How To Move a Wood Stove : 11 Best Steps That You Can Follow

The majority of people among homeowners prefer wood stoves because of their superior performance. They radiate heat that can warm an entire house and chase away the cold. That’s why people love them until they want to shift them to another place in the house or to a different room.

So how do you do it? Are there any procedures you need to follow? For all their benefits, that’s the time when you will hate the wood stove because they aren’t easy to move. Do you call in professionals? But what if you want to save that money? Let’s look at ways on how to move a wood stove without having to call in professionals.

How to Move a Wood Stove by Yourself – Complete Guides

What You Will Need –

There are several things you will need to move a wood stove.

  1. Help: the only way you can do it without professionals is to find a few friends to help you.
  2. Thick Work Gloves: this will protect you from any residual heat or dirty ash.
  3. Six feet long rope.
  4. Moving Blankets: these are for protecting the stove or your property as you move it.
  5. Sheets of plywood.
  6. A screwdriver.

Having assembled all that, you will now be ready to get down to business. There are two scenarios for moving your wood stove you might find yourself in. One is where you are only moving it to a new place in your house. The other is when you are moving into a new home.

There are steps for each of those processes. However, the primary steps are the same, with only minor differences. Let’s look at how to do it for the two scenarios.

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Moving Your Wood Stove to A New Location in Your Home

Step 1

First, clear the moving path to ensure there are no hindrances. That means getting rid of any furniture that might make it harder to move the stove. Also, ensure the kids or your pets aren’t in the stove’s moving path before starting the process.

Step 2

Carefully and slowly remove the wood stove’s pipe. There should be instructions on how to do that in the stove’s manual. Do it carefully to ensure you won’t damage anything.

Step 3

Reduce the load by removing the door, the grill, and any other removable part that should make it easy to carry. A screwdriver will come in handy in this situation.

Step 4

Place the plywood sheets in the path you will follow while moving the stove. Cover each place you think the stove will cover as you move it to its new location. That will protect the floor from any damage as you move the stove.

Step 5

Lift the stove, two people on each side, and place it on the plywood sheets. It is vital to use the best carrying techniques you are comfortable with to put the woodstove onto the plywood sheet gently.

You could use a flat dolly to slide the woodstove from its position and onto the plywood sheet. That should make it easier to move, especially if the stove is too heavy.

Step 6

Take the rope and fasten it onto each of the wood stove’s front legs yen have two people push the woodstove from the rear as the others pull it from the front. That should be easy since the plywood sheet is smooth and won’t create any friction. The stove should be able to easily slide across the room or house to the new location.

Step 7

Once you have slid the stove to its new location, carefully position it in the right place and then reconnect its chimney pipe.

Moving the Wood Stove to a New House

This is a more complicated affair than the first scenario. That’s because there are more variables you need to keep in check. You have to think of how to safely move it to a vehicle and move it into your new home. Let’s have a look at how we can do it.

Step 1

Wrap the stove into the thick moving blankets, then cover any other parts with the packing tape. The tape should reinforce the stove inside the moving blankets.

Step 2

Carefully move it onto the moving dolly using your best handling techniques. Use the ropes to move it along the floor on the moving dolly. You won’t struggle to push it from the house and out through the door with the moving dolly.

As you move it from the house, constant communication is crucial. You need to verbally communicate if anyone suspects any mishaps to prevent unforeseen accidents. Ensure you move it along slowly until you get to the vehicle that will help you move it.

Step 3

Once you get to the vehicle, use a ramp to push the woodstove onto the back of the vehicle. Two people will have to pull the dolly from the front as the other two push it from behind. Ensure you maintain proper balance as you do that.

Step 4

Once you have it on the back of the truck, use the ropes to secure and hold it in place. It needs to be as firm as possible. Also, the driver will need to be slow when driving to the new location.

When you get to the new location, you will use the steps in scenario one to situate the stove in the proper place.

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  • Moving the wood stove isn’t a walk in the park. Besides being potentially dangerous, you risk damaging the floor or having an accident. Therefore, if you aren’t confident, you can move it even with enough help and get professionals to do it. 

Final Thoughts

If you are looking for how to move a wood stove without professional help, we believe the steps we have outlined will help. Follow the steps well and take everything slowly when moving the woodstove. Constant communication with your helpers is important while moving the stove.

Alternatively, if you feel you can’t do it or have any safety concerns, get professionals to help you move it.

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