Kohler Shower Valve Temperature Adjustment (Explained!)

It’s always exciting having a shower under a Kohler shower valve as it promises a good flow rate. Nonetheless, you must agree that a good flow rate goes handy with a suitable water temperature, and that’s where the Kohler shower valve temperature adjustment comes in.

Ordinarily, all it takes to adjust the Kohler shower valve temperature is to turn the set-in screw on the valve’s regulator. Turning it clockwise makes the shower water colder, and counterclockwise makes it warmer.

Of course, you must remove the shower handle and the faceplate before accessing the set-in screw and making the adjustment. So, I’ll share the whole process to help you do it with ease.

Overall, the presence of the built-in set-in screw on the valve regulator means you can make your Kohler shower as warmer or colder as you want. You must, however, not exceed a specific temperature (1200F) if you decide to make it hotter.   

On that note, I’ll explain how you can adjust the shower water to ensure it doesn’t burn you. I’ll also cover the Kohler Rite-Temp valve and mixing valve to help you adjust them accordingly.

Let’s get started!

Kohler Shower Valve Temperature Adjustment

A Guide Kohler Shower Valve Temperature Adjustment

Let’s discuss the basics of adjusting the Kohler shower valve regulator, anti-scald valve, Rite-Temp valve, and mixing valve.

How to Adjust a Kohler Shower Valve Temperature Regulator

Generally, a Kohler shower valve regulator features an adjustable inbuilt set-in screw or stop that controls the water heat beyond a certain level.

So, the constant flow of hot water down your Kohler shower depends on this set-in screw doing its job well. If it doesn’t, the water will overheat and possibly burn you.

For that reason, you should adjust the valve regulator accordingly, depending on how hot or cold the shower water is. Note that you’ll also need to adjust the shower valve temperature regulator when you replace your Kohler shower heater.

The Process

Here are the basic steps for adjusting a Kohler temperature control valve regulator:

Step 1 – Remove the shower handle

Using an Allen wrench (hex wrench) or Philips screwdriver, unscrew the shower handle from the faucet and set it aside. While at it, ensure you take out the adapter and the inserts between the faceplate (which you’ll remove in step 2) and the shower handle.

Overall, a Philip screwdriver is easier to use, and one consideration is the Amartisan 10-Piece Screwdrivers Set. This screwdriver set has a set of 5 Philips screwdrivers and five slotted tips that you’ll find helpful in most of your home DIY projects.

Kohler temperature control valve

Step 2 – Remove the faceplate

Unscrew the faceplate from its position and put it aside.

Step 3 – Start the adjustment

Initiate the flow of the shower’s hot water by gently turning the collar and the valve stem clockwise.

Step 4 – Adjust the water temperature

Locate the set-in screw on the regulator’s collar and turn it anticlockwise to make the water warmer or clockwise to make it colder.

Step 5 – Reinstall the faceplate and shower handle

You must reinstall the two in the same order you took them off. So, be attentive when taking them off under steps 1 and 2.

And More

While the above five steps may work in most cases, there are a few instances where they may not. If so, then you should follow the steps below from step 5:

  • Remove the valve’s O-ring and collar from the Kohler valve stem
  • Access the valve stem and turn it clockwise to make the water warmer
  • Slide in the valve collar into the stem, followed by the O-ring
  • Ensure the O-ring sits nicely on the valve stem and against the valve collar
  • Adjust the valve stem anticlockwise to turn the shower water off
  • Reinstall the shower faceplate and screw it into position before installing the shower handle

Note that you can only adjust the water temperature maximally if the heat is well set and given enough time to heat the water. You, however, have to be very careful as hot shower water can scald you, and it’s even more dangerous for kids.

How to Adjust Kohler Shower Temperature Scald Valve

Kohler systems have an advantage over most showers because they have a built-in anti-scald valve that stops the shower from becoming burning hot. In general, adjusting the anti-scald valve is essential when sharing the shower with kids.

The good news is that you can do it yourself with a Philip screwdriver or Allen wrench and a shower thermometer. One shower thermometer to consider is the Xhope LED Digital Shower Thermometer.

This shower thermometer allows you to monitor the water temperature and set it accordingly. It’s easy to use and pretty reliable.

Kohler shower valve temperature control

The Process

Once you’ve all the tools, you should go ahead and adjust the anti-scald Kohler valve using these steps:

Step 1 – Remove the shower handle

Use the Philip screwdriver or wrench to unscrew the faceplate.

Step 2 – Detach the faceplate

Once the faceplate loosens, pull it out and set it aside.

Step 3 – Observe the Kohler shower valve temperature limit

Hold the shower thermometer close to the running shower water and observe its readings. Usually, the shower water shouldn’t exceed 1200F. If it does, then it could easily burn you.

Step 4 – Adjust the anti-scald valve

Once you confirm that the shower valve is above 1200F, turn the anti-scald valve clockwise to reduce the water temperature.

Step 5 – Pull out the O-ring

If your shower water temperature is more than 50F above 1200F, the minor adjustment in step 4 may not work. So, consider pulling out the O-ring from the shower faucet and then slide the anti-scald collar off.

That allows you to adjust the faucet stem properly and attain the temperature you want. Just ensure you monitor the thermometer.

Step 6 – Reposition the O-ring

Once you obtain a comfortable water temperature, slide back into position the anti-scald collar and the stem before repositioning the O-ring.

Step 7 – Shut off the water supply

Turn the valve stem anticlockwise to shut off the shower’s water supply.

Step 8 – Reinstall the faceplate and shower handle

After everything, return the faceplate and the shower handle to their original positions and screw them in place. Do that before you consider a Kohler shower valve replacement.

How to Adjust the Kohler Rite-Temp Shower Valve

If your shower features a Kohler Rite-Temp shower valve such as the K-304, you can easily adjust it to make your water as hot as you want.

Here are the steps for adjusting the temperature of your Kohler Rite-Temp shower valve:

  • Remove the trim and the shower handle from the wall to access the cap assembly
  • Locate the black O-ring and remove it
  • Remove the red collar and caution tag
  • Turn the shower water on by twisting the stem clockwise
  • Use a shower thermometer to test the temperature of the shower water
  • Once you attain the right water temperature, change the collar of your Kohler valve stem
  • Turn the shower water off by twisting the stem anticlockwise
  • Reinstall the handle, O-ring, trim, and everything else in the same order you removed them
How to Adjust the Kohler Rite-Temp Shower Valve

Kohler Mixing Valve Temperature Adjustment

One of the most everyday Kohler shower mixing valve problems is a valve with inconsistent water temperature. If that’s the case, you can easily adjust its temperature by following these steps:

  • First, remove the valve cap to access the adjusting spindle
  • Rotate the spindle clockwise to lower the shower temperature or anticlockwise to raise it
  • Once you attain the correct water temperature, reinstall the valve cap

Here are some common issues you may have to deal with if you have a Kohler shower valve:

Hot Water Coming First from Your Kohler Shower Valve

If your Kohler shower valve is allowing hot water to come first instead of cold water when you turn the shower and heater on, the chances are that the valve is upside down. As a result, the mixer assembly is mixing backward.

So, look at the assembly cap to spot the collar (red and black). Remember, the red part should touch the cap’s black tab while facing upwards. If it’s pointing downwards, then it’s wrongly positioned.

The Fix

Here are the general steps for correctly fitting an incorrectly placed Kohler valve:

  • Turn off the shower water supply
  • Unscrew the black cap to loosen and take out the metal collar
  • Pull out the assembly cap and turn it facing upwards
  • Reassemble the parts as they were
  • Turn the shower water on

Only Hot or Cold Water Is Coming from Your Newly Fitted Kohler Shower Valve

The Kohler shower valve temperature control has a pressure-balancing regulator that depends on equal pressure in the cold and hot water inlets to work correctly.

In that case, both inlets should have a minimum pressure of 45psi. If that’s not the case, the valve will only allow hot water or cold water to run down the showerhead.

The Fix

First, check the valve stops on the inlet and outlet to ensure they are open. If they are not, turn them clockwise to open them.

Remember, the water won’t pass through if the valves are closed. If water doesn’t pass through the cold water inlet, then only hot water will come out, and if it doesn’t pass through the hot inlet, only cold water will come out.

Also, check the valve’s internal components to see if they are damaged or improperly installed. If they are damaged, then replace them.

People Also Ask

1. How Do You Adjust a Kohler Thermostatic Valve?

You can adjust a Kohler thermostatic valve by turning the set-screw on the valve’s regulator. Generally, you can turn it clockwise to make the water colder or anticlockwise to make it warmer.

2. How Do You Stop the Temperature Change in A Shower?

You can stop the temperature change in a shower by replacing the shower cartridge if it’s faulty. Also, consider descaling the water heater, clearing the blockages, and readjusting the water heater.

3. What Is the Maximum Water Temperature for A Shower?

Generally, the shower water temperature shouldn’t exceed 1200F. If it does, the water could easily scald you.    

Closing Remarks On Kohler Shower Valve Temperature Adjustment!

Kohler shower valves are generally easy to adjust, and you can set them to whatever temperature you want. All it takes is adjusting the set screw on the valve’s regulator.

By turning it clockwise, you make the shower water cold, and anticlockwise, you make the shower water warmer.

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