Can You Convert Ventless Fireplace to Vented?

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A fireplace in the home helps keep you warm during the cold days and enables you to create a romantic setting at night. As the fireplace works, it releases gases like nitrous dioxide and carbon monoxide, which can be harmful to the human body when inhaled in larger amounts. 

For this reason, you need to have a vented fireplace. But there is also a ventless fireplace that prevents the released gases from getting out of the house. A ventless fireplace also consumes the available air in the room during combustion, which interferes with air quality and airflow, affecting your respiratory system. This can make you think of converting a ventless fireplace vented. But is this possible? Can You Convert Ventless Fireplace to Vented?

This article will help you understand all these here.

What Is a Ventless Fireplace?

A ventless fireplace is one of the many types of venting you can opt to install in your home. It uses air from within the room (house) and afterward releases the fumes in the room. This affects the air quality indoors, which can interfere with your respiratory system. 

Is It Possible to Convert Ventless Fireplace to Vented?Is It Possible to Convert Ventless Fireplace Ventless?

No. It’s impossible to convert a ventless fireplace to a vented fireplace. This is because they are not meant to have vents attached to them. Additionally, the ventless fireplace is designed to burn the gas better than the vented fireplace, producing fewer fumes in the room. 

The only thing you can do to help eliminate the dangerous gases and improve air circulation is to remove the ventless fireplace and replace it with a vented one. 

How Much It Costs to Replace a Ventless Fireplace

The amount you will use to do this will depend on the type of fireplace you go for. It will also vary because of the different qualities of the fireplace available in the market plus the additional charges of having the unit professionally installed. 

Is A Ventless Fireplace Safe?Is A Ventless Fireplace Safe?

A ventless fireplace is safe to use, and they are affordable. The only concern of ventless fireplaces is that they consume the house’s air, leaving you with no fresh air supply. It also releases harmful gases into space while on. Not having enough air in the room will affect your normal body functioning. So, it’s not safe to use this type of fireplace without the vents.  

Remember, the ventless fireplace produces carbon monoxide and nitrous dioxide, which will lead to serious complications when inhaled. Carbon monoxide in the body will lead to headaches, dizziness, stomach upset, and chest pain or confusion. However, if you inhale a lot of carbon monoxide from the fireplace, it can kill you or make you pass out. 

On the other hand, nitrous dioxide in the body will lead to inflamed airways, coughing and wheezing, poor lung functioning, and increased asthma attacks. Such complications will make you suffer instead of enjoying the warmth of the fireplace. 

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Benefits Of Having a Ventless Fireplace

You will love staying around a ventless fireplace because of the warmth that radiates from it during winter. Apart from that, you’ll also benefit from not spending additional costs installing the vent. You will also not have to do more construction to have the vents in place. It’s also cheaper to buy and fix the ventless fireplace, enabling you to save some costs. 

Cons Of Ventless Fireplace

You will regret having a ventless fireplace as it will result in;

  • High moisture and humidity levels indoors
  • Increased risk of mold growth
  • Soot on the walls, furniture, and ceiling
  • Poor air quality indoor
  • Less oxygen supply in the house

Can You Install Ventless Fireplace Legally?Can You Install Ventless Fireplace Legally?

There are some areas where the state or municipality doesn’t allow the use of the ventless fireplace. This depends on where you stay since, in some areas, it’s legal to have it in the house. Areas that allow ventless fireplace installation have various restrictions regarding its installation. You have to consider the size and type of the room where you’re going to install it beforehand, plus follow the airflow regulations to have it in your house. 

For example, you cannot buy an indoor ventless fireplace for house installation in Canada. But you can get one for outdoor use in an area with enough airflow. You can buy and install a ventless fireplace in the USA, depending on your state. However, there are several states within the US where ventless fireplace installation is not permitted. 

Best Ways to Avoid Harmful Gases from Ventless Fireplaces

The harmful gases only come from gas ventless fireplaces. To avoid the effects of these gases, you can opt for a modern electric fireplace. The electric fireplaces are also ventless but don’t produce any fumes in the room, allowing you to stay safe. 

It generates heat from the internal electric heater while the flames come from the LEDs. It does produce enough warmth in the room and helps enhance your fireplace’s look. 

FAQ About How to Convert Ventless Fireplace to Vented

How to convert a ventless fireplace to a vented one?

There are a few ways to convert a ventless fireplace to a vented one. One way is to add a chimney, which can be expensive. Another way is to install a gas insert, which will allow you to use your existing fireplace and chimney.

How to convert a ventless gas fireplace to vented?

Converting a ventless gas fireplace to a vented one is a fairly simple process. The first step is to remove the front panel of the fireplace. Next, locate the damper and remove it. The damper is the metal plate that sits in the chimney and opens and closes to allow air in and out of the fireplace. Once the damper is removed, you can install a vented gas fireplace insert.

How much it cost to convert a ventless fireplace to vented one?

It can cost anywhere from $100 to $1,000 to convert a ventless fireplace to vented one. The cost will depend on the type of fireplace and the extent of the conversion.

How to remove a ventless natural gas fireplace?

Removing a ventless natural gas fireplace is a relatively easy process. First, turn off the gas supply to the fireplace by turning the valve on the gas line off. Then, unscrew the fireplace from the wall and pull it away from the wall. Finally, disconnect the gas line from the fireplace and remove it from the wall.

Which is better vented or ventless gas fireplace?

Both ventless and vented gas fireplaces have their pros and cons. Ventless gas fireplaces are cheaper to install and use less fuel, but they can produce harmful emissions if not installed and used properly. Vented gas fireplaces are more expensive to install, but are safer and produce less harmful emissions.

Can you vent a fireplace without a chimney?

Yes, you can vent a fireplace without a chimney by using a metal roof or stove pipe. The pipe should be at least six inches in diameter and extend up through the roof.

Can you convert a gas fireplace to a direct vent?

Yes, it is possible to convert a gas fireplace to a direct vent. This can be done by replacing the existing gas fireplace with a direct vent model.

Why are ventless fireplaces illegal?

The main reason ventless fireplaces are illegal is that they can produce dangerous levels of carbon monoxide. Carbon monoxide is a colorless, odorless gas that can be deadly if inhaled in high concentrations. Ventless fireplaces also produce water vapor, which can cause problems with the humidity levels in your home.

Does a gas fireplace need a chimney liner?

A gas fireplace does not need a chimney liner. A gas fireplace pulls combustion air from the room and exhausts it up the chimney.

Do natural gas fireplaces need to be vented?

Most natural gas fireplaces need to be vented, but there are some that don’t. Be sure to check with the manufacturer to see if your fireplace needs to be vented.

How do you keep a ventless fireplace from smelling?

There are a few things you can do to keep your ventless fireplace from smelling. One is to make sure the room is well ventilated and that there is plenty of air circulation. You can also use a chimney fan to help pull the smoke and fumes out of the room. Another thing you can do is to clean the fireplace regularly.

Bottom Line 

A ventless fireplace is beneficial to the house during winter as it helps keep the rooms warmer. However, they produce harmful fumes, which can be toxic when inhaled in large amounts. This can prompt you to think of venting the ventless fireplace. Even though it’s impossible to convert a ventless fireplace to a vented one, you can act smart and use the modern electric fireplace. The electric fireplace is also ventless and performs like the gas fireplace without releasing harmful fumes into the room. However, if you don’t want to use an electric fireplace, it’s better to use a vented one instead of a ventless gas fireplace. 

As an Amazon Associate, We may receive a commission for purchases made through links in the post at no additional cost to you.

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