Can You Get Electrocuted In The Bathtub? (Quick Answer!)

The thought of being electrocuted while enjoying a refreshing bath is enough to give you nightmares or even deter you from bathing and sticking to showers. However, can you get electrocuted in the bathtub, or is this an unrealistic fear?

You can get electrocuted in the bathtub if you introduce an electrical current into the hot tub water due to defective underwater lighting, pumps, wiring, or malfunctioning filters. You must ensure your bathtub is in excellent condition for your safety.

Keep reading to learn the causes of electrocution in the bathtub. Also, learn how to protect yourself from electrocution and continue enjoying your baths.

Can you get electrocuted in the bathtub from lightning

Can You Get Electrocuted In The Bathtub? (6 Causes)

Here is an in-depth look at what causes electrocution in the bathtub:

1. Wiring Problems

Wires and hot tubs do not match. There is always the chance of a wiring malfunction endangering anyone enjoying it, whether the bathtub is indoors or outdoors.

There are specific electrical issues that are more typical in both interior and exterior tubs. For instance, power lines or down wires are typical wiring problems that can cause electrocution when handling exterior baths.

It’s worth noting that every power line linked to the power grid continually carries electricity. On the other hand, there is the risk of touching live wires when bathing in an indoor tub.

2. Hot Tub Repairs

You run the risk of electrocution even when not taking a bath. For instance, fixing the tub’s circuitry is a common cause of electrocution, and although you won’t get hurt if you do not conduct your repairs, it could befall the person helping you fix the issue.

The breaker switch is frequently to blame for tub electrical troubles. The breaker switch regulates the flow of electricity from the power supply to your tub.

It will turn off the power to ensure your safety when it detects any problems with the electrical current in your bathtub. For this reason, breaker switches are critical for proper bathtub functioning, meaning failure may be hazardous.

Water can accumulate at the breaker, and the wires running to and from the breaker might fray with time.

3. Lightning Storms

While having fun in the tub amid light rain is good, it can quickly turn deadly. If the modest rainfall you were anticipating develops into a thunderstorm, you place yourself in an unsafe situation.

Water is a good conductor of electricity, so if lightning strikes the tub, the electrical charge will concentrate within a 15 to 20 feet radius of the previous location. That wide radius would encompass your tub and the surrounding region; even if you are not in the hot tub, you could be electrocuted by lightning.

4. Electrical Appliances

The greatest threat posed by appliances materializes if they come into touch with water. Electrical appliances draw energy from the socket to power their operations, and the current passes through the unit while simultaneously being retained by the appliance.

If you expose electrical equipment to water when plugged into an outlet, the power from the appliance will go into the water, seeking a spot to be grounded. Since your body is a low resistance channel, the current will travel through you if you are in a hot tub, resulting in electrocution.

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5. Outlet Issues

If water gets into the outlet, it can be catastrophic and cause damage because it connects to the power grid. When adding a tub to your house, you must plug it into the existing electrical system, which could be challenging.

The route to electrocution through an electrical outlet is slightly different, but it is still prevalent. If water splashed into the outlet from the bathtub, the electricity would swiftly travel via the water to the tub.

If water gets into an electrical socket, it can short out the power in the entire house or spark a fire, which is costly to fix.

6. Self-installed Hot Tubs

It is feasible to establish your tub, but if you do so, you must know all the electrical issues that may arise.

When you build a hot tub, you become accountable for the energy connected to the unit. The most challenging aspect of installing your electronic systems is ensuring an ideal grounding for the hot tub.

Short circuits occur in private house hot tubs even after installation by skilled specialists, so trusting that power will not trip is delusional.

How Likely Is It To Get Electrocuted In The Bath?

10 to 20 individuals in the United States get shocked yearly when bathing, operating faucets, or using appliances during storms. This is according to Ron Holle, a retired meteorologist who studies lightning injuries

During a storm, a protected structure behaves like a metal cage. Lightning strikes carry electricity around you, finally dissipating into the earth.

You are somewhat safe if you don’t touch something attached to plumbing, electrical wire, or another conducting conduit.

Dr. Mary Ann Cooper, director of the University of Illinois at Chicago, said people have been electrocuted and even died while doing dishes, laundry, or soaking in bathtubs during storms. There is an online database of these instances.

Can You Get Electrocuted With Phone In Bath?

You can be electrocuted while using a phone in the bath. Water is an excellent conductor of electricity, and dampness on your skin can reduce natural resistance to electric shock.

The electric shock transmits high voltage through the body, which can be deadly to your heart and nervous system.

Can A Jacuzzi Bathtub Electrocute You?

You can be electrocuted in a jacuzzi bathtub if electricity comes into contact with the water. This can also happen if the tub was installed wrongly and lacks a GFCI.  

Can You Get Electrocuted In A Whirlpool Tub?

A whirlpool tub can electrocute you. Using the tub may expose you to electrocution if an electrical current passes through the water because of defective underwater lighting, filters, wiring, ungrounded pumps, or other causes.

Hot Tub Deaths By Electrocution?

According to the US Consumer Product Safety Commission, there were 47 instances of injury or death in hot tubs between 2002 and 2018. There were 33 deaths and 33 injuries as a consequence of these accidents.

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How To Avoid Getting Electrocuted In A Bathtub?

The following points will keep you safe from electrical shock from the bathtub:

1. Take Caution

Avoid touching the affected person while in contact with the electric current; otherwise, you’ll get electrocuted too.

Look for a long and sturdy material made of glass, rubber, or plastic that your buddy can grip onto and assist you in pulling him to safety. These materials are weak electrical conductors and promise safety for you to touch.

Turn off the electricity if you can, and I f you can’t, go as far away from the live electrical current as possible.

2. Contact Emergency Services

After getting everyone from the open electrical current, contact emergency services for anyone who has been harmed so that they can get medical assistance straight away.

Final Thoughts, Can You Get Electrocuted In The Bathtub?

Clearly, you can get electrocuted in a bathtub because of wiring issues, hot tub repairs, lightning storms, electrical appliances, outlet faults, and defective self-installed tubs. Therefore, it is essential to exercise caution, hire professionals to install your tub, and call emergency services in case of an emergency.

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