Do Bathroom Extractor Fans Need A Fused Spur? (Answered!)

A fused spur is a switch used to isolate electrical appliances from the main power supply. It is mostly found on the right, left, underneath, or next to the electrical equipment. So, Do Bathroom extractor fans need a fused spur?

Bathroom extractor fans need a fused spur to switch it off.  A fused spur works perfectly for bathroom extractor fans unless there is a permanent live wire, which can only be served by a double pole. However, if its wiring goes through the lighting circuit, a fan isolator will work best.

Do Bathroom Extractor Fans Need A Fused Spur

What Is The Function Of A Fused Spur?

A fused spur separates equipment from the electricity supply from the main switch to prevent electrical shock when there is excessive current flow.

Fuses are categorized under circuit breakers. On switching off a fused spur, it cuts the electrical supply to the appliance allowing a technician to carry out repairs, maintenance, or cleaning without the risk of electrical shock.

Therefore, the appliance cannot function if the fused spur is switched off. If the switch is on and the appliance is not working, call a technician to diagnose and maintenance on both the appliance and the fuse.

For households, fused spurs are used in bathroom extractor fans, washing machines, refrigerators, thermostats, boilers, and dishwashers.

It is important to note that, a fused spur is a direct-wired connection between the electrical equipment and electrical cables.

Therefore, you should never attempt to work on it or remove it on your own. Always consult a professional electrician with any issue related to fused spurs.

What’s more, fused spurs are also referred to as used connection units or used spur switches.

Why Is My Bathroom Extractor Fan Not Working?

A bathroom extractor fan like Broan-NuTone 688 Ceiling and Wall Ventilation Fan (View on Amazon) gets rid of odors and excess moisture in the bathroom.

If the fan is not working, the excess humidity and bad odors transfuse from the bathroom to other parts of the house, making it uncomfortable to spend time indoors.

More to that, the excess moisture leads to the growth of mold and mildew in the bathroom, rotten wood, and even rusted metal pieces.

There are many reasons why the fan in your bathroom is not working, and sometimes it boils down to poor maintenance or a tripped circuit breaker.

With that said, let us look into the main reasons why your bathroom extractor fan is not working:

Bathroom extractor fan

1. Dirt Accumulation

When was the last time you had the fan cleaned? Dust and debris cause the fan to block which results in a bad odor coming out of the fan and eventually causes the fan to stop working.

This dirt accumulation takes place gradually and therefore, the fan will start being ineffective before it shuts down completely.

Therefore, if you notice that your fan is not as effective as it used to be, contact a technician for cleaning before it shuts down.

2. Wiring Problems

If the fan wiring is loose or worn out, it will not function as it should. You see, the wiring connects the switch to the motor (the engine of the fan). Therefore, if there is an interruption of electricity flow to the motor, the fan will not function.

Wiring issues with the motor can be solved by tightening the loose connection and replacing rusted parts that interrupt electricity flow.

Although it might sound like a simple job, do not deal with any wiring issues related to the fan if you are a qualified electrical technician. Leave the work to professionals.

3. Faulty Motor

The motor is the engine of the extractor fan. Therefore, if it is faulty or burned out, the fan cannot be in operation, and the only way to solve the issue is to have it replaced.

You can purchase replacement motors from online stores or local stores, but it is recommended that you hire a professional to carry out the replacement and repair procedures.

4. The Fan Has No Power Supply

Sometimes, the fan is in good working condition, but it does not have a power supply. In such instances, contact a technician to find out if:

  • The circuit breaker has tripped- if there are so many appliances plugged in while the fan is on, there will be excess current flow causing the circuit breaker to trip.
  • Check if the wall switch is working- to diagnose the wall switch contact a technician who will remove the screws, remove the cover, and test the red and black wires using a tester. If there is an issue with the switch or the wiring, it must be solved to get back the fan to function.
  • Check if there is power in the housing outlet- many old houses have a power outlet connected to the bathroom fan. If there is no power supply to the outlet, the bathroom fan will not switch on, and it should be repaired to restore function.
Can A Fused Spur Go Into The Bathroom

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Can A Fused Spur Go Into The Bathroom?

A fused spur can go into the bathroom as long as the heater is designed for the bath. Ensure to check the manufacturer guidelines on where the fused spur should be used. It is dangerous to have the moisture condense on the fused spur, therefore ensure that it is designed for the bathroom.

2. Does A Bathroom Extractor Fan Need A Fuse?

Bathroom extractor fans require a fused spur to switch them off for repair and maintenance. However, if the fan is connected to the lighting switch, this function can be served by an isolator fan.

An isolator fan allows you to switch off the fan without switching off the lights. With the isolator switch off, the fan will not be live during repair and this protects the technician against electrical shock.

3. How Do I Fix An Extractor Fan That Is Not Working?

The first step to fixing an extractor fan is finding out why it is not working. Some of the possible causes are a tripped circuit breaker, worn-out motor, loose wiring, or dirt accumulation. Fixing the fan is a sensitive job so ensure that you leave the job to a professional.

4. Do You Need A Double Pole Switch For A Bathroom Fan?

Single pole switches switch on the live only. Therefore, single-pole devices can only switch on the live and not the neutral. Therefore, you need to connect the fan to the light switch so that, anytime the lights are switched on, the fan turns on as well.

Conclusion, So, Do Bathroom Extractor Fans Need A Fused Spur

Yes, bathroom extractor fans need a fused spur to switch them off during repair and maintenance to protect the technician from electrical shock.

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