Which Way Do Bathroom Faucets Turn? (Quick Answer!)

A bathroom faucet with separate handles for hot and cold water can be confusing when turning them on and off. So, which way do bathroom faucets turn?

Traditional bathroom faucets with cold and hot water handles have the knob on the right to control cold water and open clockwise, while the knob on the left is for hot water and opens counter-clockwise. Single handle faucets open to the right for cold water and left for hot water.

It has always been lefty loose and righty tight when it comes to opening faucet handles or tins. Therefore this is many people’s default when opening bathroom faucets. Having one of the handles open the other way round causes a lot of water accidents.

People expect manufacturers to understand their needs and what they are used to; that is why there is a lot of confusion when the cold faucet opens clockwise and not the other way.

What’s more, there is no standard rule across the globe to have all the faucets with cold water on the right and hot water on the left.

which way do bathroom faucets turn

Which Side Is Hot And Cold Water?

You will notice that the 2 handle faucets (View on Amazon) in your home bathroom follow the right for cold water and left for hot water regulation, but the bathroom at your place of work or in a hotel is the opposite. This puts users at the risk of hot water scalding.

There has been an argument that the hot water tap is intentionally placed on the left to keep children safe because it is on the furthest. However, this brings another argument of how much this assumption can be dangerous to blind or partially blind people.

To solve the confusion and keep people safe from hot water scalding, some public spaces like hotels take the initiative to put up signs indicating that the hot water is very hot and which side of the tap draws hot water.

This signage saves many of us the stress of opening the wrong tap, but unfortunately, it is not always available.

Which Side Is Hot And Cold Water

What Does The History Say About Having The Hot Water Tap On The Left?

In an attempt to understand why the hot water taps fall on the left, let us take a journey down memory lane.

The position of the taps is dated to the 19th century at the introduction of indoor plumbing. Coldwater was pumped into houses using a hand pump.

Following the fact that many people are right-handed, the hand pump was by default placed on the right side of the sink. When hot water was introduced, it came in automatically that the hot water tap was installed on the left side.

From these findings, we can conclude that the hot water tap is on the left side because most people are right-handed, and cold water is used more often than hot water.

Also, the US plumbing code requires that the hot water tap be installed on the left to help the blind and elderly identity. Therefore, if you are looking to upgrade your bathroom by installing new faucets, ensure that the hot water tap is on the left side of the sink.

However, do not assume the same arrangement if you travel outside the US because plumbing regulations vary across the border.

2 handle bathroom faucets

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Which Way Does A Faucet Turn Off?

In default, faucets should turn off in the clockwise direction. However, for bathroom faucets with two handles, the cold water opens clockwise and closes counter-clockwise, which can be confusing.

2. Which Way Is Hot And Cold On One Handle Faucet?

The same handle for single-handle faucets (View on Amazon) controls the hot and cold water flow. When you shift the handle on the right, cold water flows, and on the left draws hot water.

3. Which Side Is Hot On A Faucet?

According to US plumbing regulations, hot water should always be on the right side. Sticking by these regulations ensures that the blind and partially blind are well guided on which tap has hot water to prevent hot water accidents in the bathroom.

4. How Do You Change The Direction Of A Faucet Handle?

The direction of water in a faucet can be done by switching the cold and hot water valves or by purchasing a new set with the hot and cold water faucets on your preferred side. If you want the cold water on the right and hot water on the left, get a faucet that functions this way.

Conclusion, So, Which Way Do Bathroom Faucets Turn?

Single handle bathroom faucets turn to the right for cold water and the left for hot water. On the other hand, for double handle faucets, the cold water handle opens clockwise, and the hot water handle opens counter-clockwise.

Be keen when operating faucets outside your house because this is not always the case, and you might end up burning yourself with the hot water if you open the taps with the assumption that they function like the one in your house.

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