blender from working. 

So, if your Blendjet stops working, check the fuse. There’s a possibility that the fuse inside the blender has burned out. 

The motor, popularly called the heart of the blender, is another component that can prevent the Blendjet from working.  

3: Jar and base not appropriately aligned:

Your Blendjet’s jar and base must align for the blender to work. If they don’t, the blender will notify you anyway. You will find red and blue lights flashing. 

So, fit the jar to the base properly before you start blending. To make this simpler, the manufacturer made an arrow on the jar. And this arrow must align with the light on the base. 

Now, screw your jar into the base in the clockwise direction. And while doing so, ensure the arrow aligns with the light on the base. 

4: Overloading the blender:

Overloading a Blendjet with fruits or liquid is not advisable. If you do, the machine won’t work. 

It is advisable for users to add some water to the jar before adding fruits or solids. The reason is to make the blades cut through the fruits with ease. 

You can add 6 to 8 ounces of water to the jar before adding your ice cubes, fruits, or any solid you wish to blend. You can also decide to blend without water or add just a few ounces. The choice is yours to make. 

But make sure you don’t overload your blender. Otherwise, it won’t work. You should leave some space at the top of the jar. 

5: Jammed blade:

If your Blendjet stops working while you’re blending, check the blades. There’s a chance that a piece of the fruits or solids you’re blending is underneath the blades. 

A simple way to free up the blades is to remove the jar’s cover and use a fork or any clean object to remove the items blocking the blades. 

Turning the blender upside down and shaking it will help to release the fruits blocking the blades. 


If your Blendjet is still not working, it’s better to contact support.


Email: [email protected]

Alternatively, you can have a look at FAQ and user guide to get more troubleshooting help.

Blendjet offers 30-day money-back guarantee on its products. Blendjet says:

“Our goal is to make sure all of our customers are 100% satisfied. If you’re not happy with your purchase, you may return it within 30 days of the order date for a full refund.”


Blendjet flashing red and blue light is an indication that you didn’t screw the jar into the base properly. In such a case, the blender will not function properly. 

On the other hand, the red light could indicate that the battery is low or the blades are stuck. Charging the battery is all you need to do if the actual cause of the red light flashing is a low battery. 

However, if the red light flashing were because of jammed blades, removing the fruits or items blocking the blades would solve the problem. 

The Blendjet personal blender is compact, simple, and packs impressive blend power. Most people even use their Blendjet as a food processor, though it is designed to make shakes, smoothies, and others. 

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